Your Weekly Career Forecast for October 8 – 14, 2012

Remember Your Special Gifts

October 8 through the 14th brings you a great time for travel, study and doing all the fun prep work that will serve your career so that you can really present who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t let circumstances get you down so that you forget your special gifts and talents. The world is waiting. Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Talk with numerologist Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 who can see what’s going on and find solutions for you.


During the week of October 8 through the 14th, you are amazed at your own brilliant ideas. Tuesday October 9 and Wednesday the 10th are good times for you to let those creative juices flow. Work should prove to be a really pleasant place on Friday before your weekend.


With your Sun sign ruler in harmonious Virgo, your creative juices are flowing and some great ideas you had over the weekend can be developed into something lucrative. Positive career news should come on Friday, October 12 about all of your efforts. Partners have great ideas this week, as well. Be sure to incorporate their thoughts in what you do.


The week of October 8 begins with good energy and positive thoughts about your career. Yes, you’re onto something! You’re very good these days at putting inspiring ideas into form and getting others to think big. Focus will probably turn to home by Friday, but this will have been a good week if you made the best of it.


Your loving thoughts and kind communications the week of October 8 are really serving your career amidst all of the unsettled people at home and at work. You will find people feeling better on Friday and able to reciprocate. No matter what the goals at work, you are someone people can count on to empathize with the human factors at play.


You’re feeling the energies of Mars in Sagittarius this week, and they’re serving you well. Concerns at home on Tuesday, October 9 will likely have you distracted from your career, but you’ll be back in full focus and blazing ahead on Wednesday the 10th. Finances look good on Friday.


Venus continues to bless your sign this week with particularly sexy intensity on Monday, October 8. You can enjoy the advantages of others’ fascination with this energy you can’t help but project, even at work. Friday is a particularly potent day to show your feminine side, whether you are male or female, and the vitality that you offer at work through this.


This is the week that you can go to work knowing that Saturn has moved from your Sun sign to Scorpio. Saturn isn’t really a “devil.” He’s just demanding and makes you organize and build a new structure for your life. This week is the beginning of discovering your new foundation for your career! Focusing on education and travel is a good plan for your future. Friends have the right idea on Wednesday, October 10. Pay attention to what they say. Scared about starting a new career or just finding a career that works for you? Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 who can look deeper into your numbers.


Saturn has moved into your Sun sign, and he is there to help you organize and create new opportunities for your career. Over the weekend and on Monday, October 8 you have good ideas for your business or promotion plans. Bounce these ideas off friends and through networking over the week and by Friday, October 12 you’ll feel comfortable to move forward with a plan.


By Monday, October 8 Mars has entered your Sun sign, and you’re itching to move ahead with career plans, but details at work or from a client demand your attention. Use that drive to focus on this seeming distraction and Tuesday and Wednesday will allow you to move ahead. Be prepared to give your boss or client what they want by Friday, October 12.


Unsettled situations at home over the weekend are calmed and managed enough for you to focus on career on Monday, October 8. Friends and the Internet are full of good ideas that can serve the plans you have to make improvements at work on Friday, October 12.


There are clear, solid demands as you start this work week and they will be well-defined so you can work with them. In fact, you’re prepared to dazzle the boss or client with how well you perform. Rewards will come later. Just keep at it!


Work won’t be a peaceful environment the week of October 8, but it will be active, and you can take advantage of this. Go with the flow and follow your intuition. Friday, October 12 you will be more focused on home and partners, but if you complete your work promises all will go well. It’s all about balance.

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