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You, On a Mission

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Have you ever felt that you might have multiple purposes which only serve to send you off into many directions at once? Do you ever find yourself attempting to discover your true passion through list-making, goal-setting and even through meditating, praying, affirming?

What if you could take all of your interests, goals, passions and talents, plug them into a computer-program and have it spit out a purpose tailor-made for you? Clearly defined, succinctly stated, all of your loose ends tied together into a singular, purposeful strand.

Well, Franklin Covey has a mission-statement builder to help. What, you may wonder, is a mission statement builder? We’ve all seen and perhaps even composed the mission statements which summarize an organization’s or company’s objectives, beliefs and values.

Covey’s mission-statement builder helps individuals to come up with such a statement to summarize and define the goals, and purpose of their lives.

“You have a purpose in life. You know in your heart what’s most important to you. In fact, your mission and values are expressed every day, by how you live—you just may not realize it,” writes Franklin Covey of their mission-statement builder.

As Franklin Covey states, each of us is already embodying our individual mission statements in our actions, often unconsciously. And that is the purpose of Covey’s mission-statement-builder: to make you conscious of your mission so that you may express it more deliberately and with more clarity.

Covey’s mission-statement-builder is an interactive program which asks you such questions as “When are you at your best?” and “What do you most like to do at work or in your personal life?” The Covey program then assembles this raw data into a clear statement of purpose, your purpose.

Franklin Covey is not the only place online which gives you the tools for constructing a mission statement. How-to articles and step-by-step instructions litter the Internet.

Values, past successes and goals are what most advise you to examine in building a personal mission statement. However, mission statements are not just for those who are floundering or searching for a purpose. Those who are already committed to a career-path may benefit also. Randall S. Hansen, PhD, of encourages active job-seekers and even those who are employed to devise a mission statement as well, so that they might get clarity about their personal values, ethics and beliefs.

Having such a clearly defined statement in mind can also benefit you in the interview. For we all know that those who speak with clarity and certainty are more likely to come across as confident and confidence is, of course, (almost) everything in an interview.

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