Medium: Talk With Deceased Loved Ones

Mortal Death is Not the End: Talking with Deceased Loved Ones

In over 20 years of readings, nothing gets me more excited than to connect with a loved one, friend or acquaintance who has passed over to the other side of life. I say “the other side of life” because the powerful experiences I’ve had prove to me that the spirit doesn’t die.

I am always amazed when I am in the middle of giving a reading and the spirit of a family member or friend comes through and wants to communicate. Often these spirits will express thoughts or feelings they did not or could not express while in their physical bodies or they may want to express their love and reassurance that they are OK and always around to provide help and comfort. Their existence is proof that there is life after physical death.

Validation or confirmation from a spirit on the other side is the most assuring part of a reading. Deceased loved ones will talk about an event, a birthmark, scar or even an item in the possession of the person who is having the reading. These validations not only make the person receiving the reading feel better, but they also let me know that I am giving an accurate reading and that my predictions are correct.

These types of spirit communications can bring mixed feelings of joy and sadness. But ultimately, there’s a great feeling of peace when the spirit brings through information known only to my client. These communications bring tears or heartfelt laughter. As the medium, I can only bring forth the messages the spirits choose to tell me and in the manner and way in which they want it conveyed. It’s always interesting!

I am sure that the people we love and hold dear are always with us. Love transcends all time and space. Love is the most powerful gift from GOD and it knows no end. This is why the spirit continues—as they did in the physical plane, they exist in the heavenly plane, to watch over, give comfort, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, a gentle nudge or a loving scolding.

Some of my most favorite people to work with are those who have crossed over to their new life in spirit. It is a blessing and a privilege to bring the messages of your deceased loved ones to you!

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  1. CATHY

    we need a new deseased story this has been here for at least 6 months, it is interesting but we need a new stories at least twice a month. i click on it daily

  2. Kalem


  3. Walter

    HI Jennifer, I would like to start with my deepest condolences, I am sorry you are having these heart felt problems. Family some times needs to direct their anger toward some one or something to try to cope with such a loss. The outside members of a family do not know what happens within a household and react in a circumstance without thinking or feeling what all involved are having to deal with.
    Please try to understand their morning and then forgive their actions. Yes -that’s hard to believe! Once you can show them that you are trying to give your understanding , I believe that they will work with you to reunite YOUR family.
    “Their are papers that can assist you in your existing problem, you have them in your possession, you just need to complete and get them to the proper agency to have your best family outcome.”
    Jennifer, I pray I could get a better vision to your outcome, but to handle such a situation via email could be more than a undertaking and very easy to misinterpret. Please call a “Medium” to have a session and you should be able to connect to rest more easily with your situation.
    Jennifer, pay attention to your inner feelings, “your intuition” I know your husband does not want your family displaced and will get across the things you need to do to accomplish the unity of your family once again and the happiness you deserve.
    Please keep in mind to forgive is hard and sometimes almost impossible, but with forgiveness you can remove yourself from many problems.
    God Bless you and I pray for you and your family during these hard hard time.

  4. Jennifer Bell

    Hello…. I cannot even begin to describe the complete agony I have been in for several months now. I nearly to the point that I just can no longer go on. My husband passed away and I have not been able to regain custody of our three children. I am failing at everything. I cannot even complete a thought. I am humiliated whenever I go into public because I am quite sure I comeacross as a babbling idiot. We were nearly divorced although neither of us truly wanted it. I amthe one that filed merely to get away from his toxic family. The day he died his sister went to the courthouse and gained temporary guardianship. I have since been fighting for the kids to be with me so that we can get throught this as a family. PLEASE OH PLEASE if there is any message ANYTHING that you may be picking up from my dear so painfully missed best friend WE need to know what that is. Thank you so very much for your time.

  5. Psychic Walter

    Michelle, I feel the pain, loneliness and anguish you are experiencing. I wish I had the answers that would make those hard hurting feelings and the emptiness in your heart go away. I wish I could reach out and heal you. When a person losses a loved one,especially ones loved one that was not a family member but a loved person that was to share a lifetime, it is so difficult in so many ways. I will do my best to help you with the experiences I have learned from the years of helping others trying to heal from such a dramatic part of life.
    Michelle as you stated you lost your friend and “soul mate” you must understand you came together for a special reason. With understanding you have to recognize there is more than we can totally recognize or see mortally. There was a special reason you came together, a higher source made this happen. Not everybody finds this type of unity in their lifetime. You were blessed to have this in your life. With understanding that there is more to life than we can see.
    Michelle I can only explain to my belief and my life psychic experiences. I know there is the blessed eternal life waiting for everyone. Until we are reunited with our loved ones we must try to cope with what happens in this mortal life. Is that easy or easy to understand, absolutely not! With eternal life, our loved ones do not leave us other than physically. Going back to there was a bigger source that brought you two together, than you have to recognize that there is the bigger source that brought you together would not leave you in such loneliness and pain.
    Michelle, you have to realize that your husband is around you and is trying to help you in every way only now in spirit. You have to work at recognizing the feelings and messages he is trying to express from the other side. In order to understand these messages you have to get past maybe the anger and frustration of understanding “WHY” and understand you have to go on with the rest of your mortal life. When you can get beyond the hurting and frustration, you will be able to see what fantastic life your husband will try to bring you and help you from the other side. Remember his love he showed you while he was here, he would not change from being on the other side. As you are able to heal you will be in a better capacity to feel and understand the messages and recognize how your “new” life is being blessed from the other side.
    Michelle I am not trying to tell you in any means it is easy and that there is a certain time frame this can all happen. Everybody heals in a different way and time. I can only say that as you heal and time lapsing also helps you heal. That does not mean as you heal you will ever replace him in your heart, just that you hold him in a different light. As you heal you will be able to feel and sense him around you daily. As of now, enjoy the memories he will share with you, heal within and prepare for the loving and fulfilled life he will help to bring you from the other side.
    Michelle, I pray for your healing and truly know in my heart that you will begin to heal and move forward with your blessed life. Know that your loved ones around you want to help you, but it is almost impossible to understand ones feelings until we experience the situation. Words just can not heal the feelings of a passing of a loved one such as your husband. Take the time to heal in every aspect. Then you will behold the rest of your blessed life.
    God bless you Michelle, you have a blessed long life in front of you to share your love and life. I hope and pray I was able to shed at least a small ray of light, for your healing.

