Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 4-10, 2012

Looking Ahead at June

The entire month of June will require that you focus on communicating human needs and passions, right down to the basics. If you are involved in “green” technology, it will be the perfect time to promote your product. If your work is in the area of communications, promotion, marketing or travel, make sure you include lots of heart and people’s deepest desires in your presentations. Other career paths will also offer tremendous success if you keep this foundation for your work. June 4-10 is the week to lay the foundation to really move forward.


Hit the ground running on Monday, June 4 and you will be the person to inspire others with your ideas. You are “on fire” with break-through ideas even you didn’t know existed until the past few days. Take care on June 5 not to make your boss or client feel threatened by your new idea. Hold that amazing thought on the 8th, work on a presentation and present it next week.


June 4 through the 6th can bring you financial success through promoting your earthy view of life. Look toward things such as beauty, real estate or simple passion to strike an emotional cord that brings in the cash on the 6th. Your finances should be truly positive this month so take them to invest in yourself and your deepest values.


You are a force of nature this week when you make the best use of your communicative skills. No one can stop you, particularly on June 4 and 8. There will be many surprise opportunities as long as you focus on management’s or your clients’ personal values and home.

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Don’t be shy about your ideas this week about safety and security. Surprises will make management or clients open to these ideas, especially on the 10th. Add your intuitive charm on this day and you will reap the benefits.


Talk about your inspired dreams, and those of your friends, to sway the boss or your clients to see things your way on June 4 and the 8th. Be certain to provide some detail as to how your idea can motivate others and move forward and they will be sold.


While the beginning of the workweek will bring communications that you might find disconcerting, don’t worry. You have the energy to carry your plan through on the 6th and others will see the wisdom of your creative and well-planned approach to problems then.


If you are in a partnership in your career environment on June 4th, carefully listen to what may sound crazy from them. There is a nugget of brilliance there. By the end of the week you can translate it into a brilliant proposal for your boss or client.


The beginning of the week is a great time to “incubate” your ideas and sleep on them to define your project. Let your investments bring benefit in the mean time. On June 6, you will have an intense but great idea. Work it out over the weekend and next week you will be inspired to make a presentation.


Big inspiration over the weekend will have you excited on June 4 as you enter the work week. At the same time, you seriously need to listen to the needs of your partner, even with your great ideas. You will be able to present this inspiration next week after you have digested an earthier view and give your inspiration substance.


Your self expression on work on the week of June 4 will even surprise you in its amazing heart and desire to teach others, creating truly positive change. Friday the 8th will bring a return on your investment in the workplace if you have shown true care for others.


During the week of June 4, using your brilliance in creative leadership could bring you a great deal of acclaim at work. Just communicate your ideas in a way that truly conveys everyone’s benefits from your proposals and leadership abilities and you will succeed.


Your inspiration over the weekend is valid and could really benefit you. Focus on security and caring, inspiring others with music and dreamy ideas or your irresistible charm. You will set yourself up for success next week by developing these ideas to a strong completion.

Look at this week as a career opening for the entire summer.

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2 thoughts on “Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 4-10, 2012

  1. Vipul rana

    pl. give feedback on my concern to my email
    “I am always worried about my future with current career, although in managerial position, i am not getting desired job with utmost satisfaction .
    i am born on 27th September 1975
    kindly guide me what is there in store for me in forthcoming year from june 2012 onwards

    Vipul Rana

  2. vipul rana

    I am always worried about my future with current career, although in managerial position, i am not getting desired job with utmost satisfaction .
    i am born on 27th September 1975
    kindly guide me what is there in store for me in forthcoming year from june 12 onwards



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