Psychic Workout: Mental Mediumship

Holly in Carmel Valley, California asks:

What can I do to help develop my mental mediumship?

The act of mediumship requires being able to “see” in a different way. This visionary experience can be second nature for some, and for others it may prove to be a difficult undertaking if you have been conditioned to dismiss or ignore atherial visions. To aid in developing your mediumship abilities, this rejuvenating chakra exercise will serve as an introduction to a different way of seeing and feeling.

Chakras are energy centers in the body, aligning along the spine. In addition to balancing the chakras, this exercise increases your overall psychic sensitivity and mental awareness. Each chakra has a different function and energy associated with the location. (See the following chart and familiarize yourself with the correspondence.) When opening your chakras through this exercise, one of the chakra sites you will open is your “third eye” or the 6th chakra, which awakens your ability to see non physical images, and the starting point for you to achieve the desired result of mental mediumship.

7th Chakra: Crown – Top of head, Color – Violet.
Qualities: Thought, Universal connection, wisdom, enlightenment, cosmic connection, consciousness, spiritual will, higher self.

6th Chakra: Third Eye- Center of forehead, Color – Indigo
Qualities: Intuition, insight, perception, clairvoyance, clarity.

5th Chakra: Throat, Color – Light Blue
Qualities: Speech, communication, creative expression, truth.

4th Chakra: Heart – Center of chest, Color – Green
Qualities: Energizes blood, unconditional love, forgiveness, harmony, acceptance, peace.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus – Between navel and chest, Color – Yellow
Qualities: Will, energy, radiance, awakening, humor.

2nd Chakra: Sacral – Below navel, Color – Orange
Qualities: Sexuality, emotions, pleasure, desire, creativity.

1st Chakra: Root – Base of spine, Color – Red
Qualities: Life-force, survival, instincts, grounding, stability, security.

How to open the chakras:

1) Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, maintaining a posture with a straight spine. Allow your breathing to become regular.

2) When you feel relaxed and that your breath is consistent, imagine a small red circle at the base of your spine, simulating a pulsating stop-light. Allow this light to slowly expand.

3) After this expansion has occurred and there is a large red ball of energy surrounding the base of your spine, shift the pulsating movement into a rotational spinning. Visualize the swirling ball of red light transform into a spinning pin-wheel. Gradually increase the speed and momentum until you feel a sensation of warmth, clarity, and pure radiance.

4) Your first chakra, your root, is now clear and open. At this point it is functioning at its full potential and will reflect the qualities of this chakra: Life-force, survival, instincts, grounding, stability, and security.

5) Continue this exercise by moving up the spine to the next chakra, the second chakra, and visualize the appropriate colored ball of light (according to the chart above). Transform the pulsating light into the spinning motion as previously suggested.

6) Continue working up the spine in the proper orderly sequence, opening the remaining chakras by using the correct color associations and visualizations.

7) Pay special attention to the process of opening the sixth chakra, your third eye, the energetic location where you awaken and invite enhancement of your mental mediumship abilities.

8) Enjoy the feeling of having your chakras open and buzzing. Take note of the feelings of vitality and clarity. Compare the different experiences and sensations as you opened the different chakra points. Did some open quicker that others? Were any stuck, or did you have a hard time achieving a radiant glow?

9) When you are ready to end the exercise, it’s important that you close your chakras.

10) Closing your chakras is a quicker process. Starting at the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, visualize a overflowing waterfall of white light pouring out of your crown and down the sides of your body. Let it flow over your third eye, down the throat, and continue the flow of water all the way down to the root chakra. During this process feel the cool, calming and closing of the chakras as you are extinguishing their light and shutting them off.

The continued practice of opening your chakras will increase your awareness and clarity. If you specifically want to heighten your mental mediumship, you may choose to perform a shortened version of this exercise to relegate your chakra opening to mediumship — the sixth chakra. You may find yourself in a situation where you do not have the ability or time to enjoy the full chakra opening exercise, however you can spare a few seconds to solely awaken the third eye.

This is often the technique I use when I run into a friend or client who has a quick psychic question and seeks an answer. By simply opening my sixth chakra, I am able to gain immediate insight and then shut it off when complete. Not only does this maintain my psychic energy, it is a necessity to keep energetically shielded and avoid becoming drained – a common ailment which psychics are susceptible to if not properly protected. You too will be able to perfect this ability, and will learn how to open and close your third eye… in the blink of an eye!


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