Your Numerology Forecast for March 28-April 3, 2011

Harness the Energy of Aries

This week may ask a lot of you, but if you exercise self discipline and keep your eye on your goals, the effort will really pay off.

The biggest challenge this week will be to harness Aries’ hasty, impetuous energy and put it in service to the transformational opportunities which abound. Since Aries’ tendency is to shoot first and ask questions later, be prepared to forgive yourself – and everyone around you – for spouting off occasionally.

There are several things working to your advantage this week. Through Thursday you can still take advantage of the intense focus and clarity of thought which this 7 Universal Month makes available to you. The Universal 8 Month ushered in Friday really knows how to harness Universal forces to achieve its ends, and has self discipline down pat. Astrologically, taskmaster Saturn’s presence looms throughout the week, probably creating a pressure cooker of frustration as it clashes with the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and the new Moon in Aries, but at the same time offering huge benefits to everyone who can hang on to their cool and their goals.

However, thanks to Mercury retrograde, which begins Wednesday, and the influence of the Great Contrarian Uranus and Power Broker Pluto, this week will probably be a pretty bumpy ride, even if you maintain a clear head when all around you are losing theirs. Just remember that Uranus’ intent is to clear your path to freedom to be all that you can be. Any land mines you encounter are actually blowing up obstacles.

Monday – Today’s Universal 8 executive energies will make it easier for you to step up to the disciplinary and transformational possibilities of today’s challenging encounters between Sun and Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn (intro).

Tuesday – Facilitated by this Universal 9 Day, you can step back from the week’s chaotic energy into a less personal, more universal perspective. And don’t forget to breathe!

Wednesday – Pretend you’re a surfer today, that the numerical and astrological energies swirling around you (intro) are the waves and tides, and that your focus and intent are your surfboard. This Universal 1 Day has the inside scoop on how to ride those energies to your chosen destination, so let your intuition guide your actions.

Thursday – It may be hard for today’s diplomatic, service-oriented Universal 2 energy to make itself felt today, but if you can clear even a few quiet moments it will help you enormously.

Friday – Today’s two important shifts – Mars moving into Aries and the beginning of April, a Universal 8 Month – benefit from the broader, less personal perspective of the week’s second Universal 9 Day.

Saturday – This 1 Day’s fresh perspective is deepened by a profoundly insightful connection between Venus (love, values) and Pluto (transformation).

Sunday – Today is a powerful opportunity to plant seeds for your future. Harness the inward focus of the Aries New Moon to channel the day’s intense and conflicting astrological influences to lay a path to your revitalized future.

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