Psychic Success: Savoring Each Moment

Psychic Asia ext. 5486 Shares Her Psychic Success

Asia ext. 5486 is a clairaudient and clairvoyant medium who comes from three generations of Native American psychics. Her upbeat and humorous personality provides a positive and uplifting balance to her straightforward messages. By hearing your voice and using her empathic gifts, Asia ext. 5486 can quickly tune into your energy and those around you. She is able to connect you with your angels, spirit guides and those who have passed. Her areas of expertise are love, relationships and career. Asia can open your eyes and heart to the truth and shine a guiding light down the path you are meant to follow.

We sat down to talk with her, and got some excellent responses!

How did she start out as a psychic?

“Early on as a child. It was passed on generation to generation, through Cherokee heritage. My parents had it, all my family has it, including my son. I started realizing when I was young, but I didn’t pay attention. As I got older, I learned to trust my gut. Continuing on, I really had a deeper calling with it, and I felt it was time to start using it, so I started reading, working parties, trade shows. I’ve been doing it a long time, but it’s hard to come out because people are judgmental and will think you’re a fruit loop. I struggle as far as coming to grips with it, but it’s a beautiful gift that’s been given, and I want to use it as much as I can to help others.”

She also shared some of her notable successes.

“I spoke to a person who was looking to change jobs and looking for affirmations as to which way she should go. I helped her by honing in on exactly what it was that would suit her best. For some reason during that call, I started smelling rubbing alcohol—I told her about it, and it turned out there was a job she wanted that dealt with needles, medical syringes. She got it, and called back and thanked me.

“There was a caller that consistently called, who was in a very bad, toxic relationship. I helped her define the issues and problems, like co-dependency. I gave her the strength to move on away from the relationship. She trusted me and backed away from the 11-year relationship. I saw somebody else coming down the path for her, and she finally let go. It took a lot of calls, but she met somebody else, and has a healthy outlook on relationships now. She started going down the bitter path of negativity about the relationship, but I helped switch her into letting the past go, moving forward and not looking back.

“My general advice on relationships is that most of us have a good gut instinct—when we’re in a bad relationship we choose not to see the signs, because we’re looking from the inside out, not the outside in. If you get an instinctual feeling that things aren’t right, you need to listen to your gut. If it’s the right relationship, everything moves along smoothly. Nothing’s gonna be perfect, but things move smoothly, feels natural, don’t have to try hard, not upset and in tears, it’s just a good feeling and the right fit.”

“With infidelity—I helped a client realize that the person in her life would never change. Not everybody continues to cheat, but some choose to because it’s a high for them; it’s excitement. I told her gently that it wasn’t gonna end; he was going to continue to cheat. It broke her heart but helped her get a better grip of reality and see what it was. She left the relationship, and found out he was with two other women!

“People often ask if they’re in right job. Another lady that called me was an actress, and she couldn’t stand being where she was. She felt stifled, afraid to move, and her heart was calling her to Arizona due to Native American tribal reasons. She wanted to go but was torn, afraid. I gave her the insight, after looking into the future, that she could line up a job while she was there, and that it would be easy to do so. Easier for her than she thought. She could be close to California and interview on acting jobs on the weekend. She ended up looking in Arizona and found a job, and got a job, and now she’s moving cross-country to Arizona. That insight gave her the courage to move ahead and move that fate ahead of time.”

What should people do if they’re stuck in indecision?

“I’ll give them all their options and lay it out. I won’t tell them what to do, but I will help, I’ll see what’s there and how they need to weigh it out. The decision is up to them, all I can do is guide them. Some people can’t see or sense further than what their options may be. I can give them that and give them peace of mind while helping them make their own decisions.”

If she could help people in the world to recognize one thing, what would it be?

“Slow down in life. Appreciate each day for what it is. Appreciate what you have, relish each moment. Life is too short to be stuck in the past or stuck on something that’s insignificant in the big picture.”

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  1. Tracy

    Interesting article, some of it hit home. I am guilty of living in the past. Many bad things have happened to me in the past and I truly would like to forget some of the things that have happened, but I don’t know how. I’ve tried to move on and put it out of my mind, but there is always something to remind me. I even moved away thinking it would be easier to forget if I wasn’t around all of the constant reminders. I just want to move on with my life and be happy. How can I leave the past where it belongs(in the Past)? Thank you for another great article, I really enjoy reading them.


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