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Psychic Miriam ext. 9230 is a highly experienced Clairvoyant and Tarot specialist who began her esoteric studies at age 13. Her spiritual quest ultimately led her to India in 1990, where she met with Mother Teresa, and many gifted teachers, to further enrich her power of focus.

Miriam began to walk her psychic path early. She began studying astrology at 13. Five years later, when she was 18, she had an accident. “It intervened in my life, she says. I even saw it a few minutes before it occurred.From then on, I just started to know things,” she adds.

She contends that others possess psychic ability, but aren’t aware of it. “There are so many distractions in our lives, and we don’t take the time to focus. When I sit down and talk to somebody, I’m gone. I take myself out of the situation. Even if I have a backache, I take myself out ofit,” she exclaims.

Her personal spiritual quest to India sparked a life-altering change and commitment to helping people through imparting her psychic wisdom. “I met Mother Teresa in Calcutta, and what I perceived coming from her was that intense focus. When she met with each person, they were the only person there. I was awed by that, and I didn’t know how to relate it to my own life for many years,” she muses.

It’s how she found “what you might call a guru in the common people of India.” Miriam resonated so strongly with Indian people, that she believes “their culture makes perfect sense to me: the arranged marriages, everything.”

Reeling from her trip to India, Miriam devoted her life to helping others using what she learned. When she hears a caller’s voice, she can already tap into what they’re calling for. “My callers tend to be very thoughtful and intelligent. I’ll help them work on ongoing issues as they occur. I’ve been working long-term with several people, going back five years. I tend to speak with callers over the course of two to three years,” she maintains.

Through her experience, she’s learned that “people don’t want yes-or-no answers. They want to go into layers, the psychology of the people they’re in relationships with. I read people’s emotions. It’s not like seeing pictures. I pick up on their feelings and emotions, and the feelings and emotions of the people around them, from their perspective. I read emotions, and extend into practical matters from there.”

So what would Miriam most like people to realize? “There’s a natural way for things to go. You can sit back and let things unfold, or you can be proactive and change your situation, your career, your relationship. You can realize the power you have to change circumstances. But sometimes, the very best thing to do is nothing. You can’t force something to happen before its time. You have the power to decide whether to change things or let them be. And it’s a day to day choice.”

Her personal hope is that she can help people on this journey toward “reaching their goals and finding happiness, finding what they’re looking for. I can have a role in that, and it’s really important to me. It’s a responsibility. I take it seriously.”

How can Psychic Miriam ext. 9230 help guide you?

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One thought on “Manifest Your Destiny

  1. Kuuipo

    Dear Miriam,

    I have a layered question. I have been going through a divorce for 3 1/2 years now, and have recently switched lawyers to help move the process along quicker and hopefully better. I have two children, my daughter whom my husband adopted and then we have a son. During our separation, my husband has had two live in fiances and is currently with the second; they had a son in March of this year. Our marriage was rough, and our separation rougher, that is for me. My emotions and path to overcoming the hurt have rocketed from bipolar highs to lows in 60 seconds or less. Each time I’m extremely happy and ready to move on, it lasts for a while and then shoots back down in to the depths of despair for any amount of time. I have prayed, I have begged the universe, I have meditated, I have physically and mentally tried to move myself forward and onward, but I still find myself getting sucked back in to the hurt, frustration, and resentment. I KNOW this is NOT healthy, and it certainly is not a feeling that I enjoy.

    So…I guess my question is…How can a man who has done so much wrong in this world have the life I feel I deserve, while I struggle to have any kind of life at all? I feel very much like some power is working against me and equally working for him. I have done counseling, journaling, meditating, tried manifesting positive outcomes, etc. and still, NOTHING! When will I get my turn for happiness and contentedness; a family life that I want and deserve? Will he/she have karmatic repercussions? If not, how is that even possible?! Why has every role that I held so dearly (wife, mom, family spiritual leader) been stripped away, to have despair and heartache left in its place for such a long period of time; seemingly endless? None of this makes any sense to me at all, how the universe, or God could just let this happen. I thought that the universe balanced things out, that karma brought things back around, but that certainly does not seem to be the case in my situation.

    Not wanting to sound like a pouty doubty sob story, I truly would like to know. This hurt and pain cannot sustain me for much longer.

    Any level of understanding would be appreciated.



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