Your Numerology Forecast: Plans Take On a New Life

February 7 – 13, 2011

Rather than the scattered, difficult astrological energies we’ve all had to contend with for months, this week is blessed, as the super-charged dynamo of optimistic Jupiter builds momentum in get-up-and-go Aries. This means that plans and projects that have been dormant for months are beginning to take on new life, and you may find yourself invigorated and downright enthusiastic about getting to work on all sorts of things that have languished recently.

Not only that, but service-oriented 6, which rules February, makes creating cooperative alliances and managing group efforts not only easy, but often the very best way to get things done. Jupiter in Aries can be pretty headstrong and independent, but one of this Universal 6 Month’s gifts is its inclusive, cooperative attitude, which, when properly applied, can channel the single-minded drive of Jupiter in directions that work for everyone’s highest good.

Just in time for Valentine’s, Venus (love, beauty and values) has an emotionally intense, face-to-face encounter with Pluto (intensity, transformation) on Wednesday.

While this can temporarily lead to jealousy, or seeking intensity for its own sake, it can also spark deep commitment or motivate you to fight against injustice. The latter fits right in with the overall agenda of this 6 Universal Month.

Monday – Today and tomorrow are ruled by Karma Numbers, which creates a kind of transformational story arc leading to breakthroughs in important areas of your life. Today is ruled by 13/4 (1+3=4), which makes it easy to combine imagination with your unique world view to create something stable, lasting and real.

Tuesday – Karma Number 14/5 (1+4=5) tests what you’ve built, yesterday and in the past, for flexibility, and for long-term value. It asks you to then let go of what you’ve built, and let it evolve on its own. It is allied with the Tarot’s Temperance card (XIV).

Wednesday – Venus and Pluto confer on profound subjects today (see introduction), with the steady, stable support of a 6 Universal Day in a 6 Universal Month. Take it slow and easy, and dig deep. You’ll find gold!

Thursday – If you can, create some quiet space so that this Universal 7 Day can help you concentrate well enough to come up with a few of 7’s trademark strokes of brilliance.

Friday – This 8 Day is all about focus, action and achievement. Harness the power of Jupiter in Aries (see introduction) and weave the week’s “ah-hah!” moments into breakthrough successes.

Saturday – 9 Days mark the ideal time to stand back and evaluate the week’s insights and actions.

Sunday – Take yesterday’s awarenesses and use today’s original, motivated Universal 1 energy to brainstorm fresh approaches and new paths.

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