Spotlight on Aries

If you have been craving a little excitement, plan an impromptu party to welcome the Celestial New Year! The Sun glides out of dreamy Pisces each year and kicks things up a notch from March 20 through April 18, as it passes through the realm of Aries.
If you’ve been running a little low on energy, this celestial infusion may just be the boost you need. Pisces helped us all learn how to “go with the flow” now Aries is about to help us charge forward – chasing and manifesting those Piscean dreams.

Aries the Ram
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, marking a place of beginnings and fresh starts. The glyph for Aries has been said to illustrate the eyebrows and nose of man, while other interpretations state that it represents the crescent moons of idealism and ego, separated by the line of authority. Either description alludes to strength and more than a little hard-headedness.

Mars, whose energy has a heavy influence on survival, rules Aries. Mars energy ranges from desire and action, to the darker, warlike energies. Aries is also co-ruled by Pluto, the planet of will and regeneration. It’s no wonder that with these planetary rulers, this headstrong, masculine Fire sign (who, incidentally, rules the head) has a reputation for leaping before they look!

Aries personality
Aries have lots of personality. People born under this sign are known for their pioneering spirit, natural leadership abilities, and their passionate, high-energy presence. Aries tend to be incredibly optimistic, spontaneous, self-sufficient, and have a notable independent streak. Generally, those born under this sign are honest, direct, generous, and caring. However, that doesn’t make them all fun and games. When you think Aries, one of the first words to come to mind is probably impatient, which may be closely followed by stubborn, selfish, hotheaded and even immature.

Aries are known to have a temper, but most cool down as quickly as they heat (or blow) up. Even though they are typically quick-witted, tactfulness tends to be pushed to the wayside when an Aries is trying to make their point. Passionate and creative, Aries are capable of anything they set their mind to, provided their focus remains exciting enough to continue to hold their attention.

The Aries path
The Aries way is typically one of trial and error, and sometimes… more error. The pioneering Aries spirit is one that is more inclined to blaze a new trail, rather than just walk the path that has already been laid. The Ram likes to pave the way in life, not trail behind and follow the pack.

Just like rams in the wild, or on a farm, Aries aren’t afraid to lock horns with anything or anyone opposing their beliefs. Sure-footed and stubborn, an Aries cannot only hold their ground, but they can usually hold their own in times of turbulence and trouble. Their need for excitement often places them in the center of danger or chaos. What may be viewed as irresponsible by some, is only perceived as a challenge to an Aries.

Aries strive to be the best, and pretty much require themselves to be Number 1, both in their personal and professional lives. While Aries prefer giving orders to taking them, they will pitch in and help, if they see the need. There is rarely a dull moment in the life of the ram. If there is an Aries in your world, chances are good they will keep you on your toes.

Happy Birthday, Aries!
Whether you are 9 or 90, the Arian year ahead is aligned for transformation. This is a time for you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, and a deeper spiritual awareness, that will result in a new way of thinking. Though it is somewhat unusual for you, you will learn to listen to your head without ignoring your heart. Try not to be too shocked when the idea of compromise seems more like a good idea than a wager of war. By putting to rest some of the old demons you’ve struggled with, a new sense of peace and confidence will have you moving forward at a pace that is most agreeable with your impatient nature.

Always up for fun and a challenge, if you’ve been thinking along the lines of strengthening your self-discipline, you are on the right track. Whether it’s to be healthier with your body, or to accomplish your duties before that last minute is ticking on the clock, these acts of restructuring are going to be beneficial to you.

This little evolution in attitude is going to propel you further in your personal and professional realms. Your career is likely to advance, or you will continue to seek until you find a golden opportunity. Your long-term goals may be reached sooner than you think!
The year ahead holds enough challenge to make you thrive, and enough change to make you content. Overall, things are looking pretty good, and a new sense of balance will be achieved.

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