Your LOVECAST™: High Drama

Passion heats up with high drama over the weekend, especially for Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Practicality prevails later in the week, but love blooms again by Thursday.

Week of May 10 – 16, 2008


Taurus: Entertaining at home for friends – or just for two – shows off your style this weekend. Talk about relationship commitment on Monday or Tuesday. Also, look for a moneymaking opportunity, possibly through a creative project. Your sensuality comes out to play on Wednesday. An artistic flair will set you in the limelight on Thursday and Friday.


Gemini: Sexy talk makes passion percolate this weekend. A trip can bring romance too. A family decision or the desire to redecorate or renovate your home arises on Monday or Tuesday. A quiet locale in a natural setting can turn up the heat in love on Wednesday. Romance sets you aflame on Thursday and Friday, when your cleverness draws admiration.


Cancer: Your wonton side takes over this weekend, so be prepared for some heat! An insightful discussion with your sweetie on Monday or Tuesday deepens your relationship – think commitment. A contact can set you on an expanded career path on Wednesday. Romance flows then, too. Entertaining at home shows off your artistry on Thursday or Friday.


Leo: Your passion is on fire during Moon in Leo this weekend. Share what’s in your heart! Your influence soars on Monday, so promote your ideas. Tuesday and Wednesday focus on being practical about earning and spending. Look for a moneymaking opportunity then, too. Your graciousness and creativity inspire a romantic encounter on Thursday and Friday.


Virgo: Your daring side emerges this weekend, so let your sensuality out to play! Your powers of persuasion can bring a career opportunity on Monday, so promote yourself. Romance blooms on Tuesday. Your personal power attracts others who will assist you on Wednesday. Your eloquence draws admirers on Thursday and Friday.


Libra: Friends play a part in bringing romance and adventure this weekend, so get out there and socialize! Insights about your family history can help heal the past on Monday. A quiet date just for two can ignite passion on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your braininess and sense of fair play attract others into your social circle on Thursday and Friday.


Scorpio: Your fiery/willful side is responsible for some naughtiness between the sheets this weekend! A friend can assist you on your career path on Monday. A group activity or socializing with friends may bring a romantic opportunity on Tuesday or Wednesday. An artsy ambiance that shows off your style inspires romance on Thursday or Friday.


Sagittarius: Your sense of adventure kicks into high gear and sets romance aflame this weekend! An opportunity or decision involving your home life arises on Monday. A homey dinner for two can bring delight on Tuesday or Wednesday, if you slow down and enjoy the moment. Socializing with friends brings fun (and romance?) on Thursday or Friday.


Capricorn: Playfulness inspires romance this weekend, so ditch the chores and have some fun! Look for a professional opportunity that comes from afar or through a learning environment on Monday. Romance and travel (or an exotic ambiance) make a delicious concoction on Tuesday or Wednesday. Revealing your heart inspires love on Thursday and Friday.


Aquarius: A rendezvous with someone special makes this weekend memorable, so think in terms of two. Intimacy turns serious on Monday. Get out of your head and into your feelings to make romance sizzle on Tuesday and Wednesday. Travel inspires romance (and friendship) on Thursday and Friday, so plan a getaway with a lover (or some friends).


Pisces: Creativity in what you say and do draws others to you this weekend, so reveal your individuality! On Monday or Tuesday, a discussion with your sweetie about where your relationship is headed can deepen your connection. Your sensuality inspires a tryst between the sheets on Wednesday. Reveal your imaginative side to ignite passion on Thursday and Friday.

Aries: You’re in the mood to take a risk on love this weekend. Be courageous! You’re recognized for your hard work on Monday. Networking with colleagues can open doors on Tuesday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Wednesday. Twosome energy soars on Thursday and Friday, so plan a getaway with your sweetie (or keep your eyes open for someone new).

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