Psychic Sebastian: Tap Into Your Dream World

Speak the Language of Dreams

Dreams are your inner voice seeking to be heard, but if you can’t speak the language of dreams, you can’t hear your inner voice. However, getting a dream analysis reading from one of our psychics can reveal the inner workings of your subconscious and answer your most pressing questions. Psychic Sebastian ext. 6250 takes us deep into the world of dreams and shares their significance.

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1. What can you tell us about analyzing and interpreting dreams?
I read dreams the same way I read cards and people. Every image, every person in the dream is part of an equation. When you dream, you truly let yourself go as you disconnect from your egocentric mind. Only when you stop getting in your own way can your deeper self speak. You can then listen to what it has to say. Sometimes it’s a warning, sometimes a reassurance. But it manifests in terms your right brain understands, which is why it rarely makes sense at first. When you read with a dream analyst like me, you have someone who can untangle it for you.

2.  How can a caller prepare, and what can a caller expect when getting a dream analysis reading?
It’s best to write down what you remember about the dream as soon as you wake up. You can record it in your phone if it’s easier. The more details you can provide, the easier it is to decipher the dream, as every sight, sound and color can have meaning. Even record the things that seem insignificant because you never know what they might reveal.

3.  What are common misconceptions about dream analysis?
The most common misconception is that dreams are literal. The reality is they seldom are. And not every dream is a portent. Some are just your subconscious reminding you of something. We wish to see every odd dream as a prophecy, but the deeper mind is much more diverse than that. We can analyze the dream, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will reveal something life altering.

4.  Should we keep track of our dreams? Why? How?
Definitely. They generally follow patterns and cycles. I believe everyone should record their dreams in a dream journal, or even start a blog! You can go back and read about dreams you had months or years ago, and you’ll begin to notice patterns, trends, ebbs and flows. You will notice months or seasons where you dream more often, and then you might have weeks of “dream silence”—no dreams at all. Keep track. All of this information will help you better understand your subconscious mind, and thus yourself.

5.  What’s the significance of recurring dreams?
They’re the Universe, or your subconscious, saying “Hellooo? McFlyyyy?” When you don’t listen to your outer or inner self, you are stuck in your own limited view. A recurring dream is just as important as a repeat notice in your mailbox. Ignore it at your peril.

6.  Can we make ourselves dream about whatever we want?
Lucid dreaming is possible, but think of it like any other talent—like singing or sports. Some people are simply naturally gifted, but everyone can work at it and develop the skill. There are several studies and books on the subject. If you find yourself not only aware you are in a dream but also able to alter it, this is a sign of strong self-awareness. Perhaps even the psychic gift!

7. Why do we dream about deceased loved ones?
We dream about deceased loved ones because we miss them. When people pass on, they transcend this realm. But they live on in our memories of them, and those selves exist in our dreams. Manifestations of other people in your dreams are actually all aspects of your deeper self making it easier for you to understand a situation or feeling. After all, it’s easier to talk to Uncle Marty or Nana than to your celestial self.

Wondering what your dreams are trying to tell you? A dream analysis psychic knows just what to do, and during a dream analysis reading they can get to the root of what your subconscious or the Universe is trying to tell you.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Sebastian: Tap Into Your Dream World

  1. Charmaine Stephens

    I believe dreams can also be our subconscious trying to process the days event, a movie we watch and get caught up in etc. but, the Bible have shown you that dreams can be messages as in Daniel and Revelation, and other books in the Bible, so don’t be limited as to feel it’s just a subconscious thing

  2. Chloe 9421

    Wonderful Interview with Sebastian!

    I loved the suggestion of keeping a dream diary. I often suggest this as well.

    It can really aid in remembering more of your dreams and more often.

    On question number 7) Why do we dream about deceased loved ones?

    I agree with Sebastian and I also believe that these can be real visitations from our loved ones. It depends on the dreamer. It’s interesting because so often in those dreams you’re doing mundane and familiar things with your loved one. Tending a garden, or having lunch, or a glass of tea.

    I believe it’s because they literally, just stopped by to visit. Dream state can take us to, what I like to refer to as a ‘middle plain’, where we can meet in the middle so to speak.

    Thanks for posting this interesting interview! Great insights Sebastian!

    Love & Light,

    Chloe (9421)


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