Your Thanksgiving Forecast 2012

Thanksgiving Togetherness and Black Friday Blues

This year, Thanksgiving Day lands between two eclipses and in the midst of a Mercury retrograde. Thanksgiving Day could be a day of both family drama and family togetherness thanks to a Mars-Uranus square and a trine of Venus and Neptune. One way to avoid stress: Don’t rush through dinner to get up early for Black Friday. The Mercury retrograde will be too close to changing direction, and shopping for electronics or big ticket items is not advised. Wait until the end of November. If you’re travelling, Mercury may also throw you a slight curve. So hopefully you’ve planned in advance.


You’re the life of the party as usual. Whether travelling to be with family or hosting your own Thanksgiving, it’s bound to be great fun. The Mars-Uranus square might exhaust others but not you.


Venus may urge you to ignore the Mercury retrograde and shop ‘til you drop, but you’ll probably be too full of warm feelings and pumpkin pie to move. Instead, why not just enjoy the comfort and coziness of home and togetherness.


Enjoy a day with your closest friends and family, but maybe change things up and do Thanksgiving a little different this year. You can ignore work for a few days, can’t you? Can’t stop thinking about what happened at work and you’re worried what will happen come Monday? Talk with Psychic Kayley ext. 5191 to get a career reading.


Venus and Neptune in your fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, will make sure you feel connected to family and friends no matter how you spend the day or where.


November has been a busy month for you. You may have had energy to burn, especially at work, but now it’s time to take a break. You’ll be busy again before you know it.


Venus moves into your house of creative expression the day before Thanksgiving. You may meet someone special if you’re traveling, and there will also be plenty of camera-ready moments to capture.


Venus, your ruler, works her magic into your holiday and reminds you more than ever how much you love to spend time with those closest to you.


You’ve just had a double-luck New Moon in your sign, and now Venus enters the picture making this a sweet and memorable Thanksgiving.


It’s your time of year Sagittarius. With the Sun in your sign, you’ll be ready to hit the road for a long weekend, but even if you stay local you’ll still be feeling upbeat and ready to party.


Both of November’s eclipses bring you change and excitement. You love traditions, and Thanksgiving this year looks especially enjoyable for you.


Although new opportunities are popping up for you in career matters, you’ll be more focused on enjoying the holiday, good food and good friends. Good for you.


Once Venus moves into your fellow water sign, Scorpio, and then trines Neptune in your sign, you’ll appreciate the social aspect and grandiose way in which you can appreciate friends and loved ones. Everyone’s a welcomed guest.

12 thoughts on “Your Thanksgiving Forecast 2012

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  2. carol

    This is not a good time of year for me. I lost my best friend in the world, my Mom last December. I love and miss her dearly. I am in a bad marriage with no family and no job. But I Still thank God for what I have. I try to thiink positive everyday but it doesnt work.

  3. sheila neil

    dear readers please be patient and keep your heads up because some times you have to go through hard times and tribulations but if you be patient the out come is wonderful at this time of the year i lost my son through heart and lung disease i know he is in a better place because he suffered here so i was depressed for many years but iam still keeping the faith that things will get better and they will i promise you all just believe god bless you all and happy holidays

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear DLH,

    The astrology forecasts offered are more of a general guide line, …….for a specific forecast, meant only for you, you need to have your NATAL astrology chart done.

    I, too, live alone in the mountains in a very remote area and my relatives are all far away in other states. I would advise you to start to make a network of reliable friends in your area in case of emergencies, such as what you mentioned.
    Perhaps thru a church group or thru joining a charity(?) , where you will meet nice , caring people who live close to you.

    For me, I sit on the board of a no-kill animal shelter in my area and have met many nice people who live in my local area.

    I will certainly keep you in my prayers and have a nice Thanksgiving !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. DLH

    This forcast isnt for everyone I am a Gemini woth Scorpio rising I have been going thru hell for the lst 4 yrs I dnt know if its me or this is a nightmare I cant wake from, I try positive affirmmations but i hate my job, my kids are greedy inconsiderate They were not raised that way but they grew up with very little their dad never sent any child supprt so they did without, now my daughter married money she treats me awful im not invited to family functions where his family is . when I broke my wrist she nver called to offer help or aything I had to beg her to takwe me to have surgery, my son in law had a part knowing she would try to kill us driving 100 mph to get back home. then she told I had a another hand i needed to learn how to use it. I live alone on a half acre. I just want a my last few yrs to be loving and happy, i had never remarrid after my divorce because i didnot want my kids to have a step dad like mine who was abusive. im so heart broken anyone taht reads this please send positive energy my way. its hard during the holidays to be alone and not included.

  6. Randy

    I would like to say something about the article Satuday. I hope the editor will go back and read this it was sorry and un called for. I almost unsubscribed to this because making people feel its ok to lie and cause a fight to get attention is absoulutly wrong good relationships is based on honesty and if someone needs to lie to get attention then they really need to get a new relationship goiing if honesty doesn’t work. This to me condones abuse and any form of abuse in my book is wrong. Some people live with this from day to day hoping it will change and it usually does for the worst, and I can’t see a real psychic athorizing this behavior. I hope that this is brought in to question and addressed to the point a apolegy reaches out to those to shy to commit.

  7. Tina

    I called for my free 5 minutes and asked 1 question, would I find true love again and when might it be. I never got an anwser to my question so am hoping maybe I will get a reply this way which will certainly renew my faith in calling the calfornia Physics again. I hope you have a pleasent day

  8. quinn ext. 5484

    love to all you blogger readers and commenters. we love you.
    i am so thankful for all the support over the year that you readers have given the blogs.
    you are the whipped cream on the pie… the gravy on the turkey… the honey on the ham.
    enjoy your meals and family gatherings.


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