Liberation With Education

Have you ever thought about going back to school? At some point, many of us contemplate furthering our educations. Some of us may toy with the idea of taking random classes to satisfy our curiosity, while others are more focused on how additional education could positively impact our job security – and our paychecks!

Perhaps you long for a completely different career, but you don’t have the required certifications to make the change – even though you have the experience. Maybe you have come to realize that your interests have changed, and you feel trapped in your current career. Whatever the reason, if you’ve thought about going back to school, the time may have come for you to really consider it.

The job market has become an increasingly challenging arena. Between companies choosing to downsize in order to stay afloat, and the way technology sometimes performs functions a human being once did, long-term job security is becoming a thing of the past. As industries crash and employers cut their budgets, it is wise to keep abreast of the trends. While this may be a source of stress and worry, many people circumvent disaster – and enhance their lives – by taking the time now to plan ahead.

See the future!
Sometimes the key to basic survival is to anticipate what’s out of your control, but could be coming your way. Take some time now to research occupational trends. See how your strengths and skills are likely to fit in. If your research shows that you are in danger of becoming vocationally “obsolete,” now is the time to prepare. Some projected growth industries may benefit from your existing skills – and all you need to get into them is a little additional. There may be a way to upgrade your strengths and skillsets that allows you to specialize or evolve with the trends – in order to increase your odds of staying continuously employed. This can be a perfect opportunity to transition into another field. With the addition of a diploma, your beloved hobby just may turn into a lucrative career.

Invest in you
Most people have busy lives, and the idea of going back to school often stops cold after a few vague thoughts. There are constraints with time and money – and sometimes a fear of what other people may think. But what kind of investment is better than you? Make yourself a priority! Whether you want to finish your G.E.D. or get a Ph.D. – or even learn a completely new trade – if you want it badly enough, you can find the right opportunity.

Most colleges and trade schools offer a variety of education programs and schedules, and will work with you to figure out how to meet your needs. Maybe you can only take a class a semester, but keep in mind life that has a way of going by quickly, and those credits will add up. Distance learning or an Internet University can often be the solution to financial or scheduling problems. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement for those whose aspirations are in line with the company’s goals. The government can also be a healthy resource for educational grants and loans. Many people people find that taking a class or two improves their personal standing and self-esteem – and leads to a tax break!

Positive assets
When you decide to increase your education, you are literally investing in yourself. This decision can be an affirmation, and a way of letting the Universe know – through your actions – that you are inviting and creating change. Aside from fulfilling your personal desire to know more and to improve your life, experiences, and potential income, education has a way of bolstering self-esteem and creating new personal connections.

While deciding to go back to school can be a big decision, once you decide, you’ll want to enjoy it! Learning can be fun, and this personal challenge can lead to more fulfillment than any certificate or degree can really convey. It’s not immodest to take the time to enjoy the experiences and the benefits more education will bring your way.

If you learn with passion, and apply your knowledge, it will change your entire life. What you do with your education – and what it does for you – is truly a blessing.

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