Your Top Psychics for July 2013

Years and Years and Years of Experience

It’s with great joy that we get to celebrate these psychic’s anniversaries with California Psychics. It’s no wonder these psychics are highly recommended and preferred. See for yourself!

Celebrating 11 Years With California Psychics

Linda ext. 4497 developed her skills with the help of her grandfather. Using her highly honed skills as a clairvoyant, she can see what’s happening to and around you. It’s as if she’s watching your life in front of her. Her predictions are known to be spot-on in accordance with the timelines she provides. Ready to break free from your past? Find out what’s ahead with a life path reading from Linda ext 4497.

Celebrating 10 Years With California Psychics

Winter ext. 9002 is highly skilled with Tarot, astrology and numerology. Some folks ask why is all that necessary? Using astrology and numerology can help delve deeper into you as a whole person. These tools help look at your past, present and future as well as your love life, career and other other important areas of your life. Using Tarot, Winter can focus on the path ahead and see what’s next for you. She’ll even use these tools in conjunction with her natural abilities as a clairvoyant and an empath. If you’re feeling like your life is out of control, it’s time for Winter to shed light on what happens next.

Shauna ext. 9010 is also celebrating 10 years with us! Her ability to channel information to help you see something in a new way has had profound healing effects on her callers. As an astrologer, Shauna is able to dig deep into the meaning of your life and see what’s coming your way in the near future. (Of course, that could also be because she’s clairvoyant as well.) Want to let go of the past? Find out how to connect to something positive by getting a reading from Shauna.

Celebrating 9 Years With California Psychics

Sara ext. 9111 has over 16 years of experience reading professionally, and 9 of those years have been with us! With her natural abilities (clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant) and her skills as an astrologer and Tarot reader, she can answer any question you throw at her. Be it love, finances or your career, Sara is ready to answer your questions. Is it time to switch up your life? Find out what’s next with a life path reading from Sara!

Silver ext. 9123 is also celebrating 9 years with us and well over 30 years as a professional psychic! It’s no wonder her skills as a Tarot reader and astrologer are highly sought after. However, if you aren’t familiar with those tools, it doesn’t matter. Silver first listens carefully to your needs and questions and then she uses her abilities to find the answers you’re seeking. Afraid what she might tell you? Let Silver shine a light on your path to release your stress.

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