Your LOVECAST®: Your Individuality vs. the Feelings of Others

Your Love Horoscope

Aries-Libra oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn (throughout the week) and the New Moon and Saturn (this weekend) can produce a conflict between expressing your individuality and respecting/acknowledging the feelings of others. Additionally, Mercury in Aries turning retrograde on Wednesday (through May 14) can stymie communications. On the upside, it encourages a review of how you express yourself. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Aries: The intense focus on partnerships illuminates any me-versus-we issues you may have, which can involve sharing, cooperation or commitment. You may feel pressured to compromise in a relationship or business partnership. What’s more, this weekend’s New Moon in your sign energizes your self-expression and charisma, but will also heighten any selfish inclinations you may have.

Taurus: Whether it’s passion, anger or the need for some downtime with your sweetie, emotions you’ve been suppressing may erupt out of your unconscious sometime this week. Acknowledging them will free up your emotional energy, just in time for this weekend’s lusty New Moon! Just be aware of your energy levels so you don’t get depleted.

Gemini: As friendship and romance play tug-of-war, a compromise may be needed between activities with friends and time spent with your sweetie. Socializing escalates particularly during the New Moon this weekend. Getting involved in a community project (or another group endeavor) can bring satisfaction – and perhaps a romantic interlude as well!

Cancer: You’ll likely feel both motivated and frustrated at times this week as multiple activities, people and projects pull you in different directions. Setting some priorities will help you get centered. Romance can be found during a friendly gathering, especially if it’s connected to your work. A public event can bring a romantic prospect this weekend!

Leo: Finding a balance between your ideals about love and the reality of how things stand may be your biggest challenge this week. Being an optimistic Fire sign will help you envision the best-case scenario, but you’ll need patience in working out any issues that stand in the way. Romance with someone from another country or culture is likely this weekend.

Virgo: How you handle conflicts over resources such as money, energy or priorities will determine how much desire you have left over for romance. Making an effort to socialize with close friends or spend time with your sweetie will uplift you. Intimacy will deepen this weekend if you knock down an emotional wall and open up.

Libra: The Aries-Libra tug-of-war hits squarely in your partnership sector, so you may need to negotiate more than usual to get what you want in a relationship – without losing your identity, values or money in the process. Know when to stand strong and when to compromise. The New Moon brings a relationship “ah-ha!” moment this weekend.

Scorpio: Your desire to get things done may conflict with a need to let things be, in your relationship or another major area of your life. Taking some downtime will not only reignite the flame with your sweetie, but will help you get in touch with your needs. Romance can be found during a healthy or helpful activity this weekend.

Sagittarius: Romance would be soaring, if not for some pesky problem like commitment or duty that keeps you from fully enjoying yourself. The key is to find a deeper meaning in the love you hold in your heart instead of seeking greener pastures. Same goes for the weekend, when responsible Saturn grounds/guides the romance-questing New Moon.

Capricorn: Your Saturn ruler butting heads with Jupiter means you’ll likely have to face some self-imposed limitations. This can apply to romance, where limiting beliefs about your ability to attract a compatible partner or sustain a long-term relationship hinders your love life. Analyzing family patterns pertaining to relationships will bring a valuable insight this weekend.

Aquarius: Timing is everything when it comes to romance this week. Knowing when to make a move and when to hold back is the key to success. Knowing what to say, when to say it and when to keep silent is also crucial. Let common sense guide you. Lighthearted flirting may turn into a serious discussion this weekend.

Pisces: Your boundaries may be tested in a relationship this week. Having good judgment when offering your time, money or something more intimate will keep people from taking advantage of you. In other words, don’t be a doormat, either in or out of the bedroom. A gift that shows your appreciation inspires romance this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: Your Individuality vs. the Feelings of Others

  1. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Hello Alcyone7 and filmartphotograf!

    I am not as learned in the Astological arts, however I do have a blog coming out on April 13th titled, “The Great Thing about Mercury in Retrograde” to shed a little light on the power of that planetary “movement” that is misunderstood. I too would LOVE a more indepth article from someone tuned into that planet’s energy! I’ll drop an note to our Astrology folks to suggest one as well!

    Psychic Yemaya 5143

  2. filmartphotography

    According to the 2011 Ephemeris, Mercury will go direct on April 23rd.
    Not sure why May 14 is the date listed in the article…

  3. alcyone7alcyone7

    PS Oops, I’m full of typos (heh) myself… double-checking my ephemeris I see that in this coming Mercury retrograde time period, the retrograde motion phase ends when Mercury goes into direct motion on April 23rd. Readers might want to check where 12 Aries figures into or aspects their natal charts, since the biggest energetic *kick* effect happens at the degree the planet finally goes direct at (12 Aries is my exact south node!!!).

    The “shadow period” when Mercury goes direct and again covers the sign degrees that it previously retrograded through ends on May 11.

    I bet your readers would appreciate an in-depth article about Mercury retrograde periods, Mercury’s Superior and Inferior Conjunctions with the Sun, etc. It’s really essential to take a look at and know this information in my opinion. Also the many superstitions surrounding Mercury retrogrades in general, versus the reality.

    Best Wishes to All…


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