Your Weekly Career Forecast for May 14-20, 2012

Anything Can Happen, and It Will

This is the week of “anything can happen,” because on Sunday the 20th we have a solar eclipse, and a powerful one at that! Many astrologers refer to the eclipse as “when the veil between two worlds is pierced.” While it’s probably not a good plan to ask the boss to trade offices for a day, it will be fun to watch planned events suddenly decide where they are going all by themselves. All we have to do is adapt. At the same time, Venus appears to “stand still in the sky” midweek before she then appears to “go backward in the sky” to cross the face of the sun in June, an extremely rare occurrence and very much a part of the Mayan predictions for 2012.

The major shifts of this week are full of opportunities for those who see clearly and act while integrating others’ needs. Beauty will arise from your own willingness to “own” another part of yourself as you grow each day.


Behind the scenes, your finances are plodding forward positively no matter where your focus is. At the same time, you have an urge to speak words that will pierce through the nonsense, particularly during the last half of the week. Don’t worry. The nonsense will dissolve by its own nature.

“Use your intuition to solve tough work issues.” – Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894


The week starts with sensitive networking with friends. You may find yourself facing a dilemma midweek as co-workers may hope that you might speak on their behalf to management. When in doubt, pause and be clear about what your desire because you will probably get it.


While much of your emotional focus will be on the job and with you friends, there will be a number of demands at home that require your attention. This week you are even more filled with charm than usual, which is saying a lot. You can use it at work where you will be dealing with a number of confused people.


If you work in a health environment, you will find some real opportunities toward the end of the week. If not, you’ll find some guiding principles for your job through your dreams and through service. That money you were expecting will come, just not as quickly as you expected.

“Know your intentions toward money and its ability to become abundant in your life.” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625


This is a big week with many surprises regarding your career. During the early part of the week, you will benefit through group gatherings. Later in the week, there will be more focus on work and changes taking place there. Things will be clearer next week when many issues you thought were resolved will be revisited. See them as a new opportunity.


Blessings will come your way through your career. You’ve begun to assert yourself more regarding your workload. Do this with integrity and things will be rectified. You’ll be surprised at who may jump in to pick up the slack.


If you’re asked to travel for the job, this is a good opportunity that will benefit you. While work could seem burdensome, you’ll find real satisfaction in what you accomplish. Partners’ behavior may seem “hyper” and erratic at best. Just let them finish bouncing off the walls, and you could end up with something brilliant. That hunch you had about your job last Sunday is correct.


The people you’ve needed to team with will actually create an environment that makes you look really good, whether they do it intentionally or not. You may receive money from the past, or through someone who has a passion for you or what you do. You deserve it.


Is your daily routine revolving around leaving the frustrated people at work, then going home to an environment that is truly strange? While it has not been particularly easy for you lately, your job right now is to cut through the nonsense to find a truth you didn’t recognize before. Your new clarity can bring this new truth to others.


While you’ve been your usual, responsible self lately, you are actually enjoying a lot of what might be considered drudgery at other times. You are producing very tangible results where you work. Open yourself to hearing others’ gratitude in ways you didn’t recognize before.


While you aren’t inclined to worry about saying something shocking—in fact, sometimes you enjoy it—you may need to take care that you don’t accidentally delve too deeply into someone else’s wounds. If you take that insight, make it less personal and do something creative with it, you may well create a masterpiece.


This week your gentle, loving approach will make you highly charismatic to some and frustrating to others who don’t know what to do with the formlessness of your poetry, musical references or ideals. Don’t lose yourself while also seeing the beauty in others’ intensity.

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  1. Sophia

    Do the same signs in the western sun horoscopes apply to Vedic moon signs from india? For instance, my sun sign in western is Cancer but my moon sign in Vedic is Scorpio? Can I read both for Cancer and Scorpio?


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