Your Weekly Career Forecast for November 19 – 25, 2012

This Week in Work

Seize opportunities to share your special gift on Monday. At your heart, your career is about offering the world something that will make a difference. If you use good communication to offer an emotional rapport with your listener, you could sell your great idea on this day. Tuesday is the time to take that inspiration of yours and show a client or management how you can make it real.

Be prepared for aggressive behavior in coworkers and clients beginning on Friday. Understand that they are under massive pressure. The way to handle them is by being compassionate but firm in your commitment to what needs to be done. Are aggressive coworkers ruining your work life? Psychic Colette ext. 5035 has the solution!


Network that big project and present it with all of your enthusiasm and joy over what you’ve accomplished on Monday. The rest of the week will be rocky and dramatic at work, particularly on Friday. Know that clients and coworkers are experiencing upsets and your strongest position will be to empathize while remaining true to yourself.


You been charming in the workplace (even dazzling at times) so continue to “work it” through Monday. Friends give you inspiration and great knowledge and ideas to build on Tuesday. Just lay low during the conflicts that arise from Thursday through Saturday, and Sunday you’ll be your usual solid self, prepared for the work week on the following Monday.


Your appealing, even brilliant words will be serving you well on Monday. Tuesday is another day to turn on the charm and inspire others. During the intense period of Friday and Saturday, you’ll be called upon by friends and coworkers to talk a little sense into those who are “melting down” in the workplace.


Tuesday is your day to inspire and empathize with others to keep things “workable” at work. You are part of the group of people who will be most involved with changes triggered on Friday and Saturday. Your special talent to recognize the “flow” and ride with it will serve you well.


Focus on partnering on Monday for the best results at work. On Friday, while others are dealing with surprises and transitions, you can show your leadership skills by being positive and generous about their needs. Demands at home will take your attention over the weekend.


You can take the scattered and surprising energies of the week and turn them into a creative project. Something that could make you a star out of the drama and changes taking place at work would be putting together the details of a new plan that offers compromise and meets everyone’s needs.


You can set the stage for the week on Monday through inspiring, even brilliant language that creates cooperation. As Libras are among the signs who will feel the intense energies strongest on Friday and Saturday, this groundwork could put you in a good position to see solid gains from surprises and transitions in your career.


Your creative inspiration continues through Wednesday and Thursday when Venus enters your Sun Sign joining Saturn, allowing you to put beautiful work into form. During the unsettled events in the workplace on Friday, you can be the person who drives through the needed transformation, offering you a new career beginning.


Monday is a great day for interaction with partners to create something original that will really please others. The high energy on Friday and Saturday can fire up your creative energies or athletic drive, or both. Don’t overspend on a project or equipment on that day and you will come up a winner.


Be the person who “grounds” what is created through networking in your career on Tuesday  through Thursday. Inspire clients and coworkers with what this new design can mean for the future. Take the path of the compassionate realist on Friday and you can be the catalyst for workable change today.


The creative juices are flowing and you can show others how to “cross-over” ideas and various cultures to generate something new on Monday and Tuesday. You’ll be feeling very responsible and committed to your career and workplace on Friday. Feeling committed to your career but not getting the rewards your deserve from your boss? A chat with Teagan ext. 5318 could help you decide if you need to move on.


On Tuesday through Thursday you bring the inspiration that creates something solid in your career. On Thursday, those of you born at the beginning of Pisces will have a particular romantic flare in what you express, and those of you born later in Pisces will express emotion with beauty that will resonate with others.

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