Your Weekly Career Forecast for July 2-8, 2012

Be True to Your Word

This week will be full of creative energy and excitement over projects. All signs should realize that whatever amazing ideas you are having, there will be requirements to describe your plans clearly, even if it’s just an overview so that others can understand what you’re up to, especially around the July 4th holiday. Just be prepared to assure others that you are true to your word and common ideals.


Your gut feeling or that new idea you have on Monday 2nd or Tuesday July 3rd is truly “the answer.” Those undercurrents you suspect in the office are as strange as you think, and the boss may be hiding things. Keep that high energy, your ears open and your communications utterly honest. By the end of the week, a friend may have the answer to the work “mystery.” Having problems understanding those undercurrents at work? Talk to Psychic Elizabeth ext. 5342 who can delve deeper into the situation.


Your workload has been heavy for awhile, but you’ve been really productive, and your finances are stronger than you think. People’s actions behind the scenes at work have been volatile and might be based on an illness or personal shocks. You’ll be notified of some changes by the end of the week.


With all of the confusion at work, you can remain the shining, generous example to others. Take care with communications, being certain that you believe in them strongly yourself. You’ll have more forward movement and understanding from others on the 5th and 6th.


Have you scheduled your birthday vacation for this week? If so, this could be a romantic time to focus on your personal life and to let things “blow over” at work. Changes are coming so quickly that people are nervous around you. Expect powerful emotions from a partner on the 8th, flow with them and all will be fine. Not sure if you can afford to take the time off? Talk to Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 to see your path ahead.


If you are traveling for business this week, it could be challenging, but use any delay time to study or kick back and enjoy the amazing things you learn through friends or on the Internet. You are in a good position to make the most of the challenges others are addressing during this time, especially on Thursday, July 5th.


Your hard work may well pay off this week, especially on Tuesday and over the July 4th holiday when an intense, creative surge could bring you amazing energy to create new projects. Just apply your knowledge of how you managed past assignments and you’ll have a success.


Your home life may be in disarray this week, but you will still shine at work. Keep your head low and be productive on the 3rd at work as emotions are high. Keep your focus and by the end of the week, you will delight everyone with the beautiful work you have created.


While your creative intensity may intimidate coworkers, you are “on your game” and your instincts are excellent. If you can add a little humor to the way you express yourself this week, people will begin to understand that you are truly in touch with what’s going on and will be supportive.


Ride out other’s (or maybe even your) fears about finances at the beginning of the week. You are in a position to see ways to take advantage of the situation. You’ll be able to communicate your creative vision after the holiday on July 4th. Your thoughts are brilliant. Trust them.


Not only are the demands on you at work intense at the beginning of the week of July 2nd, but so is your energy. Your desire to take action is admirable. Just be certain to balance it with your usual caution and common sense. Others count on you to feel secure. Maintain that image and success is yours.


You are tuned in to the strange events taking place at work, especially at the beginning of the week. Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th are the days to express your ideas for change and your inspired feelings to others. Be certain to engage others in your creative plans.


The people at home, your parents and/or your friends, whichever group is your foundation and anchor in life, want to tell you how much they love you. You are at the place when you can finally let it in. Use this energy to build your confidence to make work a place of great breakthrough on Tuesday.

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