Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 17-24, 2012

You, Rising Like a Star

As Venus and Jupiter move closer to each other in the sky in Gemini the week of June 17th, there is a certain protective element for the “Crown Prince”—in today’s world that may well be you as the rising star at the company, the aspiring athlete, the performer, or the forward-looking leader. People will respond to whatever good intentions you may have. 


That creative spirit of yours just won’t slow down this week as your mind races with amazing new ideas. You will be especially interested in new ways to do things on Monday, June 18th and Tuesday, June 19th. Take others’ sensitivities into account through the middle of the week and all will go well. They just aren’t as quick as you right now. 


Finance is the primary issue again this week, and Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th are good days to move forward in pursuing more money, as long as you are clear on all details. Use your resources to get as much information as possible about your employer’s or your investors’ situation before you make a request or presentation.


This is a week for you to be the star in your career pursuits. As long as you are thinking as clearly and sharply as usual, all will go spectacularly on Monday the 18th. Your boss or investors may seem a bit “out of touch” on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it will pass by Friday June 22nd.


The focus continues to be on your ability to communicate with sensitivity and understanding towards coworkers and clients, particularly on Tuesday June 19th, Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st. Inspirational talk will work as well in swaying others to follow your plans.


On Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th, you are working in the realm of social interaction to pursue your goals. As long as you are well-directed toward your career goals, this will be a very effective course of action. Friday, a great idea of yours will be recognized at work.


You are well-focused on your career at the beginning of the week—Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th. Even if you feel a bit frustrated, you will be productive. Once this busy period is over, you’ll be more involved with others, feeling you have a bit of breathing room. Incubate a new idea on Friday and address it on Monday after a refreshing weekend.


Monday, June 18th should prove to be refreshing with new ideas, travel and really satisfying new information to promote your career. Tuesday June 19th requires that you communicate on a deeper level than your usual charming and diplomatic way. Friday is focused on social relationships to benefit you.


You’ll continue to benefit from investments you’ve made in your career at the beginning of the week of June 18th. You’ll have a more harmonious flow of creativity midweek and an ability to communicate your new ideas. Friday, your energies need to be directed toward self-promotion.


The beginning of the week of June 18th will require that you focus on partners and coworkers, and you will be asked to take a strong stance for your company or client. You’ll have great ideas on Friday, and you’ll be looking forward to a fun, active weekend that will energize your work.


You continue with great energy, yet the week of June 18th demands that you slow down and listen to coworkers, subordinates and clients. Yes, you know how to build structures and make things happen—you are absolutely correct. Just listen and incorporate others’ needs, and you’ll have a perfect plan. What else is going to happen in your career this week? Talk to Psychic Paige ext. 9158 and she can dig deeper into your stars.


You are still flying high with your creative works and aspirations during the week of June 18th, particularly at the beginning of the week. The workplace requires that you communicate with others in a nurturing manner to encourage those around you to support your great new ideas. Friday brings a worthy partner to assist you.


The delights of home have you distracted at the beginning of the week of June 18th. You become more effective in finance and interaction midweek, and you continue to communicate well. When others seem a bit aggressive, understand that they are filled with high energy and a desire to fulfill their personal dreams.

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