  6. Michelle Beeks

    I lost my hubsand 7 months ago I can barely breath it’s like apart of me died that day to,I miss him him dearly we were and are soul mates.Best friends and always together I’m in so much pain I feel like I can’t go on I’ve got so much depression I don’t think I will be able to ever move on,I’m broken in every way.

  7. Psychic Walter

    Mary McGaughey, Spirit (our passed loved ones) does not run your life, they are there to help in any way they could possibly help your decisions to a happier and fulfilled life. As you always hear, we have free will, that is where we prosper or stand still in our lives, by making the proper decisions. If by being closer with Jack will make your life happier and your heart more fulfilled, trust me, he would want no better than you to be closer.
    Make your life happy and follow your heart, you know inside if you are meant to be together.
    I hope you will find this helpful to start your New Year.

  8. Psychic Walter

    Dear Laraine, No one can say they know how or why another is hurting or morning. Don’t feel that your sorrow is not warranted, everybody has to handle someones passing in different ways. Just because someone feels that you should be “moving on” does not make your hurt incorrect or untimely. I am sure that Jack is around you and hears you as you talk and shares your feelings with him. Just because you do not hear him does not mean that he is not around you. Many times our loved ones come threw but we may not recognize them because our heart is hurting so bad. Then it is always common to question if we are feeling our loved one or creating the feeling ourselves. I regret having to say this, but once you are able to get some of the hurt overcome, you will recognize that Jack is there with you. Just recognize that Jack loved you as much and would want to help you now as much as he did when e was here on the earth plane.
    Larraine, as far as leaving Jack within the house you are moving from and you believe in heaven, why would you feel he would quote “stay” with in the house. He will be as he always is, with you. As we recognize that heaven is our eternal home, heaven has no boundaries, as you learned as a youngster, God showed through written time that his angels, our passed loved ones, come to us as needed. Heaven is not confining, but the place of endless Love and peace from all of the earthly distress and pain. As angels we do not attach ourselves to monetary items on the earth plane. That is a topic of many different belief patterns, as a Christian, Heaven is not some building or structure we are stuck in for some given reason.
    Larraine, Please try to work through you time of pain and recognize that your angels are trying to help you understand and move forward to happiness. Just as you found the love with Jack, I trust you will have some one to share your love with as you did with Jack. Don’t feel because you share your love with another person, that your love for Jack is diminished in any way. Grasp the time you were blessed with Jack, try to understand eternal life in heaven and watch how the hurt starts to smooth over, then you will feel Jack with you as he will give you the responses you are waiting for. You are blessed through your beliefs and the ones around you.
    God Bless you and thank you for such kind words.
    My prayers and best wishes for your continued blessed life go out to you and your family.
    May God enlighten your life with the starting of a Merry Christmas.

  9. Larraine

    Hello Walter, You seem so kind and sincere, I just wanted to say my heart is breaking and I don’t know what to do. I lost my common law husband of only 2 years to a sudden heart attack last month. He was my soulmate and I loved him more than anything. My 3 sons do not understand why I am not coping very well because 12 years ago I lost my husband, their father to cancer. I loved their Dad too but not like I loved my Jack. I waited so long to find him only to have him taken from me. I am also a Christian and believe in heaven. I have no money so I can’t afford to phone you or I would. I try and talk to Jack all the time, I’m not sure if he is with me or not. I had to move out of the house we were renting, he died there also. I don’t want to think he is trapped there by himself. Please help me, I have no one to talk to and please pray for me. Thank you

  10. Larraine

    Walter, you sound so nice and sincere, I lost my common-law husband just recently on November 13th, just a month ago, we had only been together two years, but he was my soulmate and I loved him more than anything. He died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 63, and I never got to say goodbye. Also 12 years ago on November 14th my husband of 27 years, died of cancer. That was hard enough I loved him also but not like I did my Jack, I can’t bear the pain I am feeling and I can’t stop crying. Nobody understands, because they think I am a strong person. I am also a Christian so I do believe in heaven, but I feel like my heart is breaking. I cannot afford to phone you, I’m sorry, but could you pray for me?

