Best Crystals to Fight Burn Out

Best Crystals to Fight Burn Out | California Psychics

Re-energize with Crystals

There are days you might feel like your get-up-and-go just got up and went without you. Then there are days when you feel so enervated that you want to stay in bed for days or you feel completely flattened, like a steam roller ran over you, then backed up and ran over you again.

Sound familiar? When you feel that the ability to keep on has disappeared, that’s when you need these powerhouse crystals. Use them to strengthen your body, heart, and soul when you feel burned up from the inside out, worn down, or like giving up.

Please don’t give up. While it can be helpful to surrender difficulties to Spirit so everything works out in just the right way, these little stone helpers can assist you in never giving up on what is most important to you. Here are the best crystals to energize you when you’re burnt out.


This beautiful purple gemstone is called the “All-Healer” and is also known as “Nature’s Tranquilizer.” Amethyst is known to provide a spiritual connection to the Divine. It is associated with the Crown and Third-Eye chakras, and is considered soothing to those who are overstressed, exhausted, and burned out. It is believed to calm frazzled nerves and is good for quieting anxious feelings. Use it to rejuvenate depleted energy, ease stress, and feel protected from the world’s harshness.


This heavenly blue crystal is filled with angel energy, and helps you communicate with your angels, for it provides a loving link to your spiritual guardians. Sometimes we need to feel a direct power boost from them, and Angelite, a variation of Anhydrite, gives you that. It is aligned with your Throat chakra. Use it to bring yourself compassionate healing, calm, comfort, and serenity. (Be sure to not wear it in water, as it will convert into Gypsum when immersed in liquid.) Hold this “Guardian Angel Stone” close in meditation when you need to be extra gentle with yourself and receive angelic spirit hugs.


Meditate on the lovely white Scolecite crystal, the “Stone of Lightworkers,” to restore your inner balance. Use it to help create deep inner peace, soothe panic attacks, and give your spirit stress-free calm. Known as a healing sleep aid, it can enhance your dream state. It is one of the interdimensional crystals and provides protection from negative entities and dark energies. It is most commonly found in a white color, but it can be found in many hues such as pink, peach, yellow, and there’s even a colorless variety. White is aligned with the Crown chakra.


This grounding crystal, is known as the “Stone of Expanded Awareness,” and comes in black, brown, and coppery red-brown colors. It is an energy balancer for all of your chakras, especially your Root or Base chakra. An ascension stone, it is known to help you go with the flow of any difficult situation you may be enduring. It can help you see the bigger picture and deal with that which may feel intolerable. Meditate on it to vanquish the feeling of numbness created by anger and frustration and restore your get-up-and-go energy.


Known as the “Stone of Light,” a Creedite crystal can be orange, white, purple, and sometimes colorless, and is a powerful protector of spiritual health. It helps you sidestep drama, overcome trauma, and ease deep stress. It is considered a wonderful energy booster for your upper chakras, including the Brow or Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric chakra above your head. The orange type can also be a great creative energy stimulator for your Sacral or Navel Chakra.

It can be used to help you attain a clear meditative state so you can access Divine insight, inspiration, and information, as well as help release any blockages to your happiness, joy, peace of mind, and well-being. It is known to uplift your overall vibration and help you experience bliss.

Herkimer Diamond

A supreme healer of pain, whether emotional, or spiritual, Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals. Aligned with the Crown chakra, this gem is said to dissipate hurt, fear, and anguish if you lay it on your body anywhere you need relief. You can also lay this “Stone of Attunement” on your Brow or Third Eye chakra to ease psychic stress, for it can help connect you with the Light of Spirit. It is a strong conduit of the universal Life Force. It will help you experience true Divine grace.

This ascension stone takes you to the highest spiritual vibration possible as it opens doorways to Divine otherworldly energies and amplifies your clairvoyant abilities. It remembers what you program into it, so fill it up with all the love, healing, and positive energy you can muster, and it will hold it all for you and be there whenever you need it. Whether clear or smoky, polished or rough, these gemstones are tough, sturdy, and durable, and they help you have that kind of energy when you are going through extremely difficult times.

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