7 Daring Ways to Be Different

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There’s Only One You

With the air of mid-summer freedom upon us, it’s a good time for anyone who ever had a dream or goal to break out of the mold of mediocrity and dare to be different. No matter what your desires are in life, it’s time to stop merely thinking about it, dreaming of it, or waiting for the day when something will change without your proactivity. If this sounds like you, then you’ve just been put on notice; your day has finally arrived. We’re going to look at seven daring ways to become uniquely yourself, your best self, and while the days are still long and adventures are at every turn, there’s no better time to start than now.

Own it, Embrace it, Love it

If you’ve had a big or small change you’ve wanted to make in your life, or even if you there’s something wild and crazy you’ve always wanted to try, it’s time you paid attention. To quiet that nagging voice inside your head that keeps urging you to take action, there’s only one option. You’ve simply got to do it–whatever the thing is that you must do–once and for all.

Whose life is it? It’s your life. Who are you living it for? You’re living it for you and you alone. So if you want to do something that others may think is out there, foolish, or just beyond the realm of the norm, simply say this: “You may be right. I may be crazy, (or sing out your response Billy Joel-style if that suits you best), but I want to do it anyway. This is the day that I dare to be different.”

It’s Never Too Late

1. Not happy in your relationship? Feel stuck with no way out? There’s always a way out. It is a construction only of the mind to believe we cannot change our current circumstance. Freeing yourself of a bad situation is, of course, life path-altering. You can do it, and it is just that simple.
2. Hate your job? Find another one you like, even if it pays less. Stress less, smile more.
3. Hate looking in the mirror or having your picture taken? Start working out little by little. Even small changes can make a big difference, especially in your outlook on life.
4. Want to write a book but don’t think you have the time? Tell everyone that for two hours a day, you’re off the grid–no calls, no texts, no disturbances no matter what. If you do get disturbed, open the door wearing a monster mask and growl.

Sounds Crazy, But…

5. Do you have a dream to see every state in the U.S.? Vow to visit five states a year for the next 10 years and share your story.
6. Who cares if you’re not a teenager! You want a truck, buy a truck–and go four-wheeling!
7. Do you want to really feel free? Try skydiving. They can record it and you can relive it over and over again even if you only try it once. Then inspire others. Send a copy to everyone on your Christmas card mailing list. They’ll love it (maybe).

You’ve just been given seven daring ways to be different on your path to becoming your best self, a prompt to seek out opportunities you may be dreaming of but not yet materializing. Take them literally or let them inspire you towards something new. Just remember you’re incredibly unique and have offerings specific to only you. So break the mold, think outside of the box, do the unexpressed and the unexpected. People may think you’re crazy for it, but they’ll also secretly wish they had thought of it first and had the guts to follow through with dreams of their own.

3 thoughts on “7 Daring Ways to Be Different

  1. Saroj

    Your 101% right! AS far as I am not breaking any social rule of behaviour,not disturbing others,not making others life painful,I have full right to live my life according to my thoughts,perception ,understanding,core nature.
    I have been living my life the same way you have described above.But as a consequence,I have been always
    “an odd one” through out my life.Most of the times it is painful also. But I have not given it up.Thought it requires lot of guts,it gives tremendous energy too at the same time.
    It was nice & enhancing my energy to note that some one is there ,who is thinking like me. Your article certainly boosted my energy.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Maddy

    I would love to visit 5 States in a year. I would love to visit 5 provinces in my beloved Canada every year; however, a single small female traveling on her own is not wise or safe. Safety aside, these travels cost money, funds that I do not have. Very nice thoughts but not necessarily safe, wise or affordable.


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