Red Responds: She Can’t Trust Her Inner Voice

Julie in the UK writes:

I am perturbed! On a few occasions throughout my life (usually when I am very worried about something), I have had a small voice speak to me about things that will happen and they have set my mind at rest and come true. I have come to rely on the authenticity of this voice. However for 7 months I have been involved with a very much younger man who has made me very happy – happier than anyone I’ve been with before actually. It was supposed to be a casual thing but we became extremely close and even though he said he found it hard not to fall for me he managed not to but I totally fell for him. We both knew the relationship couldn’t go anywhere because of the huge age difference but it was too good to let go.

A few weeks ago I was meditating and I found myself on a beach. I looked over and saw my 7 year old son playing and then I looked up and the man I am in love with was looking directly at me with a huge smile on his face. It was so sweet it made me smile also (even though I was still in a deep meditative state). I glanced away and when I looked back I saw him with a little girl that looked just like him. The last time I had had an experience like that, I was pregnant with my son and saw a small boy with my then partner. However just over a week later my lover told me that he had met a girl his own age and religion and he asked for my blessings and permission to ask her out. I, of course, had no choice even though it was heartbreaking to lose him. I am still very sad but I am also not sure whether I can trust my inner voice any more as the “vision” appeared to tell me that we were going to be happy together and maybe even be a family.

Dear Julie,
I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time, but I do want to compliment you for handling it with such grace.

Your inner voice didn’t lie to you – there will be a day that you see your lover and his child on the beach. However, I do not see his child as being your child. Love, happiness and family are in the future for both of you – just not quite in the manner that you saw.

There is a very special connection between you and your love that will alter with time, but not necessarily be completely severed. You fell head over heels in love with him, but because of the differences between the two of you, he was able to keep his heart more protected. The age difference, though significant, was one of the smaller challenges of this relationship. His religion, culture, and family seem to bear more consideration. If you had met him years from now, he may have experienced enough life to take the risk – but as it stands, he loves you with purity and reservation. While that may not keep you warm at night, it is something you have known all along.

There are two things about your meditative experience that you need to more deeply examine, before you question your inner voice. First, you had no sense of going to, or being at the beach with him. Nothing that surrounded you and your son indicated that your lover and you had made your relationship a formal union. Secondly, his being behind you is particularly significant. The warmth and joy of his smile is genuine, as is the twinkle of excitement in his eyes. That is because this was a “happy accident.” He just happened to run into you, a person who holds a very special place in his heart.

Sometimes it is hard to interpret psychic flashes properly. Trust me, I know.

Trust your inner voice, your intuition. It hasn’t failed you, because it gives you enough information so that you can continue moving forward in life. Your vision was rather a peaceful and loving warning. Although I don’t see you ending up with the man in your vision, I do know that you will find the man of your dreams.

Keep doing exactly what you are doing. My inner voice keeps confirming you are on the right path.

Good luck!
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