  11. Psychic Walter

    Neli, Thanks for calling I hope and pray I was able to help. Please look at how the events unfolded prior, kick back and relax, watch them keep happening for you.
    God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  12. Neli

    It was such a pleasure to speak with you (back in July) and I shared with you my interest in metaphysics and my (maternal) grandmother’s gifts in these areas. I feel that she and I shared/share a special bond as I talk to her often (since her passing in 2006). She sends me a specific symbol (when I’m “in need”) since I started having a conversation with her (for a couple of years now) about the man in my life (in mid-late 2010).
    Walter, the dates you gave me for this year came to pass. You also gave me a January 2014 timeframe (when he’ll stumble to ask me about living together) and a March 2014 date (when he’ll ask for my hand in marriage – you said it was a strong prediction on your part).
    Can you tell me are these timeframes from my grandmother? There are times when I truly need to connect to her and I struggle emotionally and spiritually and feel that she hears me and can validate these upcoming dates you gave me. However, I don’t feel that she and I are connecting any longer – I feel “unheard”; things have come to a “standstill”.
    My question is – are these dates still valid for me & this gentleman? Does my grandmother play (or did she play) a role in these (Jan & March) timeframes you gave me? When things look bleak, can those timeframes (a short distance away) still hold true?
    Thank you for sharing your gift – especially with those of us going through difficult challenges with the heart 🙂

  13. Psychic Walter

    Loving Constance, As I read your comment my heart goes out to you. I am able to feel the pain you maintain in your being. I hope you recognize the way people feel your hurt and wish they could help you. A mothers loss will never heal but only be covered and lessened with time. If there is any such feeling for relief with the loss of your child, know that she is with no pain, but better than anything she is in the even better place than the greatest place we are able to imagine.
    Constance, your Daughter, Chrisa Maria, has guided you to a place that I believe will fulfill your wanting to connect with her. I am not trying to promote, but you have come to this site, California Psychics for a reason. As I have been with CP for almost a year I have been blessed to be with very gifted mediums,advisers. As you choose the CP web site, I am sure you will now be directed to the proper medium for the connection you are needing and wanting so very much.
    Constance, I feel the question around you, if she is truly in a better place. IN MY BELIEF, I do not force my belief on anyone, but I need to explain how my belief is. I am a Reverend and have been over 25 years. I promised my maker to use my “gift from him” to prove eternal life. Being able to connect with our loved ones on the other side gives the credibility to eternal life as promised in the Bible. With your question as to her really being in a better place, understand the words said by Jesus on the cross to the other crucified with him, TODAY you will be in paradise. Jesus didn’t say go to the light or that if he had some unfinished business to take care of it, or that it would be a day or a year before he would arrive in paradise. Trust she is there,that day in the place we know as heaven, Chrisa Maria is there helping and still sending you the love that she showed you here. When you feel is the proper time, put yourself available to absolute quietness,undivided attention and receive a reading from a true gifted medium. As you receive the validations and feelings, you will be set free from some of the emptiness in your heart.
    God bless you, I know he did by having the your blessed time with Chrisa Maria.
    I pray for the peace and love for you and your family that you so well deserve.

  14. Psychic Walter

    Kathleen, The only thing you can do is let the ugly gossip and nastiness run off your back, consider the source. Apparently they have problems of their own that they are dealing with. If it is really putting you in a bad place, remember, “people can only do things to you if you let them”. If you are seeing this on social media, then drop the media, go about your life. I am sure you husband does not want you to be listening to the words that mean nothing.
    Kathleen, place your efforts where it is good for you. If you let them get to you, you are playing into what they want to achieve. Go about your life and enjoy your blessings.
    This all may seem like anyone could write these words, but I am not a counselor, but I only ask what “spirit” would say to you or advise you. I believe that you have the ways to just discount the bad words from others and move on to your life with happiness and love.
    Pay attention in the month of March, you will be happy once again, not that you will forget your husband, but you will have your happiness once again, just in another fashion with some one very special. Don’t think that your husband would ever not want to see you happy with some one.
    Kathleen, put your anger and hurt aside, pray that you never go through the time in life where you would be like the ones saying the things they are saying. Just figure that they have their own problems they need to work through. Feel the love from your family here and on the other side and move forward to a great life.
    God bless you
    Look at the blessings you have around you and say “Thanks”

  15. Constance

    My Darling Daughter,Chrisa Maria, died on May 19th, 2009. Chrisa’s Death was unexpected. Chrisa was not only my Daughter, but My Best Friend and Soulmate. I cry every day missing her. I have wanted to get a reading for some time. Thank You..

