When Your Partner Passes

How do you live on when the love of your life has passed away? Nothing can prepare us for this life lesson in heartbreaking grief – the pain that doesn’t go away, the regret of things left unsaid, the isolation of loneliness and the guilt of moving on after our life partner dies.

It doesn’t matter how long or how briefly you were in love, whether their passing was sudden or expected… losing your lover, best friend and partner is devastating. And yet, our psychics say, it is part of our soul’s journey here on earth to allow them to go in peace and find the solace for ourselves.

Dealing with the death of a life partner can open our eyes to greater spirituality, as difficult as that sounds, or as acceptable or unacceptable as that feels at the time. Years ago, Jesse ext. 9027 tells, she asked one of her spirit guides about death. What she learned she has imparted to clients ever since. “The guide told me that the third greatest change a soul can make is leaving this plane of existence. The second is having arrived here in the first place… and the greatest of all is experiencing the things that happen while you are here. Living on after a partner dies happens while you are here… It’s no wonder it’s so consequential.”

To move along the grieving process, to help understand death and life, people often turn to our psychics for guidance. Psychics are called upon to channel lost loves, to bring closure to unfinished business and sometimes just to be an understanding ear. They may have specific questions for their loved one and eventually they may want to know if they will ever love again.

Working as Mediums, psychics can communicate with those who have passed on to deliver messages of love, comfort or resolution. As a psychic for more than 20 years, Jonathan ext. 9601 has come to never question what he feels, sees or hears when communicating with the departed. “The messages passed through me are not meant for me, so there is no reason for me to understand them. I just pass them on and it’s really quite astonishing how meaningful the information is to the client. Once the outstanding issues have been resolved the spirit of the deceased is more apt to find peace and those still living can begin to move on.”

People who blame themselves for their spouse’s death call looking for solace. “People call to ensure that they did not do something to cause the loss or that the one who is gone has forgiven them” explains Reed ext. 5105. “The simple fact, as best as we can understand it, is that petty differences and situations do not cross over with us,” the Medium offers.

“A client recently asked me if her deceased partner would be angry if she sold the house they used to live in together, so that she could buy a smaller, less expensive one,” says Jesse who was able to contact the deceased. “He assured me that material things have no place in the life of a soul that passes on. I was able to help my client understand that keeping the house was of no consequence to her partner, but watching her struggle to maintain it would be.”

Our psychics see that when people understand that their loved ones are always near, it calms their heart and warms their soul, and in time their lives become open to new experiences.


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