Your LOVECAST™: Networking Becomes Energized

Friendly connections heighten socializing mid-week, when networking becomes energized. Then fantasy takes romance to new heights during Moon in Pisces from Friday night through Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy!

Aries: Discussing your feelings about commitment brings insights at the start of the week. Romance can be found through a group gathering or introduction by a friend toward the middle of the week. Networking can bring personal and professional opportunities as well. Sharing your dreams (or fantasies!) in a serene setting heightens romance this weekend!

Taurus: A romantic interlude may come from a long-distance contact or during a spiritual activity at the start of the week. A sudden insight about relationships that comes to you mid-week can set your love life on a new path. Feelings may baffle you on Friday. Romance flows during a social gathering or community event this weekend!

Gemini: A sincere talk about intimacy can improve your sex life at the beginning of the week. A clash of goals can unhinge love on Wednesday, but sharing your dreams for the future inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. An exotic ambiance fires up passion as well. Revealing your whimsical side accelerates romance this weekend!

Cancer: Envisioning and discussing your aspirations at the start of the week helps you manifest true love. An intimate rendezvous is likely as well! Surprising your partner with something unexpected can fire up passion mid-week. Romance may need a reality check on Friday. Passion escalates this weekend, when you’re especially psychic about love.

Leo: Romance can be found through a coworker at the beginning of the week. Look to advance your career as well. A date may turn prickly on Wednesday, but a twosome tryst brings delight on Thursday. You’re feeling especially imaginative (or deluded) on Friday. Your erotic side comes out to play to fire up passion this weekend!

Virgo: Your sensuality brings a lusty interlude at the start of the week! Expressing your feelings can inspire/attract love as well. A shared project can bring romance on Thursday or Friday. A rendezvous for two deepens love this weekend. If you’re solo, your intuition can lead you to someone special, so listen to your inner voice.

Libra: A home-cooked meal in a sensual ambiance energizes romance at the start of the week. Passion is accompanied by conflict on Wednesday, both of which can heat things up in the bedroom. Romance kicks into high gear on Thursday and Friday, so get out there and express yourself! Revealing your deepest feelings inspires romance this weekend.

Scorpio: Subtle flirting sets passion ablaze at the beginning of the week! You’ll be irritated easily on Wednesday, so take some quiet time to get centered. Entertaining friends at your abode can bring delight on Thursday or Friday. Romance skyrockets this weekend, so plan something fun with your sweetie or be open to attracting someone new.

Sagittarius: Offering your assistance can inspire love at the start of the week. A financial opportunity may land in your lap as well. Rash words can unhinge romance on Wednesday, but words from the heart (or some naughty flirting!) inspire passion on Thursday. Your intuition is especially strong on Friday. Throwing an exotic party will energize socializing this weekend.

Capricorn: Sharing your ideas and expertise draws romance at the beginning of the week. Look for love while traveling, too. Socializing can bring romance and other opportunities toward the middle of the week. Expressing your appreciation inspires love as well. Be mindful of your finances on Friday. Verbalizing your desires deepens/attracts romance this weekend!

Aquarius: Spending some time alone energizes you at the beginning of the week, when your intuition is especially active. Your headstrong side can derail romance on Wednesday. Admirers flock to you on Thursday! Using your artistry heightens romance on Friday. A show of compassion and sensitivity inspires love this weekend.

Pisces: Networking can bring romance and other opportunities at the beginning of the week, especially on Tuesday. You may feel strangely off balance on Wednesday. Discussing/analyzing the past will bring a startling insight (about relationships?) on Thursday. Your imagination goes into overdrive on Friday! Love is yours to enjoy this weekend, if your heart is truly open.

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