  16. Kathleen

    I lost my husband due pancreatic cancer, he died on Jan 13, 2012. I missed him dearly, its almost 2 years he has been gone and I have been going hell with deaf friends they made ugly rumors about me like they said I have boyfriend have been cheating on my husband, had plastic surgery, always partying, called me bitch etc. I never cheat I really loved my husband and I know a lot of deaf people are very jealous of me because I am very attractive (former model) speak very well no one would know that I’m hearing impaired so anyway about 2 weeks ago I received a very nasty letter from a deaf person …..saying I’m a bitch etc it s really upsetting me I cannot understand why they have to hurt me I am still grieving for my husband also I have not done anything to anyone or hurt them most of time I stay home. I believe my former best friend of 44 years she started the whole thing…when my husband died few weeks late she called my mother and said that I look terrible, so old looking and so skinny, not beautiful n says she is more beautiful than me and looks younger than me , my mom told her off hung up on her and she was furious and says that she has a lot of nerve to say those things while we are grieving….so I hope you can tell me what my husband has to say…….I am very depressed since….never seem to be happy again…will I find a new boyfriend….be happy again?

  17. Michael James

    I just recently lost 2 of my closest Aunties and was never able to say a proper goodbye to them because I live in Mexico. I did go to the beach and let all my sadness go, because as polynesian’s that is how we honour their lives if we cannot make their final farewells. I still wonder if they are with me and watching me. My email today is to let them know that I love them both very much and I wish for them to be EXTRA happy where-ever they are. I believe in the spirit living after death and life is grand. My only wish is that they spend the rest of their spiritual lives filled with love and good things, just as had bestowed upon me to make me the man I am today. He mihi atu kia korua. In my heart always Aunty Mar & Aunty Ellen. xoxo

  18. Walter

    Deborah, You have so many of your loved ones passed and worse (if there is worse) you feel so alone. Please accept by deepest regards. As you have read in other explanations I have left, don’t look for answering “WHY” look for the peace in the love you had with each of them when they had for you when they were here with you physically.
    Deborah, I feel more impelled to help you understand a few points with your life. Please do not think they are not there trying to help. Understand a very important point. They are now in a place to assist you, not direct you. God gives us our “free will to make our decisions. He does not give our angels, (your passed loved ones) the power to make the decisions for us by giving us the correct answers. We would not be leading our own lives. We have to make our own decisions and lead our own lives that are what makes us our own individuals, our angels will show us the proper path and we have to take it from there.
    As Bobby was so proud of you degree you Nursing, you have proven you have the ware about to make smart and intelligent and proper decisions. You have the ability to move forward and regain your earthly position with housing and economic recovery. I know that you have other loved ones that will help you, but please remember that you have to be willing to do it and use your God given gifts to get yourself moving again. You went through a lot mentally, but at the same time please remember that God will not give you more than you can handle.
    I know that you will recover from all of this, not lose the heart break you have, but will gain understanding and peace. You never stop missing your loved ones. Instead of looking at “possibly” having to move, look at how it may be a blessing in the future. You might not understand right now, but you will probably see it later with a grin.
    Deborah, Please do not take this as I would be preaching to you, but please understand as I do this, I am listening to what I am to place in words, from the other side. I pray you move quickly thru this rough time and get to the next great time of your life. Hold your passed loved ones close and enjoy your loved family and friends around you physically.
    Deborah, I am not pushing my religious beliefs onto you, but it is my belief and how I am able to do what I do. I only want to help in my best capacity I know and that is my God given Psychic gift I use for the good of others.
    God Bless you and your son, I know you will come out well. Smile-Your son enjoys that!
    I have to quote, Matthew 21:22
    If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

  19. Walter

    Shadow, I am able to say to you they are blessed. Why blessed? Because they are in a place they have no pain or any type of earthly physical body feelings. In my belief and as I feel is the truth, they are now one of the Heavenly host. I know that what they endured here is now, if you will, nothing more than a memory. To give you 1-2-3 way to contact and feel their presence, I will give you a way you can try to contact and understand.
    1) Believe in eternal life or life after earthly life, you have to fully believe in your heart or you will question everything you feel and or hear as you get messages.
    2) Be able to open your mind to accept what may be any type of feeling or message. Messages and feelings come in many ways and forms at any where or any time. I truly do not mean any type of “hocus pocus.” Please do not look for tables moving or jumping. That is what I mean as type of “hocus pocus”.
    3) Be ready to sit and meditate. You do not need to go to classes to meditate, meditation is no more than the ability to sit, relax in a quiet place and be with your thoughts and the strength of your being.
    4) As you receive feelings or messages, make sure you are not letting your mind in hopes create your messages. As you wait for signs, ask in your mind for a sign or feeling and then just enjoy the happiness. Your best sign will be something that you do not ask for, when you receive a sign that you are not asking for, you will know that you did not create it in your mind. Example: Say you ask a question and you feel you received an answer, ask for a validation. Say you ask for a tingling in your “right foot” and you receive a tingling in your “left foot” you will know that they did that so you will not question the validation of you yourself creating the feeling.
    5) Have patience and belief. I have seen people able to have this in a very short time and others longer, it depends a lot on your beliefs and how you work at it.
    Shadow, this may seem easy and it is with the want to and with the love you have for your passed loved ones. I always say, I know you will contact because you want and miss so terribly bad. Remember, their love will help you; they want to be able to help you as much to give you peace and help from the other side. Don’t give up. I know you will not, I get that from the honest integrity of your family from the other side.
    God Bless

