How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Gratitude

Two zodiac signs showing affection ringed by zodiac symbols

An Attitude of Gratitude by Zodiac Sign

If you’ve ever been to therapy, or a professional development seminar, or read up on mindfulness, you’ve probably had to focus on gratitude at some point. The word gratitude gets thrown around a lot. There are endless listicles on how to do daily affirmations or express gratitude in new ways. It’s something that we worry we might not be adequately or correctly displaying, but the truth is that we all inherently show gratitude differently. If you’ve ever felt like you’re falling short in showing your appreciation, it can be good to remember not to hold yourself to any particular standard.

Different zodiac signs will show appreciation in different ways, and it may vary even further depending on dominant elements in your chart. It’s good to remember that gratitude doesn’t always look the same, however, it does play a vital role in our lives. The reason that gratitude is brought up so often is because it’s important. Showing thanks and appreciation can strengthen our familial and social bonds, make us feel more connected to our communities, and appreciate the people and things we have in our lives.

The Signs and Their Gratitude


For the baby of the zodiac, it’s all about action. The best form of appreciation is to have fun, make the most of the situation, and enjoy it. Aries might plan a special date, or throw a party, or go dancing.


Taureans can be slow to connect, and sometimes seem standoffish; however, one way to know they’re really making an effort and showing appreciation and gratitude is when they share personal favorites with others. Maybe it’s books, or music, or food, but no matter what it is, it represents a small piece of them they’re offering to another.


One of the best things about Gemini’s is that they will tell you how they feel. Like, a lot. This is a sign that has no problem expressing gratitude. The key is to make sure they slow down and feel what they’re saying with the same intensity with which they want it to be heard.


Cancers are some of the best gift givers. You can trust this empathic Water sign to listen to the hints you drop. They genuinely like to make other people feel good and giving is often the quickest and most effective way to show that they’re appreciative of those around them.


Flashy Leo will show gratitude through pampering. They’re not afraid to throw money around for those they love. Leo’s are the first to buy drinks for their friends, because they know eventually it will all come back around.


Virgo’s can be wary of asking for help, or owing other people favors. This often means that when they’re receiving attention or having their needs met, they feel the need to reciprocate. Virgos love to cook dinner, create a cozy environment, and let their loved ones relax. It feels good to take care of others, to go above and beyond in response to even small acts of kindness towards them.


Gratitude and accommodation are nearly synonymous for Libras. They love to make people around them feel safe and special.


Scorpios love surprises, at least when they’re on the giving end. This sign is most likely to surprise their friends at work with a snack or to give gifts for no reason.


More than any other sign, Sagittarius shows gratitude in a very physical way. This sometimes manifests as physical affection, and sometimes through other forms of action like fun adventures or shopping trips.


Praise is often hard won when it comes to Capricorns, who can come off stoic and detached. Because this sign is one of the least likely to fake gratitude, they’re less likely to express it unless they truly mean it. When a Capricorn is appreciative, they will let you know in direct, plain, and genuine words.


Aquarius may be the sign least likely to express gratitude directly, but they’re wonderful at internalizing and expressing it nonetheless. When an Aquarius is happy, they will show you rather than tell you. They love to show off the things that make them feel blessed with Instagram shout outs, playlists, and memes.


As the oldest and wisest zodiac sign, Pisces shows gratitude in very personalized ways. They are great at knowing exactly what each person needs and wants and making them feel listened to.

All Forms of Gratitude are Valid

No matter how you show gratitude, making the conscious effort to express it and appreciate the things around you will have a positive effect on your mindset and life. Don’t worry if your style is different from your friends or loved ones, as long as you’re taking time to notice how others might be showing gratitude toward you as well.

How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Gratitude infographic | California Psychics

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