4 Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

No Regrets

It may be morbid to think about your own death, but you know that one day your physical body will cease to exist. And you may have a bucket list of things you’d like to do before you die. Your list could include grand things, like a trip around the world or jumping out of a plane. But there are a few more things to consider adding to your bucket list so you’ll have no deathbed regrets. Here are my top four.

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1. Tell Someone You Love Them
Have you been hiding romantic feelings for someone? If they’re available for romance, make it your top priority to find a way to disclose your feelings. The main fear for not sharing romantic feelings is almost always rejection. But wouldn’t it be better to know that you tried, then to not try at all?

Never having closure is a mystery that could eat at you forever. And who knows, you may find out that they are interested and were just too scared to share. If they aren’t available, you may tell them how you feel, but do so with grace and respect. While you accept that you can’t be together, let them know that if the timing were different perhaps your relationship would have evolved romantically. As long as your tone is appropriate, they will most likely appreciate knowing the truth. And it might keep you on their mind should they become single again. You never know when your life situation may change!

2. Pursue Your Dreams
Do you have dreams that you haven’t pursued? Find ways to do so! While it’s not practical for most to quit their day jobs to follow their dreams, there are ways to be involved in your interests. Working in an office and always wished you were on stage? Consider local acting classes and theatre productions on the weekends. You can also investigate online options for classes that involve any of your desires. Those will give a busy person plenty of options to work within their schedule.

Whatever your dream may be, it’s never too late to get involved—even if you can’t do it 40 hours a week. You don’t want to feel like you didn’t give yourself a chance to attempt your dreams. All you need is a bit of courage to see where your dreams will take you!

3. Travel Extensively
You can’t take material things with you when you die. They’ll be given away, donated, trashed or sold when you leave your physical body. So work on collecting experiences instead. Create memories by traveling more. You don’t want to be on your deathbed regretting not having traveled more!

If you’ve always wanted to go to Carnival in Brazil, make that trip a priority. If money is an issue, find ways to make your money work for you. Get a credit card that gives you free hotel stays or mileage for flights. This way, whenever you make a purchase or pay a bill you are earning points toward free experiences. I managed to get enough points to get a week in an expensive hotel for free!

If money isn’t an issue, but time is, plan your trip out so far in advance that it must happen. This will give you plenty of time to prepare for being away. It will also force everyone you know to leave you alone while you’re off the grid. Do whatever you can to travel to the places you want to visit. Traveling allows you to learn new perspectives that will stay with you.

4. Reconcile or Get Closure
If you fell out of favor with a friend or romantic partner due to your negligence, reconcile with them or get closure. If you believe you owe someone an apology, give them one. There’s a chance that they have moved on if some time has passed, but apologizing to them would still give you the closure you need to move on as well. However, don’t apologize just to make yourself feel better. You need to be humble to make them feel better too.

Focus on What Really Matters

If you don’t want to have deathbed regrets, don’t create a long bucket list filled with material possessions. Focus on what really matters in life: relationships, goals and self-care. And no matter what your list looks like, be sure to live in the moment so you’ll have the memories to reflect on.

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  1. Jennifer Smith

    I am sincere when I say CP is on point, to the T! That it’s basically what I already know and putting into perspective.thankyou


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