  20. Walter

    Dear Gouri,
    Even though I have dealt with family passing’s for so long, the situation with hearing such sad life events never gets easier to try and explain the peace to be felt after time.
    I do not ever try to promote my religious beliefs on anyone, but I have to go with my belief structure as anyone does. Most everyone has to have a belief of some type of “what happens at mortal passing”, with that said mine is as a Christian.
    I am sure that you have read and heard of many “death experiences”. As in most you hear that they are welcomed with such a warm, loving feeling with the most beautiful light and with other family or friend members greeting them. I have to believe in the words written “today you will be with me in paradise”.
    You asked if there is anything to make them happy, my belief is they are happy. I am sure there is a situation they feel different with not being with you mortally, but there is no better place then Heaven.
    I would have to ask you to trust that there is many messages coming from both family members, I have no question of that. Many times I have found that “spirit” will hold back on coming across with closeness until the emotional aspect for us here is easier to for us to handle. I guess our morning period or acceptance time frame. Don’t think they have any less love or commitment to you.
    As I always state, I wish I could understand “why” things happen the way they do with passing, but my belief is there are things we just do not get to understand until we get to our Heavenly home. I have way too many experiences that when we pass, there is eternal happiness. That is my basis of performing my gift and calling, to help give proof to eternal life.
    Please understand (in Christian belief) there is no waiting or looking for the light, we are in the light and after mortal death, is eternal life.
    Meaning of “eternal Life” -Being without beginning or end; existing outside of time.
    Gouri , please recognize your loved ones are happy in eternal life and listen and watch for the messages to be conveyed to you and your family. When they feel you are accepting the situation you will receive more than you can ask for. They are now in the heavenly way, Love, Peace and Contentment with out judgment.
    God Bless you and I pray I was able to help and for peace in your life.

  21. Deborah Terry

    I just lost my 32 year old son Bobby . he passed in his room….. I am going crazy I miss him so much since at the same time I am going thru a divorce from my second hubby. My first hubby died the week of 9/11 My Moms passed who was so close to Bobby in 2007…. My dad passed in 1988 hardly any family left except for my wonderful son Bill who made amends with Bobby 7 weeks before he died…… I am totally broke financially. I have a degree in Nursing that my son was proud of so much………. we are losing our home and bearly have money for food….. will Bobby help us…… I do believe in eternal life and bobby did also and I believe he is here in spirit……… he died on June 25 th 2013 and am having a difficult time….. Thank you enjoyed your posts so much….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Shadow

    My brother died a number of years ago and my dad a year later. One was killed the other died of sudden illness. I want to know if they are ok, do they ever come around, and how can I myself learn to contact them. Those are the only ones I want to talk to. I still miss them so much!

  23. Shadow

    my brother died a number of years ago and about a year later my dad. I want to know if they are ok, happy and if they ever come around. One was a war death and the other a sudden illness death so a lot was left unsaid. is there a way to contact them to talk to them? do they come around me? I still miss them so much.

  24. Irene

    Remember the human vibration is like that of an eagle flapping its wings while the vibration of Spirit is higher, like that of a hummingbird. Our brains can’t quite see them but they are present. Try to send passed loved ones Love and Light, not fear.

  25. Gouri

    My son passed over all of a sudden at the age of 19 (due to cardiac arrest for unknown reasons) and it will be 4 years this 23rd. Then all of a sudden my brother passed over this Nov 11th at the age of 38 leaving behind old parents and 5 year old girl twins.

    We were just coping with the loss of my son and now this. I want to know if my brother is in a better place and watching over us and same for my son. This is the first time I am trying to know more about them.

    My brother believed in messages from the other side. Is he sending us some message now?

    But we have felt our son around us by way of the coins we find where ever we go. Whenever he comes in my dreams, he is always by my side, silent.

    Is there anything we can do for them to be happy?

  26. Walter

    Mary Jane, I am trouble and sorry to read and feel what you are having to deal with. No one person should have to deal with this in their life.
    I enjoyed to see you signed with “GOD BLESS” I am a Reverend of 25 years so I will answer with my first calling, I can not help but to call out the verse:
    Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Luke 6;37.
    Let us look at the “Metaphysical” word of karma, if he did such a thing, what do you think is going to happen???
    This may sound as side stepping, but if I would give a answer one direction or the other, what difference would it make.
    If we said there was devious intentions involved, would it make your loved one have “Justice” or would that just give us satisfaction, or better felling, or closure?
    Mary Jane, I know that this is not what you want to hear, I pray it will help get you closer to healing. I put all my faith in my gift from God, but I know I am human and can make mistakes, I would never pass judgment on some one. If there is judgment to be made, I will leave it for my maker to make that.
    Mary Jane, please work at healing, what is done will more than likely can not be changed. As you said, she loved you, do you really think she wants you and her mom to torment yourselves with effort that may or may not be fruit full or to remember how she was here and work on feeling and hearing her from the other side?
    This does not give you any feelings of closure or sanctification, but I hope and pray it will give you direction for a better way for closure and happier healed days ahead. The quicker we can be healed from our sadness takes us that much closer to feeling our loved ones on the other side.
    Heaven, a place of LOVE and PEACE. Now being one of the heavenly host,What do you think she would like you to do?
    Mary Jane, God Bless you through your time of sorrow. Please don’t look for judgment and justice, instead help heal yourself and the ones around you.
    God Bless

