Give Yourself Credit!

If you feel like your paycheck barely graces your account before it’s dispersed all around town for luxuries like electricity, you might be out of touch with what you’re really achieving. It’s not that finances can’t get you down – money (or lack of it) is and always has been one of the top causes of stress for most people.

Let’s face it: many of us could make better choices when it comes to how much we spend and what we spend it on. However, putting that aside, if you look at your bills as nothing but the chains that prevent you from getting ahead, you might be missing the point. And there’s no doubt you’re putting the wrong signals out to the universe! When you curse your bills (or even worse ignore them), you’re saying “my money controls me” – when it should be the other way around!

So, if you want to shift the way you feel about your finances, and put yourself on track when it comes to your wallet, consider a new approach.

This month, rather than avoiding your expenses or treating them with disdain, give yourself some credit when your credit cards are due! Celebrate the fact that you’re part of a financial exchange. Sound strange? Maybe it is. But if you shift your focus from what you’ve spent to what you’ve been able to do with your money, you start the process of energetic acknowledgment. And from there, you can move into manifestation of the things (and the situation) you truly want!

First, gather your bills
Put all of your bills in a central place. Debt is like everything else – if you can’t see it, you can’t define it. Turning a blind eye to your spending habits is the trademark of doling out more than you earn – and digging yourself further into a hole! It may sound daunting to shed a harsh light on the way you use your money, but that’s the only way to get a clearer picture. Doing this won’t increase your negativity – it will lessen it.

Second, find a positive spin
Like all things, money is energy. So, for each bill meditate on the energy behind it. You are able to light your home. You are able to watch as many channels as you would like. You are able to keep your car in good running condition. If you scatter to pay bills without focus (or knowing where the money is going), the chaos you allow to foster will block your energy. Like a closet stuffed and waiting to be emptied, unpaid bills and overwhelming debt are static on the TV set when searching for an image. Unfocused energy hinders your dreaming.

Conversely, acknowledgment of this energy allows you to see that you, yourself are an incredible energy source who knows no bounds! Just by meeting your monthly obligations you are clearing your desk, making room for abundance. You are ready to dream wider, and expand yourself beyond simply paying the bills.

Third, give yourself credit
No matter what your financial state, when your bills are all paid, you absolutely must reward yourself for another month of hard work – without hesitation. This is a crucial thing to put into practice. People work best with positive reinforcement.

Consider: if you had no limits on finances, what would you reward yourself with?

Whatever it is – a trip to Italy, a day at the spa, a new home, a new car (whatever comes to your mind first is probably right), write it down neatly in your own handwriting. Then place your goal near your bills or where you do your finances. Set aside some time each month toward achieving it – regardless of your finances. Even if the amount you can contribute toward your goal seems negligible, it’s not. Your time is also currency, and all energy is transferable.

Work becomes money – money becomes things – things become your environment – you are your environment – you are your ideas – your ideas become your work – work becomes money…

Energetically, you must say “YES!” louder than “how is that ever going to happen?” Put your energy toward your goals and it will grow – because that’s what energy does.

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