Nothing Stays The Same

Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us all and it frightens many of us. But without change life is static – we cannot grow and we cannot learn. There is no progress and we will not evolve, according to our psychics. But change is often challenging, so embracing change takes courage.

The force of change shakes up our comfort zone and puts pressure on us to reexamine long held beliefs that force us to let go of the things in life that no longer work for us. Death, divorce, job loss, financial difficulties… are formidable changes to wrap our heads and hearts around, yet the more we resist, the more difficult the changes become. “The future belongs to those who not only accept change, but embrace it,” states Yvonne ext. 9883. “Though being on the front end of change isn’t for the faint of heart,” she aptly describes.

Resisting change will only make you miserable over the inevitable. One of the most productive ways to embrace change is to approach it positively, believing that the outcome will be for the highest good, whether we want to change or not, our psychics concur. “Open your mind to contemplate what benefits could come of the new reality,” Skylar ext. 9887 suggests. “The more optimistic we are, the more the universe allows us to experience new opportunities in life. Change keeps us evolving toward our highest goals and enlightens us as to why we are here on this earth.”

If you are able to see or intuit changes coming your way you can grasp and work with them more effectively. More often than not the winds of change are breathed to us through gut feelings, déj‡ vu, synchronistic events, as well as readings, our psychics list. When you listen, you are rewarded with possibilities. When we ignore these signs we run the risk of suffering circumstances that are dumped into our lap.

When unexpected change seems too merciless to even contemplate, one intuitive tells clients to look for support. “Find a role model or a personal change hero, who is going though or has done what you need to do. Make a collage of this person and yourself surrounded by images that represent the changes and positive words or phrases. Look at your collage daily, reflect on the good things that have happened in the past, to regain trust that your future will include more positive experiences.”

Reed ext. 5105 promotes meditating on potential positive outcomes instead of worrying about worst case scenarios, when change forces its way into your life. Psychic Yvonne suggests, wallowing in the information for a while, to insure that decisions made in the face of change lead to a preferred future reality.

When fate steps in and rocks your life, get excited about the possibilities, our psychics advise in conclusion, use your sense of adventure, look for the joy of growth, because in the end, Jesse ext. 9027 concludes, “Change always takes us where we need to be!”

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