  27. Mary Jane

    My best friend and 1st cousin had just died yesterday morning around 4:30 am and the family knows that the husband had unplugged the life support machine when all of her family members went to the hotel to sleep. Rose Marie and I were so close that she tells me everything. Just before her passing, she told me she found out that her husband was having an affair with someone in their community for years. I have so much questions but first of all, I want to know if she died on her own or the life support was unplugged? Second question is that she wanted to be buried where she was born but her husband said that Rose Marie was in love with Churchill and that’s not she told me. Rose Marie told me she was only there for her children and was ready to leave as her youngest graduated from school and all her kids were on her own now. For 28 years she bend backwards for her husband and his family. His nationality is Inuit/Caucasian and Rose Marie nationality was Dene/Aboriginal from the Northwest Territories. Her last words is that she will always love me as I was there for her and I can’t stop crying and wishing she was still alive. She had no medical problem until she fell down the stairs in her house 1 week before Thanksgiving. Her husband had always depended on her with financial wise even if he was a welder by trade. Rose Marie had just received her Residential school money and was renovated her house as she couldn’t rely on her husband. Please let me know how she feels and she wanted to tell us the family members as her mother is still alive and heading to 80 years old and she has the same questions. I am looking forward to the truth from you and hope to hear from you also. God Bless !

  28. Walter

    OH Marilyn, wow-you don’t feel your husband??? I can tell you he is at your side with absolutely the excitement he always had. I have to say I am sorry to hear your passing of your loved ones. I wish I could understand and have the answers to why our loved ones pass before what we feel is their time. I just have to accept that and one day when I make my transition I will finally understand all the questions I have had.
    As you have felt your daughters presence, you have been able to get past the hurt and pain to a degree where you are open to the feelings of the other side. Please do not take this in the wrong continence, but since you were having a problem feeling your husband, you have a mental block. You are questioning all your feeling, as you think you may feel him, you then question it. The feelings I get he is there stronger than ever !!!
    Relax, ask him to show or remind you of something that you had between you both, watch how it will not be something you are not thinking of and then enjoy the moments. From that point it will get stronger and stronger because you will have the understanding of feeling him.
    Ask you daughter to help as well for you to feel and understand you husband.
    If you are feeling depressed, just wait to ask for him till you understand feeling better. When you are in a depressed/unhappy state of mind, it is hard to understand spirit.
    I want to jump out and state he is showing me something that was of importance or a special day just this past October the 16th with you. He shows me like he was laughing with you. (I hope I received that correct)
    Marilyn, try to work at it, just relax and don’t try to hard. If it doesn’t come across with in a few minuets, stop and try again later. You do not have to be in a state of meditation, just close your eyes and relax. You will get there, as strong as he is, I have faith in my feelings !!!!
    God Bless you Marilyn, you will be pleased shortly.

  29. Walter

    Linda, Instead of questioning how your lovely daughter passed, think about maybe the happiness she feels now with out the situation of the bipolar they felt she experienced. With her saying she did not want to go on a few days prior, does not mean that she did anything drastic. You know that we all say words that we regret saying even though we never follow through on the words.
    You know that she is in happier place, she does not have the issues she dealt with here. Did you ever think maybe it was just her time that she passed. Age does not always mean length of mortal life. Just think how free spirit she is now, no encumbrances, no ties, no judgment of herself or others judging her. I know that she never felt you were the cause of her issues or earthly problems.
    Linda, embrace this time to enjoy the connection you can have now with out the problems of before. She hears and feels you always. Linda, as you look beyond how she passed, that will give you the ability to concentrate on the feeling she is giving to you. With out you thinking of how she passed and possibly feeling depressed, that will give you the ability to see and hear her more clearly.
    Don’t ever feel lonely, I know she is around you and is able to have the connection that she wanted to always have with you.
    She hears and feels your thoughts and words, now it is time for YOU to listen and feel her.
    God Bless you, say a prayer for the connection to hear your loving daughter.
    Live and Love as she always wanted to do.

  30. Walter

    Oh Dear Linda with Curtis,
    Linda, please don’t look at him as Curtis (died) Try this, Curtis died and then try Curtis is Passed. Which feels better?
    So Linda, is it really going to help you understand if you know how or why he passed? If you believe or do not believe that he did the stories or lies that you are hearing, will this make make you not have loved him as much? Would you rather accept that no matter how the passing happened, that you loved him and you can look at it as a blessing that you had the time with him? Let’s say he did something that you did not approve to, would you have not forgiven and moved on with your lives together? We are all human and make mistakes, that is why we have the ability for forgiveness in our hearts. True love has forgiveness “built in the program.”
    Linda, you had 21 years with Curtis, apparently there was more than one occasion where you forgave him and he forgave you. Don’t scare your 21 years of life with him with anger and questions that you may never know. And in realty, can anything change at this point? Look back and be grateful. I would say apparently his physical being must have been in need that the medical community placed him in a way to relieve his discomfort.
    Linda, don’t be angry or listen to lies or rumors. Accept the time you had, and one day when you meet again, you will have all the answers we all seek and do not find answers for on the earth plane.
    As in my belief,
    God Bless you, I know with his blessings you will find comfort.

