7 Reasons Why You Make Terrible Decisions

Every Decision You Make is Important

The difference between a good day and a bad day can be one terrible decision. And a day-ruining terrible decision isn’t just the wrong turn on a one-way street, or tattooing the face of your soon-to-be ex on your forehead. It can be small things, like agreeing to a blind date or eating salad when you really want a burger. Every decision you make is important, and one terrible decision can potentially set off an avalanche of other terrible decisions if you don’t know why you make these decisions in the first place. Here are seven reasons why you make terrible decisions.

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1. You Lack Self-Control
Most experts agree that a person’s success would magnify if they could restrain their immediate wants in favor of long-term benefits the majority of the time. That’s self-control and it’s not always easy to have—especially when you’re hungry or stressing out. Let’s say you have $50 burning a hole in your pocket. You could add it to your savings or you could buy a cool gadget you don’t really need. What do you choose? If you have self-control, you save the money. If you want to make a terrible decision, you spend the money on something you don’t need.

2. You Try to Bend the Rules
Have you ever bent the rules just a little bit? Have you ever told yourself you’re just being a little bad? You’ll just have one bite of cake when you’re on a diet. Or, you’ll watch just one more episode of a totally binge-worthy Netflix show. Well that one bite of cake could easily turn into three pieces when you have to fit into your wedding dress, and that one episode could turn into an entire season when you have to be up early the next day. Not such good decisions. Bending the rules could lead to terrible decisions.

3. You Don’t Consider the Consequences
If you’re really excited about doing something, you’re not likely to consider the consequences. Unfortunately, consequences are the difference between a good decision and a terrible one. And you have to remember that instant gratification comes into play. Getting something you want may feel really good at the moment, but is it worth the long-term consequences? One of the best ways to curb your most lavish desires is to just not think about them. This is the simple technique that highly successful people use all the time to remain focused and to keep from making terrible decisions.

4. You Have Analysis Paralysis
Some people don’t consider the consequences of their action, while others consider them too much. I call that “analysis paralysis,” and it occurs when someone is so worried about what could happen, that they are incapable of making a decision. How is that a terrible decision? Well, if you don’t make any decisions at all, you’re not making good decisions.

5. You Suffer From Approval Addiction
People often make terrible decisions because they’re seeking the approval of others. Whether it’s going on a blind date, getting married or following a particular career path, you could be doing something only because someone else wants you to do it. It becomes an addiction when you can’t do anything unless someone okays it. And while someone’s approval may steer you down a good path, the wrong person’s approval could steer you down a bad path. The decisions (good or bad) you make should be your own choice.

6. You Have Decision Fatigue
Some people make terrible decisions because they’re tired from making so many decisions. A good example would be wedding planning. You have so many decisions to make and making all those decisions makes you tired. Eventually you start making decisions without thinking, just to get them out of the way. That behavior could lead to a lot of terrible decisions.

7. You Procrastinate
If you put your decisions off to to the last minute, you’re more likely to make terrible decisions. That can be really detrimental—especially when making important decisions. So give your decisions the respect they deserve and take your time making them. It’s not worth putting them off.

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Make Terrible Decisions

  1. Laura

    You say even deciding a salad or burger is so very important. Then you say, some ppl think too much about making the “right” decisions. I wish I had the freedom to make a mistake without extreme harsh consequences, I dont. So I am one of those ppl. This kind of article just reminds me of how very serious every thought, word and decision are. It makes me want to cry with the stress of it all. There is no room for mistakes. Penalties for me even on small mistakes are life shattering. It makes me very sad daily. I honestly wish for a lighter time in my life again. A time when God forgave mistakes without severe punishment. My life is very serious all the time because of this realization your article points out. The fear of God is very real and you very much will suffer for decisions you mistakenly make that are wrong. I have no joy because of this. Ever. I cannot in good consious waste a penny on something that would bring me joy for myself as I consider it now frivolous.. it is wrong when other financial matters are more important. The problem is, they do not ever go away…not ever..bills, debt, needs of my family etc. I have learned…there is no room or mercy for mistakes or “bad” decisions. Price is too high. I pray for a day I might buy something I need or want without punishment or severe consequences. My whole life I have never had the luxury of even walking into a Meijers and buying a top I like just because I liked it ..the price and how my budget would suffer has never allowed that. I will never know what that feels like to have “enough” money for all bills, food, debt, and extra..even $50 extra. Buying something has always meant going without something else. Your article points out no room for bad decisions…you are so right about that.

  2. Sherry

    These suggestions for decision making are excellent! Always take your time to think things through, never make a quick decision!

    I am not an impulse shopper. If I see something I think I really want I do not buy it at that time, but instead think about it a
    couple of days and most times I decide not to purchase it.

  3. Karen Whitney

    I made a decision today, that I had to, to make an appointment with a chip advisor and two banks a loans offficer and mortgage officer to consolidate, I haven’t signed yet, do you think in going to be okay, with these decisions. Also to sell a collection, need money immediately to get basement started 10,500. For all starting at , end of month.


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