Your LOVECAST®: A Touch of Brilliance or Weakness

March 7-13, 2011

Moon in Aries launches the week with a fiery, impulsive vibe. Then flirting and other communications get a touch of brilliance (or weirdness) midweek from the Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. This weekend, romance is playful (fickle?) on Saturday, but emotional conflicts are likely on Sunday, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aries: Putting yourself out there will manifest a passionate (or at least lively) encounter on Monday, after which your energy turns inward to bring some surprising insights about love and other areas. Pay attention to your dreams. This weekend, your brainpower attracts admirers on Saturday. A test of patience arises on Sunday, so strive to stay centered.

Taurus: Your sensuality fires up passion toward the middle of the week, a good time for a sexy tryst. Also, an unusual (online?) connection or group gathering may be instrumental in bringing romance. Relationships may feel muddled on Thursday and unpredictable on Saturday. Argumentativeness or a misunderstanding can upset romance on Sunday.

Gemini: Romance can be found while out with friends at the start of the week. A cozy/serene ambiance sets the stage for a romantic encounter toward the middle of the week. Pay attention to your intuition, which is especially strong. Your wild-child comes out to play on Saturday, but romance may feel restrictive on Sunday.

Cancer: Daring to express what’s in your heart inspires passion at the beginning of the week. A group activity or outing with a friend midweek may result in a romantic interlude! During the weekend, talking about the past brings an insight about love on Saturday. Relationship irritations escalate on Sunday, so surround yourself with positive people.

Leo: An intuitive nudge in the right direction can bring love into your life at the start of the week, so heed your inner voice. Sharing your expertise in a professional environment draws admirers midweek. A friendly gathering energizes you on Saturday, but some people around you may be unreliable. Restlessness overtakes you Sunday.

Virgo: A direct approach can bring a romantic encounter at the start of the week. A (surprising?) conversation with someone close to you midweek may help you manifest a compatible partner. Look for romance while learning something new. Your talent for clever repartee draws admirers on Saturday. A friend may be troublesome or need your help on Sunday.

Libra: A twosome tryst can bring satisfaction on Monday. If you’re solo, be open to meeting someone new. Your artistry inspires romance toward the middle of the week, when intimacy heats up! Flirting from afar or with an online prospect is likely on Saturday. A power struggle (or an issue about power) may arise on Sunday.

Scorpio: An argument can fuel passion on Monday! If you’re paired, shared activities deepen love toward the middle of the week. If you’re solo, having an open heart can bring in someone compatible. Just watch out for mixed messages on Thursday. Sexy wordplay turns into foreplay on Saturday, but control issues can unhinge love on Sunday.

Sagittarius: You’re especially creative between the sheets on Monday! Romance can be found midweek during a work-related activity (flirting with a coworker?) or while volunteering for a charity. A romantic rendezvous inspires you on Friday, but you may feel antsy, too. Your need for freedom makes you capricious on Saturday. Love seems complicated on Sunday.

Capricorn: A homey tryst can set passion ablaze on Monday! Romance soars toward the middle of the week, so keep your eyes open for someone intriguing while socializing with coworkers or friends. An analysis of your love life brings a startling insight on Saturday. A clash of wills with your sweetie or close friend is likely on Sunday.

Aquarius: Verbalizing your ideas and feelings heightens your powers of attraction at the start of the week. A genuine gesture of love revs up romance midweek. Also, hosting a dinner date or party will show off your creativity. Your distinctive style/attitude makes you a magnet for admirers on Saturday. Emotional chaos (from others) challenges you on Sunday.

Pisces: A gift that reveals your feelings will inspire romance on Monday. A class or trip can prompt a romantic interlude toward the middle of the week. An online flirtation can bring satisfaction too. A gathering at your home energizes you on Saturday. Weird undercurrents surrounding romance need to be deciphered on Sunday.

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