What is a Lunar Eclipse?

What is a Lunar Eclipse? | California Psychics

Understanding the Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse takes place when the moon moves exactly behind the earth into earth’s shadow. This happens only when the earth is between both the sun and the moon, and the moon is full.

A Lunar Eclipse can last up to several hours and is safe to view with the naked eye. Unlike a solar eclipse, it will be visible from any place on earth during hours of darkness.

Types of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses can be total or partial, and they happen on average, about twice per year.

When the moon is completely inside the penumbral cone of the earth, it is called a penumbral eclipse. These eclipses are relatively rare and happen somewhere between zero and nine times per century! The penumbral eclipse coming up on November 30, 2020 is one of these rare eclipses.

Spiritual Effects of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses stimulate change by bringing unconscious emotions to the surface. This aids our spiritual evolution. They bring about change and growth on the levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Some traditions teach that it is safer to stay inside with the windows and blinds closed, as the energies of lunar eclipses can intensify negativity. Most people do not find it necessary to do this, though. For the most part, spiritual leaders now feel that the stirred-up energies of eclipses are actually helpful. They are a chance to acknowledge and ground emotions. Because Full Moon energy is amplified many times during lunar eclipses, they bring endings to emotional cycles. This will only happen if those areas need to change.

Practical Effects of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses bring change to the signs and houses of our individual charts that they are in, or that they aspect. Affairs ruled by those signs and houses will undergo a transformation.

Example: Let’s say a lunar eclipse happens in Gemini. It will affect all signs differently.

For Gemini itself, it will be a change in self presentation. For Taurus, however, the eclipse takes place in the solar second of finances and values.

For Aries, siblings and the immediate neighborhood will be affected. For Pisces, the fourth house of the home will change. For Aquarius, creativity and their children will be highlighted; for Capricorn, their health comes up for review, and so on through the whole zodiac.

What we know is that all signs will feel the energy of something new brewing in some aspect of their lives. The individual natal chart will clue us in further about what is about to happen for each of us. If you don’t have your birth chart yet, join California Psychics Karma Rewards, and have it done for free! It’s important to remember, all change is by no means bad. It is often very good, and exactly what is needed!

How to work with the Energy of a Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse definitely holds potential benefits as well as drawbacks. Based on the wisdom of ancient astrology and modern scientific observation, here are some quick Lunar Eclipse “Do’s and Don’ts”:

  • Do: Take time to notice and process your emotions
  • Do: Nurture and care for yourself and your loved ones in a special way
  • Do: Journal and reflect about what emotions arise for you and what they might mean. Most importantly, what will you do about them?
  • Do: Have thoughtful conversations with significant others about what you are feeling and would like to change. Listen to their feelings too

Now, for some don’ts:

  • Don’t: Try to ignore the energy, or power through lots of extra work
  • Don’t: Suppress the feelings that come up with excessive alcohol, drugs, or other addictions
  • Don’t: Fly off the handle and act or speak impulsively with people important to you
  • Don’t: Let yourself become overly tired or try to force breakthroughs before they are ready to occur
  • Don’t: Let the energy sweep you into becoming too deeply involved with a new lover, situation, or acquaintance until you are truly ready to do so
  • Don’t: Plan important functions like inaugurations or large business deals. Stick to heart-felt, intimate gatherings where you can be yourself

How to View a Lunar Eclipse

This is the best part! No equipment is needed. Anytime it is dark and the moon is visible at eclipse time, these occurrences will be there for your viewing pleasure.

Lunar eclipses are safe to look at, but if you do feel overwhelmed or unbalanced by the intense energy they emit, stay inside and take it easy. For best results: meditate, chant, pray, sing, rest, eat healthfully, and practice top notch self-care. Some people are more sensitive than others to eclipse energy, and all of us are more sensitive at some times than at other times.

Upcoming Lunar Eclipses

The approaching Lunar Eclipses will take place on the following dates:

November 30, 2020 (Penumbral)

May 26, 2021 (Total)

November 19, 2021 (Partial)

So, flow with the changes that eclipses bring and enjoy the extra little nudge the Universe is providing!

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