Your Weekend Horoscope: Lights, Camera, Action!

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Communicator Mercury is joined with desirable Venus in dramatic Leo, setting the stage for playfulness, drama, creative self-expression, and big-time romance! People will wax poetic about whatever (or whomever) they feel most passionate. This pleasurable energy empowers you to express yourself and encourages you to have fun.

When it comes to romance, it’s game on! You will feel inspired to go all out in the pursuit of love. Dramatic declarations, impressive wining and dining, and sexy PDA are all part of the picture. If you are single, there’s no better time to go out and get your flirt on.

Your weekend horoscope indicates that you should have ample food and drinks on hand to welcome guests, as your home is likely to be a hub of activity for friends and family. The warm atmosphere and lively vibe might encourage people to linger long after the party is over.

It’s a good thing that you are at your chatty best because your weekend will be filled with conversations, errands and appointments. At every stop along the way, you will get caught up on the latest news. Keep your charger handy because a certain person will be blowing up your phone.

When you shop, your motto is: “Go big or go home!” You are all set to negotiate for the best price on what it is you want. Someone might be so disarmed by your charm that they actually give in to your terms. Use all of your talents to seal the deal.

Mercury and Venus, joined in your sign, are upping your charm factor tenfold! Your flair for the dramatic is on display and you will do what you can to make yourself the center of attention. This is a great time to remind the world of who you are what you have to offer.

Your weekend horoscope indicates that you are keeping all of your drama safely tucked away behind closed doors. Just because you are maintaining a low profile doesn’t mean nothing is happening. On the contrary, a very interesting and very private conversation could make things rather lively.

Socializing promises to be a lot of fun. Whether you hang out with your usual crew or seek to make a few new connections, the conversations will be interesting and the events you attend or activities you participate in will be entertaining. Get out and enjoy the weekend!

All eyes are on you, Scorpio, so you had better put on a good show! You will take center stage in your professional world or community, so be prepared to deliver a message that will help advance your aspirations. Charm and humor will keep your audience enthralled.

Your passion for learning will inspire you to explore a topic of interest. Read a book, take a workshop, or check out an interesting destination that appeals to you. A conversation with a teacher or mentor could fill in your blanks and help you access the wisdom you seek.

Your weekend horoscope reveals that a playful conversation about sex or money could help to lighten the vibe on a heavy topic and put everyone at ease. People will be more receptive to your requests when you express them with levity. Talking things through can yield amicable solutions.

You will definitely benefit from one-on-one companionship. Whether you spend quality time with your significant other or hang out with your BFF, amusing conversations will elevate your mood and entertain you. If you are at work, collaborating on a shared project promises to be amusing and insightful.

When it comes to exercise and diet, you talk a good game. You sound very enthusiastic about a new fitness regimen, but are you really ready to put it into action? You have already done your homework, Pisces. Make it fun and put your program into play.

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