Soulmate Marriages

Is the person you’re married to or partnered with your soulmate? It’s the most important question you need to ask yourself and answer open-heartedly, if you’ve been dealing with a relationship that’s been lust-free for years, or even just months. “Half the battle is deciding if you really want to make love to your partner,” reveals Liam ext. 9290, one of the foremost psychic advisers in matters of sexuality and relationships. “After all, you can’t make something out of nothing.”

“Through marriage and divorce, you now know your ex better than you did before,” counsels Red ext. 9226.

“Some people find that when love has gone wrong they have a friendship in its wake. Many people know before the divorce is through that they make better friends than lovers. Friendship with an ex-spouse is sometimes possible – but it truly depends on the people involved. Some pains cannot be forgotten, and some hurts cannot be forgiven. That is for each individual to decide.”

If you’re not “meant” to be with your partner, should you break it off?  Jonathan ext. 9601 says: “If you cannot find happiness and contentment within yourself, there is nothing that can bring it to you. Your soulmate will not be drawn to you unless (and until!) you are content with yourself. Content souls meant to be together will find each other.”

When soulmates finally do meet, it’s unmistakable. “I can see a pink light around the caller and the person they are meant to be with,” explains Ariel ext. 9775. “I can also sense a giving, loving feeling emanating from the other person. It’s a definite draw, like two magnets.”

“In one lifetime, we have many, many ‘soulmates,'” Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 clarifies. “These are fellow travelers who are here to help us develop in ways that would be impossible at any other stage or time. Some soulmates repel us, keeping us from making serious mistakes that would be made by going in the wrong direction. Have you ever met anyone with whom you had an instant dislike? That person was, indeed, a soulmate. How about the person who, in an instant, makes you feel like you have known them your entire life? That person, too, is a soulmate.”

“Soulmates keep encountering one another until whatever it is they need to teach one another has been successfully achieved,” Chloe ext. 9421 further enlightens. “Teaching and learning are the keys to unlocking the mystery of what that soul connection is. When soulmates find one another they carry the baggage of whatever un-learned lessons are left from their past lives. The ‘final’ encounter with one of your soulmates is the sweetest. This is when you can stop the ‘school room banter’ and finally relax with unconditional love for one another. This is why the most important lessons that we need to learn or teach through our soulmates are often the thing that hurt or frustrate us the most. Whatever may be causing conflict in the current relationship is usually directly connected to what it is you need to learn from one another. What connecting with our soulmates has to teach us on the deepest level is that we all deserve to be loved and deserve to be allowed to experience the joy of loving without fear and frustration.”

What do you think – do we have one soulmate in this life, many, or none? And what are they here to teach us?

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