Your Sun Sign Reveals Your Perfect Journey

Travel Changes You

This is a special time for journeys, whether they’re physical, creative, spiritual, or all three combined. 2017 is a year for major, unexpected changes that arise from your heart and soul. They may well come from your exposure to a different culture, a new idea that drives your life in a new direction, finding a new love or an undeniable urge to make a difference with what you do in life.

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If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or a place you’ve always wanted to experience, it could make all the difference to your future. Also, certain locations are aligned with particular sun signs. Be prepared for breakthroughs that come with exposing yourself to something new and exciting! Here is the perfect journey for your sun sign.


You’re in for some surprising events these days, even if you don’t plan it that way. Creativity, sports and your love life are all perfect reasons to get away. Consider a ski trip in Chile, or pursue your creative dreams in Europe, Africa or the eastern United States.


Lush, sexy and beautiful all work for you. If you want an international experience without traveling too far from home, Quebec’s sophistication and charm could be a fabulous trip. If you want a more exotic experience, learn to tango in Buenos Aires or cruise the Nile. Your own backyard/deck garden can also provide a perfect vacation away from your desk.


Your sign rules local travel on the road or in the mind, and the more trips, the better. You may have a partner tied to their desk, so short trips could work well. For a more distant trip of culture and mind, India could be the perfect answer. You’ll love the varied ideas and lifestyles.


While you’re known for loving home and family, a chef’s trip to France, China or Southeast Asia could change your life. Whether you’re going to learn to cook or just enjoy the bounty, you’ll be inspired. If you want to stay closer to home, plan family trips, or invite family to your home and see your life grow.


This will be quite a year for you no matter where you are, and travel can bring completion to your creative and romantic dreams. Definitely see the total solar eclipse, since it’s in your sun sign. Consider a trip to Oregon or Wyoming. You may also want to hear jazz music in Kansas City or Nashville. Why not take in some sun, sand and sea on the Carolina beaches? It will be a powerful time in your life.


You love the natural and pristine, so why not add a well-organized trip to New Zealand to your travel plans. Or, how about the east coast of Australia? If you’re in the mood for spiritual guidance, try a trip to India. You may be feeling a responsibility to stay near home or work. If so, be sure to give yourself breaks at the beach or in your well-groomed garden and listen to your inner voice.


This has been a year when you’ve felt that anything is possible, and you’re right. Travel with friends this summer could bring major changes in your life that can be beneficial. Take care with your plans, then enjoy yourself in beautiful places like Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Singapore or China.


Northern California and the Pacific Northwest are great locations for you at any time, and this year you’ll probably want a wonderful trip to plan for next year. You’ve built a foundation for your future life and next year should break open for you. If you want to experience a different culture for inspiration, China and Southeast Asia offer opportunities.


You are the one always ready for a trip, whether it ends in an exotic location or another place you envision. The past few years, though, you’ve wanted your trips to have purpose. Either you want to make a difference at your destination or you want to educate yourself and share what you’ve learned. The entire Western US reflects your sunny energy. If you want an international location. Australia will serve you well.


You may have been traveling more than you wanted through your work or in pursuit of your dream career. Notice that opportunities are available in those locations, particularly if you’re considering investment property. However, if you need a break, the Eastern United States could be great. Consider a trip to Cuba or New Zealand if you really want to get away.


You are the focus of the eclipses this year, but your influence is more in the realm of seeking balance and finding new opportunities through travel and studies. Partners in your journeys could be temperamental, so select them carefully. Once that’s done, great locations to visit are Brazil, St. John’s in Canada, Hawaii and British Columbia.


If you’re feeling inspired and ready to travel, how about exploring the music of Ireland or Western Africa? Your creative efforts or spiritual aspirations could really benefit from this. If you don’t want to travel that far, a trip to Cancun or to the idyllic Minnesota lakes might move you to new inspiration.

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