  31. Walter

    Wendy, please accept my condolences with the passing of your mom. I must say it is such a pleasure to hear that a person feels such a connection with their passed loved one and recognize the messages from them. If I may be so bold as to recommend, as you are blessed with your mom showing herself in your dreams, (By the way-that’s only the beginning! I guarantee that) as you receive the messages and the love in your dreams state, please recognize that the last few moments or minutes are sometimes created in some fashion by our own being or mind. For a example, have you ever been having a great connection and all of a sudden you are hearing a siren or bell only to wake up to hear your alarm is going off. It is much more in depth at times, but I do not want you to take something that seems not to make sense at the end of a message in your dream as something wrong. I always recommend to write your dreams (messages) down because the full message may be over multiple sleeping or resting sessions.
    Please remember, which I know you do, to thank your loved ones for your messages.
    As far as furthering your spiritual path, I always recommend one very major aspect, please keep your belief structure centered with the beliefs in your heart, another words, don’t go off in every direction of the metaphysical belief structure, it will only confuse and frustrate you. Let your mom assist in helping you learn. Remember, who would be a better “guide and teacher” than some one you loved and new so well. Don’t keep looking for a “guide”, you have one of the best at your side.
    I would say, even though this sounds like any one could say this, your career is in the “works” as I hear it. As you move forward in the many ways that you are(?) I know that you will achieve what you are seeking. That may sound so vague, it does to me, I just do not want to mislead you when the way of “communication” is not as favorable as I like to work under.
    God Bless you, keep on with your communication with your passed loved ones, But please remember: Your loved ones are there to assist you-NOT MAKE THE DECISIONS IN YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.
    Compliments on your dedication.

  32. marilyn

    My husband passed 4 years ago and I never feel that he near. How can tell and what should I do. My daughter passed in 01/09/13 and I finally had a dream about her but never do I have that connection with my husband. I get really depressed about this.

  33. Linda

    id my daughter kill herself in January 2007 or was it an accident? She was bipolar and told me just a few days before that she did not want to live. Is she in a better place? Can she hear me when I talk to her?

  34. Linda

    Hi Walter. My boyfriend Curtis Beardsley died April 18 2013. Since then there has been rumors from “friends” that say he used cocaine, alcohol and may have been unfaithful to me. Is this so or is it just B.S. stories because Curtis is not here to defend himself? It tears me up inside to think any of it is true. Was he down to Murhpy Livingstone’s drunk and trying to get her high on cocaine to have his way with her for instance? He was born 8-1-1958 and I was born 4-9-1960. We were together for 21 years when he died. He was put on an induced coma before we could talk and say goodbye to each other. Why is this?

  35. wendy

    My mother has been in Spirit in Heaven since March 2013. I was very close to her and miss her a lot but also know that she is Happy and Pain free and able to assist in ways she may not have been able to do in physical form. I feel her presence often, and have connected with her in many dreams. I am curious if you have any insight into messages that I may be overlooking concerning our relationship and my moving forward with what I believe has always been my calling. I am trying to open self up more to increase my spiritual abilities and career choices.
    Thank you,

  36. Walter

    Phyllis, It was great that we were able to have a reading the day you posted. I hope your angels were able to have me shed some good light on your situation. You are very good with your connection with your heavenly angels (your passed loved ones). Keep your great disposition and outlook on life and I know that all will be answered for you.
    “Knock and it will be opened unto you, seek and you will find, ask and it will be given unto you”
    I really don’t know how much clearer it could be.
    God bless you and your family, it appears he does.

  37. Phyllis

    Hello Walter, my mother and several very close friends have passed, Polly & Terrence. I feel like I have actual conversations with them in my thoughts while driving or in my quiet time and they always are giving loving advice on difficulties I am having. The man I have loved for years is with another that attracted him physically and I have been told to just be patient that this is happening for a reason and that he will come back. Is that how your loved ones speak to you and assist and love you from the other side? It is so clear to me. I ask a question in my thoughts and they answer and really I am not asking, it is like someone hears them and they respond. Will he be back in my life? It is very difficult for both my daughter and I. We miss him dearly and she is heartbroken. Or is there another for me? I love your blog btw.

  38. Walter

    Shirley, I am so sorry you have the Easter celebration scared with such a poor memory. To see the good (if there is such a thing) as you rejoice for the meaning of Easter, (not the Easter bunny, tried to make you smile) look at the life that she was in the midst of is also maybe a blessing. Sometimes when we see our elderly loved ones physically suffering from a disability or health problem, we can not help but to ask our father to take them home.
    I feel there was a mistake on her passing. We as mortals always want to have answers to everything, please understand she is where she is happy and feeling absolutely no pain. There is the happiness around her that she shows, you and all her family members have to feel her, It is as she now has the “spunky” way about her. I would say that she stands and enjoys the laughs with you and it seems like she touched so many people, because she shows and wants it to be known she is making everybody laugh now. I take it that she was so spirited child, and things just changed. Don’t hold any regrets but smile as she wants you to. She has many loved ones with her. There seems to be a very dear friend of her’s when she was here on the earth plane, that is with her as well.
    She wants to know she shares her love with all of you DAILY! She hears you share your thoughts with her, don’t think the words fall on deaf ears, but on a loving heart.
    Quote: “She misses the cookies with the puffy stuffing” (?)
    God Bless you Shirley, don’t look back, look forward at the constant blessings coming to you.

