Your Weekend Horoscope: Buck the Rules

Buck the Rules

Sidestepping the Guidelines

Jupiter in diligent Virgo clashing with Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius challenges you to buck the rules and be more broadminded in your pursuit of knowledge and adventure. Your sun sign reveals the area in which you might be pushed to sidestep the guidelines and heed higher wisdom. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

What else does your weekend have in store for you? Read with Psychic Krishni and find out!


It usually pays to follow the rules, but in this case you might need to look beyond conventional wisdom to figure out how best to tackle a particular task. This is especially true if your efforts have failed to yield the desired result. Don’t listen to the so-called experts. Find a different way.


You definitely like your routines, even in the bedroom. But if you want your romantic life to flourish, it might time for you to try something new. Be bold and adventurous! Keep an open mind! You could learn a few tricks that can bring greater mutual satisfaction to your relationship.


You might be putting too many restraints on a relationship or making too many demands on your partner. Your Weekend Horoscope shows your significant other could challenge you to relax your rules. Single Geminis may realize that their expectations of a potential partner are too high and that the bar needs to be lowered.


It is great that you are feeling so disciplined about diet and exercise, but you might be going a little overboard. A conversation that you have or information that you acquire might challenge you to ease up a bit and to approach health and fitness in a different way.


Lately you have been making romance more of a chore than a pleasure, so if you really want to enjoy yourself then you need to lighten up. Splurging on your significant other could definitely improve the situation. Single Leos should allow themselves to spend a little more on having fun.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you have been dealing with heavy home and family responsibilities and might feel burdened by someone’s demands. It is totally okay for you to do things in a way that allows your more freedom and gives you more time to focus on yourself.


You are worrying and getting bummed out over things you can’t control. You need to flip your mental script and bring a more positive state of mind into play. Map out a strategy for manifesting a big dream. Focus on what you can do to make it happen, not what you can’t do.


A friend may challenge you to stop being so rigid about money, especially if you are complaining about how hard you have to work to get ahead. It might be time to change your ideas around what you deserve and what you have to do in order to succeed.


You are super disciplined now and that certainly has its benefits. A parent, boss, or another influential figure might challenge you to break your rules or to expand your definition of responsibility. This weekend those who expect the most of you might flip the script and amend their demands.


You might not think that insecurity is a problem, yet certain unconscious fears are dictating your actions. Seek out the spiritual wisdom that can get you on a more even emotional keel. Even someone as capable as you can benefit from the guidance and direction of a higher power or a strong mentor.


You might be taking too much responsibility for a friend and this could make the relationship feel a bit burdensome. Part of the issue is that you like to be in control and have the upper hand. Relax and allow room for others to support you. Sometimes you have to learn how to graciously receive.


These days your professional image is pretty sober, but you might be taking yourself too seriously. You are probably feeling a bit too buttoned-up, but just don’t want to admit it. Someone close to you might challenge you to expand your ideas around how you should present yourself in your professional world.

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