5 Summer Solstice Celebration Rituals

5 Summer Solstice Celebration Rituals | California Psychics

A Time of Celebration

The Summer Solstice is the time of year when the sun reaches its zenith and brings about the longest day of the solar cycle. It’s only natural that across myriad cultures and ages people all over the world have celebrated this day. It’s a moment where the sun himself is honored, and when the world welcomes the slow, natural return to darkness.

There are lots of ways to prepare for and celebrate the Summer Solstice. Looking back to your ancestors and their ways of celebration is always a great place to start. If you’re looking to do something new, or start your own rituals for the Summer Solstice, then here are a few ideas. You can do all or some of these in the days leading up to the Summer Solstice, and on the solstice itself. Try these tips and special rituals from our very own Psychic Marin.

After you watch the video, check out these other rituals below. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

1. Simple Ritual for Manifestation

One of the best elements of the sun is physical manifestation. In mythology, the sun often represents the masculine, the sturdy, and the tangible. That makes this time of year perfect for focusing on what you want to bring to fruition. This is a ritual that is best done first thing in the morning, or at dawn if you can. All you need to complete this ritual is your body and your thoughts.

Start with a series of Sun Salutes on your yoga mat, if you are able. If not, sit and take a few deep breaths, reaching your arms up above your head to welcome the sun into your space.

Speak aloud the things you want to bring into your life. Say them to the Universe with conviction. Think about the next year, the complete solar cycle, and where you want to be.

Feel your physical body and engage with it, bringing the light from the sun into your being, starting with your head, and letting it drip down through you.

2. Ritual for Transformation

One of the most powerful spiritual tools for transformation is fire. Fire has transformative properties in alchemy and is both a great creator and a great destroyer. This ritual is best done outside over a large fire but can be done with candles or even over a stove. You will also need a piece of food for roasting or toasting.

Start by lighting the fire with intention. Say these words aloud as you bring the flames to life.

Like fire, I can transform.
Like fire, I am powerful.
Like fire, I can create.
Like fire, I can destroy.
Today I call on the power of fire and on the power of the sun to allow me to curate my space, both spiritual and physical.

Repeat this mantra three times as you look into the flame.

When you have finished your mantra, use the fire to cook a piece of food. Observe the transformative powers of the flame in a new light, appreciating how something can change and be improved under heat and pressure.

3. Ultimate Sun Bath Ritual

There is no better time for harnessing the power of the sun in all of its glory. This is the ultimate ritual for harnessing the power of the sun!

Begin the day with a cup of tea. Herbs like Calendula and Chamomile are perfect for honoring the sun. So is any type of citrus and turmeric.

Spend at least two hours in the sun. Sitting, walking, and absorbing. This is key to harnessing the power of this celestial body. Let the light work its way into your skin and into your spirit.

Before bed, take a ritual bath with herbs to honor the sun. The same herbs you used in your tea can go directly into your bath. Listen to music that makes you feel happy and connected to your physical body.

4. Ritual for Self-Empowerment

One of the best spiritual aspects of the Summer Solstice is the connection with self-empowerment. The light of the sun brings visibility to our true selves, and there is no better time than now to look inward and to shine. For this ritual, you will need a white candle, a purple candle, a photo of yourself when you were young, and a piece of paper to write your mantra on.

Light the candles in a safe space and place the photo of yourself next to them on your altar.

On the paper, write a letter to the you in the photograph. Tell yourself exactly who you grow up to be, in the best way. Pick the positive elements you would want your childhood self to know.

Make a promise to yourself in the past, and in the present, to be this version of yourself every opportunity you get.

Let the candles burn down, snuffing them instead of blowing them out if you need to put them out before they have finished burning.

5. Ritual to Embrace the Summer Solstice

This is a ritual specifically for embracing all elements of the Summer Solstice, and so this particular ritual is best done on the day of the solstice itself. You can use this ceremony to empower all of your intentions for the coming year. You will need a piece of Palo Santo wood, a yellow or gold candle, and a quartz crystal.

Before sunrise, place the crystal on the windowsill where the sunlight will hit it. Let it rest there until at least noon, longer if you can, but make sure you take it down before the sun sets.

When you’re ready to begin, bring the crystal onto the surface where your candle is. Light the candle first, and say this:

The wheel of the year turns, and I watch it turning.
I am here, present and strong, face up against another cycle,
Light gives way to darkness that gives way to light.
I take within myself the challenge of growth, of growing,
Fed and nourished like all flowers,
By the bounty of the sun.

Light the Palo Santo wood and walk around your home or sacred space, starting in the North and moving East, then South, then West. Do this three times.

When you finish, put the Palo Santo somewhere it can safely smolder. Hold the quartz crystal in your hands and feel the energy. Let it warm up from the heat of your body. Think about what you want to happen in the coming year and speak it aloud to the crystal. Quartz has the ability to store information in its crystal formations, and today you are pouring your intentions into this crystal, which will hold them and keep them charged for you all year long. You will be able to use this powerful tool until the next Summer Solstice.

Let the candle burn down, once again snuffing it instead of blowing it out if you need to put it out before it has finished burning.

Connecting with Intent

The most important part of any ritual is intention, and so any of these rituals can be altered in any way. As long as you want to express your intention and connect to the sun in a powerful way, it will happen. Just taking the time to acknowledge and reflect during this time will help you manifest, transform, and harness the energy of the Summer Solstice.

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