5 Crystals to Cultivate Gratitude

5 Crystals to Cultivate Gratitude | California Psychics

Practice Gratitude with Crystals

What does gratitude mean? Simply put, it means being thankful, feeling grateful, and appreciating what we are given.

Practicing gratitude increases your inner joy and helps you feel better physically. You feel more positive, happier, and more alive. You feel more compassion and lovingkindness, and it helps you sleep better. You become a magnet for drawing greater good into your life.

Serendipitously, the more gratitude you feel and express, the more you can increase your abundance. Want more of something? Speak your thanks for it. A paycheck for example; no matter the size of it, bless that payment, thank the Universe for it, and lo and behold, you will gradually see your gratitude literally pay off with bigger paychecks over time. Try it and see.

How can you cultivate gratitude? One way is to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking thankfulness, even if you don’t feel like it. Another way is to use crystals to cultivate gratitude during meditation. Here are five crystals to help you get started:

Clear Quartz

Called the “Perfect Jewel,” the sparkling light of Clear Quartz contains every color in the rainbow. Connected to the Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz is also known as Rock Crystal, and it acts as a foundational stone for its ability to amplify every kind of energy programmed into it. Hold it while you meditate and imbue it with your manifestation intentions. It will hold this energy for you while you then go about your daily living. You can recharge it whenever you sense it is time to do so.

When you fill it with thoughts of lovingkindness and gratitude, it will promptly begin magnetizing these energies into your life. At the same time, it will radiate these energies right back to you, filling up the space around you with this positivity, and you’ll carry this joyful vibration within you everywhere you go. If you can only choose one crystal for all your needs, this is the one.

Rose Quartz

Known as the “Heart Stone,” Rose Quartz is aligned with the Heart Chakra. This pretty pink crystal is popular in both raw and polished forms. Hold this heart-opening gemstone close to you while you tune into it, and let it help increase the flow of lovingkindness and thankfulness through you. It is said to promote empathy, compassion, and gratitude. It is believed to raise your vibration and inspire you to relish the beauty in your life, even as it attracts more love to you like a love magnet. Let it help you love yourself as you accept and receive this love energy, for it will heal your heart.


Called the “Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine is connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. This bright yellow-orange crystal fills you with light, happiness, and joy just by looking at it. Let this cheerful gemstone inspire gratitude by helping you attract wealth, success, and abundance into your life. It is said to transmute negative energies into positive. It is believed to guard and protect you from hurt and heartache. Think of it as carrying a little piece of the sun with you, empowering you with life-giving light.

Blue Apatite

Known as a “Stone of Manifestation,” Blue Apatite is aligned with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It can be used when you are seeking guidance from Spirit, and it helps you raise your psychic vibration. As you gaze into its sea blue depths, feel its gentle, serene, calming energy flow through you as you allow it to clear your mind of doubt, anxiety, and worry. Feel it inspire gratitude as it clears away confusion and negativity, helping you feel motivated, inspired, and empowered to achieve your heart’s desires.

Green Aventurine

Called the “Stone of Opportunity,” Green Aventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra. Let this shimmering light green crystal help you focus on what is good in your life. Remember to also express thanks to yourself as you practice the attitude of gratitude. This gemstone is known to comfort, renew, and uplift your soul, opening your heart to enthusiasm, joy, and good luck. It is said to inspire your adventurous spirit, helping you to recognize and pounce on opportunities, as well as magnetize love, money, and all the good stuff into your life.

Blessings and Gratitude

Know that all of us here at California Psychics are deeply grateful for you, Dear Reader. We wish you blissful blessings in all things, and we are thankful for each opportunity to help you find your highest good in every area of your life.

5 Crystals to Cultivate Gratitude infographic | California Psychics

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