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Many of us have theoretical bucket lists—an imagined catalog of things we would like to do, see or accomplish in our lifetimes. But few of us actually take the time to write down these desired to-dos and put in the work to make them happen. Life circumstances like work, family and just general obligations often take up much of our time, giving us less bandwidth to focus on our dreams.

But let 2019 be the year when you start to solidify all the things you really, really want to do before you die. After all, as the kids say, you only live once, right? Here’s how to create your ultimate bucket list and make your goals a reality.

Let the Brainstorm Begin

First, naturally, you must figure out what really matters to you and what you really want to do. Depending on how your brain works and your creativity level, you may want to make a literal list of your goals, or you may be better served by creating a vision board. No matter what, it’s important to get a concrete rendition of the bucket list items you want to complete. You can even separate them out into categories of things—for instance, skills you want to learn, places you want to travel to or people you want to see in concert. Or you might organize the list items by things you want to do solo or with other people. No matter how you do it, make sure you cover your whole bucket list in a way that you can refer back to your goals easily to mark your progress.

Enlist Accountability Partners

Once you have your goals in mind, start thinking about people who can keep you on track and help inspire you to make your bucket list items a reality. You may work with a friend to keep each other on track to meet separate goals. Or, you might enlist people to help you complete some of your goals—for instance, a family member who also wants to see the same landmark or climb the same mountain would be an awesome partner-in-crime to make it happen. You may also need to recruit mentors or helpers if your goals are career-related. Work off your bucket list to see who can help support you in your endeavors.

Plan Ahead

Start accomplishing your goals with some forethought. If there are places you want to travel to, research the best times of the year to go and find out about any associated travel costs, visas or other necessities to factor in. If you want to quit your job and go into business for yourself, research what needs to happen—and how much money you need to save up—to comfortably be able to do it. By planning ahead, you’ll better set yourself up for success.

Set a Timeline

While the clock is already ticking, you may want to set some loose goal markers of when you’d like to accomplish certain items on your list. For instance, it will be far more enjoyable to climb Half Dome when you’re on the younger side. However, you’ll be able to see the Sistine Chapel even when you’re older. By categorizing your bucket list into items, you should do now and items that can wait, you’ll be more likely to be able to tick everything off.

Start Checking Off Your Goals

Don’t wait—start working on your list now. Anything that you can do this year, or even this month, just get to it. We never know how much time we really have left, so the sooner you act, the better. Go through your bucket list and try to accomplish even just the smaller, seemingly insignificant goals first. With these under your belt, you’ll feel energized and inspired to keep going on the rest of your list. Plus, as you start to live your life more fully, you’ll truly enjoy every moment.

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