Your LOVECAST®: Express Your True Self On a Dare

February 7-13, 2011

Moon in Aries at the start of the week fires up passion and dares you to express your true self. The mid-week Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn intensifies sexy encounters, but can also bring out the beast in couples who have problems with jealousy, secrecy or power struggles. During the weekend, flirting, heartfelt messages and the sharing of ideas accelerates romance. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: Your audaciousness makes you irresistible at the beginning of the week, so express yourself! A challenge to your personal power may come from someone in authority mid-week. Also, flirting with a colleague or superior can bring an extreme reaction, either positive or negative. Your inner poet and/or comedian inspires romance this weekend.

Taurus: Your mystique and self-confidence empower your ability to manifest romance this week, especially after Tuesday. Your intuition is especially strong, so look for signs from the Universe and psychic nudges to guide you. An intense connection may come from afar or through a class. Revealing your playful side draws admirers this weekend!

Gemini: A friend leads the way toward romance – or at least some lively socializing – at the beginning of the week. Romance may also come through an activity that brings people together for a cause. A natural, serene environment deepens passion mid-week. Your flirtatious sense of humor makes you the center of attention this weekend!

Cancer: There may be a feeling of destiny surrounding your love life this week. Passion and power are linked together, making it likely you’ll need to stand up for yourself. Conversely, intimacy can deepen with the right person. If you’re solo, strive to attract someone who is your equal. A light-hearted approach inspires love this weekend.

Leo: Your sense of adventure heats up passion at the beginning of the week, when romance may come through an online source or while traveling. Also, you’ll get a glimpse into your future if you heed your intuition. Mixed messages can throw you off balance on Friday. A group gathering brings a romantic interlude this weekend!

Virgo: Romance can turn into a lusty romp or a power play this week, so be mindful of your intentions (and the intentions of those around you). Also, your muse is especially empowered, so focus on taking a creative approach to everything you do. Venturing out into a new locale inspires love mid-week. A public event brings romance this weekend!

Libra: The likelihood of a romantic tryst soars at the start of the week, so plan something special with your sweetie or focus on what you want in a partner to attract someone new. A cozy date at your home mid-week can deepen love but also bring up an emotional issue. Your talent for networking brings romance this weekend!

Scorpio: Sharing your thoughts and feelings can bring a breakthrough in your love life this week, especially if you’re open to receiving what may turn out to be a profound insight from a lover or friend (or something “higher”). Avoiding slipping into your secretive mode will be the challenge. Some sexy wordplay sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Sagittarius: Your unabashed enthusiasm sweeps potential paramours into your line of sight at the start of the week. Getting creative in the boudoir will intensify passion as well. The only downside is a possible clash with your sweetie over money. Seek a compromise. A delightful date is nearly assured this weekend, when partnership energy soars!

Capricorn: The Venus-Pluto conjunction in your sign has the potential to transform how you give and receive love. Do some soul-searching to see if there are any emotional blocks/issues that keep you from opening your heart so you can attract a compatible partner. If you’re paired, releasing old resentments will revitalize your relationship.

Aquarius: Your originality draws admirers at the beginning of the week, so show off your brilliance! Love needs an earthier approach mid-week, when a home-cooked meal with your sweetie or close friend can bring satisfaction. Most important, analyzing the past can bring insights that improve your relationships. Romance rockets into the stratosphere this weekend!

Pisces: A deep conversation with a friend illuminates some steps you can take to improve your love life. Additionally, you might find yourself experiencing a powerful attraction to someone you meet through a friend or group sometime this week. Your way with words accelerates romance mid-week. A homey gathering brings delight this weekend!

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