Responsible Divination and The Moon

As long as I’ve been doing this, I don’t think I’ve come to a general damage proof method to tell someone something they won’t want to hear. Tapping into the truth, tapping into the demeanor of the client and knowing how to talk to that person must be done within seconds. As an Empath I must rely upon my feelings to discern facts, yet keep the reading biased and based solely upon the client’s experiences. As a Tarot reader I must interpret a spread based on the surrounding cards to discern whether someone is (for example) emotionally drained or an alcoholic, distant or long distance, a mother or your mother, etc. Speaking intellectually with one client doesn’t always work with the next. Listening patiently to one person may be thought of as “not telling me anything” to another. Some of us just want to be told how things will be, but not why. Others need proof through divined facts, will ask the same question in different ways, and finally, still feel dissatisfied.

Another difficult hurdle is reading fear. Some people have so much fear pouring out of them that the only thing a reader can pick up is the things they are afraid of most. I think we’ve all plucked exactly what people don’t want to hear directly from their minds and had people go berserk. One way I have found to return calm to a reading is to ask the querent to relax, wiggle their toes, click their heels and focus on their feet to get them grounded…then do a spread again. What I am looking for is the Moon. Finding the Moon is oftentimes the way to get clarity on fact versus fear.

The Moon is the 18th card of the Major Arcana. Symbolic of lunar and menstrual cycles, the Moon card is a tough shoe to fit. This is a card that represents our darkest moments, levity, fertility, influences of the subconscious, powers of nature, a place with no boundaries, dreams and lucidity.

Finding out where the Moon sits in our astrological chart is also one of the most understanding ways of revealing what is going on with us at the time as well. The best way to help us cope is to show us in our own scope of comprehension why things are happening the way they are.

7 thoughts on “Responsible Divination and The Moon

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi BlackHawk !!!! It’s a pleasure to see you in here……yes, I agree…the moon strongly effects both female and male …..I think (?) I’m a “9” too…..not sure….
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Very thoughtful, sensitive, and heartfelt article, Nunu. I am certain your sensitivity allows you to connect beautifully with a client when you are reading for them.
    Yes, sometimes a client’s fear is so overwhelming that it is a challenge to help them to see the answer through the fear. I’m sure you have had, as I have had and we probably all have had, clients who were so fearful they had difficulty accepting the answer call you back later to thank you for the insight, acknowledge they were in too much fear to appreciate the insight in the original reading, and seek more insight from you.

  3. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    Greetings, Nunu…and all of our wonderful psychics!
    I live within view of the great Pacific ocean here in the NW and it is such an amazing feeling to watch this great body of water dance in time with the phases of the Moon and all the energies connected to such physical (and etheral) spaces.
    In my religious path, we have many ceremonies directly connected to the lunar phases. If you have ever witnessed a Drawing Down the Moon, I don’t think you will ever see the dark of the moon quite the same again!
    There are so many things to learn from the moon. She is not just some dead rock floating in space! She is a constant reminder of the cycles we all pass through in our lives and our passings over.
    Just as love and romance cycle like the seasons, (the early stirrings and fascinations of Spring, the firey passions of Summer, the quiet peace of Autumn, the frightening cold of Winter which many people take as the final ending…and which, in truth, is simply trying to strengthen them for another taste of the rebirth of Spring if they will only wait!), the Moon cycles through the nighttime sky showing us every night that even in the times when we may think there is no light left to be found anywhere, if we will only hang on, only believe, the light to see our way through the darkness will return!
    I believe that the Moon, in all her Magickal ways, is as much a metaphor for changes as she is an actual physical body. She has mesmerized every creature on, in and around this planet since the very beginning of time.
    One of my grandmother’s favorite recipes for a dream pillow had to be made “while the Moon was sleeping”. These were small sachets of herbs that were to be placed on or near the pillow of the person who was having trouble sleeping…or who may want to have more lucid dreams…or a bit of both! I have made hundreds of these tiny sachets over the years and each one that was made “while the Moon was sleeping” worked perfectly. Yet, when I followed the exact same recipe and even used the herbs from the same batch but made them at different lunar phase, they never seemed to work as well. Even using true empirical data (with the people who had used these pillows before and having no idea when they had been made, etc.),there was really something important and very real about the timing of it all. The Moon has Her secrets!
    Thank you for writing such a great article! Many blessings to you all!

  4. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi NuNu-
    we are blessed to have such a great group here….
    You have such a earth-mother spirit…Nurturing energy-Good mother!!
    What comes to my mind about the moon—One of those amazing moments in my life, was sitting on a dock, in Hong Kong, about midnight….As I looked up at the full moon, I realized, “Wow, I am looking at the other side of the moon!!!” Talk about feeling connected to the universe….I honestly think I received some type of energy, at that moment, that stayed with me for the rest of my life…Therefore, I see in the moon card-something that represents also some type of illumination of power, energy, thought, etc. It is powerful energy.
    my first night in Genoa, Italy…..I watched the sun set….Talk about a great ball of fire??? That sun was bright red!! Never seen anything like that before….Our sun here in Cali is orange….orange and pink. But this Italian sunset was redhot! I felt energy then as well.
    There is no doubt the sun and the moon
    have power. My date of birth, is the actual day the sun and moon shift/cusps (leo-cancer)7/23. My mom was feeling me kicking to get out into the world the moment man first landed on the moon. I am not sure if it was her excitement or what, but my mom always called me the moon child…When I look at the moon tonight, which should be the wishbone moon/crescent, I will think of Miss NuNu and make a wish for her and her children. Much happiness.
    See you on the bright side of the moon 😉
    Miss Krystal

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, Nunu….. as I said before the Moon used to come up with the Hermit, both right side up, when Tarot readers would read me years ago. ( Love the picture of the moon too ).
    Thank You, Nunu
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Abigail Ext 9570

    Good Morning Nunu,
    How beautufully put! I too am an empath separateing the emotions & fears becomes an art of its own. Your insight is wonderful and so well written. You are right on with the reading of clients. There are those who think that if any psychic asks a question you are fishing when in reality you are validating or simplely letting them see the answer in thier own mind becasue they will not accept it from another. What some do not realize that the meshing of our talents is how we connect. No one reader reads the same we are indiviuals and get information in a variety of ways. I’m a sensor and I sense so are you. Feelers for a commom word. I being a healer, therapist will ask questions for those that like to analize thats what they do. Some seem to need to figure it all out. Then with others its not needed. Our clients are all individuals too. I certainly see that you are very gifted at deserning the fear factor its really important to be able to do this. We are Blessed to be with such a talented group of readers with all their gifts, talents and styles. Have a wonderul day!
    Many Blessings


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