  39. Walter

    Glenden, I want to say that your husband is finally at peace in more ways than one.(?) I would say that his confrontations with life in general are all put to rest. He shows that things are all of earth and not of great importance. I know as you would as well, that he wants you to be happy. He wanted you to be happy when he was here, that would definitely not change. Please Glenyce, after our mortal life here and we are on the other side, we do not direct our loved ones life, but we are instructed by the almighty to give assistance. That is where we get our inspirations (some times known as gut feelings)
    If I feeling, he states to stay steadfast in your walk. What you are trying to achieve and move forward to are the proper and your life’s perfect path. I want to say that I get a “apology” for you from him. (?) I hope you understand and that I pray I am replying properly.
    I want to say that there is a real misconception with his daughters, the time will pass with age and spiritual growth and maturity with age. Some deal with healing different ways which seem to be heart breaking to others. As he shows, the Love will be back into the picture for you from all involved. Stay steadfast, let the showing of frustration roll off of you. I know that he will be with you all of the healing process, even though it seems hard, there will be the “family” feeling of love returned to you very soon.
    God Bless you Glenden, enjoy feeling him around you.

  40. Shirley Adamson

    It will be 7 yrs this April I lost my daughter(Easter Morn) We don’t know if she took her own life or a mistake she took too many pills…I hopeshe knows how weALL LOVE her & MISSher Her name is D”Arcy and she did not have t easy here on earth.I pray she’s having it easier where she is

  41. glenyce culver

    I want to know if my husband is at peace now and wants me to go on with my life as i’m doing of should i change something. His daughters are giving me grief. what should i do about that.

  42. Walter

    Amy, Oh nobody has to tell your son that you love him, he hears and feels you! He hears every thought you are sending him. I truly hate to hear people lose their loved ones, but I know it is a part of life even though we do not understand it all.
    Amy, please remember your son did not DIE, he has just passed on to his Heavenly home. I always ask people to not use the word DIE, to us it is such a cold word and we only know it as the end, and when we lose some one from the earth mortal life and say they have died, it only leaves us with a cold final ending, and we know that they are just in spirit but still around us, not gone.
    Amy, can you use your imagination if he is happy? No more earthly problems, he is now in his heavenly home where he enjoys love and peace, the way we would like to see our earth. Of course I am sure as all of our loved ones, would like to be at our side physically, but now they are around us spiritually, which now they can help us in many more ways.
    I know it is a hurting feeling of missing him, and we do not understand all the time, but embrace his spiritual being around you. Let him know you love him by just saying it and include him in your daily life. I know you feel his presence.
    God bless you in all you do and helping people the way you do.

  43. Walter

    Lycrecia, You can rest assured your mom is around you and hears you. If you ask your mom to help, she will help you. Don’t try so hard to connect, let it come to you, as with your daughter, she was not looking specifically for your mom to come through, she just realized it was her as she came in her dreams. When we try so hard to connect, sometimes we miss what is being showed to us. Don’t look for her specific voice, most times her messages will come across in your own voice. That is what makes it tough knowing what is a message or our own thoughts. I can definitely state she is there helping you and that she knows you have upheld your promise to her with your dad. I know when she relays a message to you she will give you a sign of some sort to show you it is her. It may be a tingling feeling or a scent of some sort that is common to you that reminds you of her. Relax when you are asking for her and as you go to sleep, ask for her to come to you, always acknowledge her if and when you get a message, so she knows you understand her message. Having her with you, as she has also shown to your daughter, rest assured you have the ability to connect with her. It is a Blessing to know mortal passing is not the end, but just a new beginning of eternity.
    God bless you, I know he blesses you daily, he did already from birth with having such a lovely loving mother and blessed with a beautiful daughter.

  44. lycrecia

    my daughter jeanette always tells me of the dreams she has about sitting and talking with my mother . my mothers name is the same as my daughters edna,will i ever have the experience to speak with my mom i have so many times wished she was here with me due to all the problems i have and now i cant go to her and talk to her about them. i use to call her everyday and my mother knew everything i did.also i want to know if my mother knows i kept my word to her about not causing my dad one minute of problems like she asked before crossing over. and i miss and love her with all my heart. thank you lycrecia

  45. Walter

    I am truly sorry to hear about your son. I pray you find peace.
    To quote the good book “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. There isn’t a waiting time, I am sure your son is in his heavenly home watching and helping you daily. As he returned to his heavenly home, he now has the ability to help you and connect with you as a heavenly spirit.
    God Bless you to find the peace within you.

  46. Walter

    Simone, I can not see why your mom would not want to help you. She loved you when she was here on the earth plane, she would want to help you from her heavenly home. If you have your intentions in the proper place, I know your mom and the rest of your heavenly host will be there to help you. I am sure you will be blessed with the proper outcome.

  47. linda overton

    My son was murder 8/25/2013 by a gang that took turns beating him to death i need to now if he is still here or did he leave to be with our love ones


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