Your Weekly Career Forecast for August 27 – September 2, 2012

Self-Expression and Your Career

The week of August 27 through September 2 brings the action and energy of Mars to the sign Scorpio, a sign that Mars rules, so his energies are in pure form and speak through your chart in a new way. The sun in Virgo is also emphasized and your personal self-expression, particularly at the workplace, could transform your career.


The week of August 27 begins with you feeling frustrated by a conflict between work ambitions and handling personal needs and desires at home and with your partner. This is a passing situation that can actually provide the energy for some truly creative humor as a release. The rest of the week will offer more time for friendly get-togethers and easy conversations.


Take a deep breath and keep going, as you are near the end of this heavy workload period that has lasted almost three years. You are at the point where you are in touch with the special “gift” you have to offer through your efforts and the week of August 27 through September 2 feeds creative energy into your work. 


Career-related travel or studies could be very beneficial on Wednesday, August 29, or a legal issue could be settled in your favor at that time. Thursday, August 30th brings inspired form to your work. Sharing this on Friday could have a magical, mystical effect on others.


The week of August 27 through September 2 is another week when you will impress others with your charm and attractiveness. There is someone at work who is jealous of the attention given to you. Just ignore the little competitive remarks and it will pass by next week.


A partner may be feeling oddly confused, but the source is really a health issue that they may not be aware of. Keep that in mind if they act in a strange manner. Meanwhile, at work there is a “rock ’n roll” feel to the place these days. If you entertain others through your communications you’ll lighten the mood. Just be certain that you are also productive.


On Tuesday, August 28th, take advantage of growth prospects for your career. With the Sun in your Virgo sun sign, personal energy and self-expression are high now. If you pour that intense flow into sports or artistic efforts you’ll be amazed at the powerful results. You can use these successes to feed your career efforts a new confidence. Have you lost confidence in your career choice? Call Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364 and learn how to get it back!


From Tuesday, August 28th through Thursday, August 29th your communications will be strong and effective at work. Make a little extra effort to protect your health, or support others with their health issues at work. Fears about finances in your career will pass.


The week of August 27 is a great time to speak to others about what you have to offer. You have a real driving force that can place your creations in front of those who can market them. They will be especially emotionally evocative on Friday, August 31st, and you could get some true positive feedback.


The week of August 27 through September 2 brings a special focus on your career. This is the area where you will find full self-expression. Friends, investors and co-workers are especially fearful about their finances at this time. Be patient and this will pass next week.


Most of the crises have passed at work by the week of August 27. You almost feel “reborn” on Monday the 27th after an interesting weekend of examining your goals and ambitions. Inspired thoughts early in the morning of Friday the 31st can help you take action toward your greatest desires.


If you work in the health care profession, either from a medical standpoint or a spiritual/counseling approach, you will be completing something of value that will serve your clients well. Your ability to inspire others into experiencing security and satisfaction from within is also being expressed strongly the week of August 27.


Since your experience of life is often from a romantic, idealistic point of view, you often feel misunderstood by others. Friday August 31st should offer a great opportunity to really connect with others and help them be less fearful of your mystical approach to creating beautiful works that bring joy to others.

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