Best Crystals for Every Room in Your House

Best Crystals for Every Room in Your House | California Psychics

Protecting Your Space

Your home is your sacred sanctuary. It is the place you do everything away from the outside world. It’s where you shelter yourself and your loved ones, nourish your body, rest your weary head, and where you deserve to feel safe, secure, and protected.

Crystals are Mother Earth’s gift to you and are perfect for assisting you with your every need. They hold and radiate healing, energizing, protective, and loving energies and help you manifest all the good things you most want inside your home.

These gemstones come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. (If you can only choose one kind of crystal, Clear Quartz is the Master Crystal that can do it all.) To help you decide which rooms most need which crystals, it can help to sit quietly and meditate in each space and ask what it needs. It will tell you. There are even gemstone trees you can use for elegant décor, with crystal “leaves” attached with metal wire on a crystal base.

To help you pick which crystalline energies might help create your deepest well-being, listed here are many of the best crystals for every room in your house. Watch the video below, then read on for even more crystals.

Living Room

When you have company over, the living room is one of the main places for your guests to congregate. It’s also one of the main places where your family spends a lot of time, so here are some crystals to keep the energy balanced, positive, and protected.


Draws in angelic light and energy as it creates soothing vibrations.


Emits strong protective energy as it brings light, calm, and healing. It purifies the space of any negative energies.

Black Obsidian

Acts like a protective shield against negative energy that tries to enter the home.

Dining Room

Another room where guests and family will spend a lot of time, these crystals offer positive vibes that will interact well with the nutritious food you eat in that room. 

Blue Topaz

Helps good health flourish along with self-control and positive communication at the dinner table.

Green Apatite

Promotes appetite for foods that nourish, protect, and strengthen your body.

Orange Jasper

Keeps negativity away as it nurtures joyful optimism, which makes for happy mealtimes.


Sparks inner creativity and infuses you with energy to host beautiful and enjoyable dinner parties.

Spiritual Space

Your spiritual space needs to be a place where you can go for peace and connect with your Higher Power, so these crystals will help you reach that state of joy and calm you seek.


Brings your soul closer to the Universe, filling you with its celestial vibrations.

Angel Aura Quartz

Creates powerful connections with your guardian angels.


Promotes joyful upliftment as it calms overthinking and clears the Third Eye while you meditate.

Merkaba Star

Helps you experience expanded awareness while meditating, and fills you with sacred love, light, and angelic energies to bless every breath you take.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore you need crystals that will promote peace, remove negative energy that tries to enter, and empowers you and your family with good luck and energy.


Empowers energy to create wonderful meals that are nurturing to both body and soul.

Yellow Jasper

Cheerfully raises positive energies as it clears away negative impurities.


Graces you with good chi (life force), abundant provisions, good luck, and infuses food with love.

Blue Kyanite

Inspires gentle energies and loving communication as it calms surrounding chaos.


The bedroom serves many purposes: it’s a place for romantic connection, rest, calm, and dreams. These are crystals that will help promote all of these things for you and your partner.

Rose Quartz

Magnetizes love as it inspires compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.


Arouses sexual passion that results in ardent lovemaking.


Creates a bridge between Earth and the Universe as you dream. It is known as a master healing stone.


Inspires calm, patience, and self-control. Used to release anger and bring healing sleep.


Creates peaceful, happy, and blissful feelings of balance.


Harmonizes and helps resolve arguments, strengthen bonds, and create sweet serenity.

Lapis Lazuli

Clears and aligns your chakras so you can fully receive healing while you sleep. It also helps create loving communication and lucid dreaming.


Helps you to feel closer to your angels and hear their guidance while you rest.

Kid’s Room

You want your child’s/children’s’ rooms to be a place of safety and tranquility at the end of the day. Place these crystals within to help them sleep without fear. 


Brings meditative peace, lovely dreams, and acts as an inner nightlight in the dark.


Brings peace and balance along with sweet dreams and restful sleep.

Blue Lace Agate

Soothes stress and helps relieve fear so that sleep comes more easily.

Smokey Quartz

Protects from negative, disruptive energies and nightmares.


For most people, the bathroom is one of the first stops of the day. To help turn it into a less stressful one, place these crystals around the room.


Promotes a sweet, calm, tranquil state, and gives protection around water.


Radiates happiness into you like sunlight, filling you with warm pleasure.


Opens your heart to receive all good, clean, uplifting energies.

Clear Quartz

Relaxes and washes away stress when used in meditation and visualization.

According to, these crystals should not be put in the bathroom or in any area where they might be affected by water:

  • SeleniteWater-soluble.
  • LabradoriteWater-soluble.
  • Calcite – Water-soluble.
  • Fluorite – Toxic and water-soluble.
  • Hematite – Can rust in water.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Toxic in water and can break.
  • Malachite – Can break in hot water.
  • Moldavite – Can break in hot water.
  • Lepidolite – Will flake apart.
  • Opals – Can crack or break in hot water.
  • Pyrite – Combined with water produces sulfuric acid.
  • Turquoise – Will fade.
  • Obsidian – Can break in hot water.
  • Rhodonite – Water-soluble.

Home Office/Workspace

These crystals will help keep your workspace as productive, stress-free, and abundant as you could ever hope for.


Inspires happy creativity and raises sunny energy to accomplish all tasks.


Helps attract wealth by magnetizing financial abundance.


Protects in all ways, and neutralizes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from computers, cell phones, and all electronic devices.

Home Gym/Workout area

Give yourself an extra boost of energy and motivation during your workouts when you add these crystals to your workout space.

Blood Stone

Fills you with revitalizing energy and courage.

Tiger’s Eye

Helps you unleash your inner big cat as you build powerful strength in your mind and body.


Assists in making the kinds of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical transformations you desire.

Front Door/Entryway

Protect your home and family from any negative energy that tries to enter, while also making manifest your deepest hopes with these powerful crystals.

Black Tourmaline

Creates a powerful force field shield against all negative energy. (Master protection stone.)


Gives grounding as it radiates a protective shield of positive energy.

Clear Quartz

Focuses your intentions to keep out what/who you don’t want and invites what/who you do wish to have in your home inside.


Help your plants thrive and create a tranquil outdoor getaway by placing these crystals amongst your flowerbeds and succulents.

Green Aventurine

Amplifies the growth of loving energy as it helps plants flourish.

Moss Agate

Helps new growth as it protects from pollutants.

Brown Aragonite

Connects you to the Earth as it helps positive energy break through.

Clear Quartz

Helps manifest your intentions to help your garden grow the way you want.

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