Your Weekend Forecast for October 19 – 21, 2012

Capricorn Moon to the Rescue!

What fun the autumn brings with big pumpkins ready to carve. The stores are packed with bags of candy treats for Halloween, along with costumes hanging on the racks. Lots of planning ahead this weekend as the holiday season is almost upon us. It’s a good thing there is a Capricorn Moon to help us keep organized all through the process of spending money and getting everything needed for the weeks to come.


“Motivation” is your mantra all weekend, not that you need it—you are the one giving it. Keep in mind that going to the mall is a big deal for those accompanying you. Staying on track with a shopping list will help maintain organization.


After working so hard all week, you are not having any of this shopping stuff. Okay mighty bull, relax, unwind and know that you will have to catch up sooner or later. There is still a loving energy in the air for you as you prepare for the season by doing some of your shopping in front of the computer.


Someone loves you and shows how much by bankrolling your shopping spree for the big party you are throwing in honor of the season. Your invitations have gone out, and many have RSVP’d. Heads up as there will be more guests than you thought.


While some people shop for their kids, you shop for your pets. Taking the furry bunch out for a good run, then ending up in the drive-thru for hamburgers sets the mood for the rest of the weekend. You are feeling grounded with the Capricorn Moon giving your emotions a solid vibration.


Putting your emotions in order is the theme for this weekend. After a breakup from a summer fling, you find yourself ready to move forward quickly which is not your usual mode of motion. It feels good for you as you have a clear view of what you want, so let the fun begin.


Earthy energy fills you with positive vibrations making this weekend solid and secure. Being of service is your joy, and you get to help some friends load up the moving van. They are moving closer to you which makes you happy. A nice dinner is ordered in for the gang who helped making these few days ones of accomplishment.


Motivated to accomplish—the list is long with pleasurable things to do. A new restaurant, a new movie, or a new local band is playing at your favorite hangout. The mornings will be spent getting the laundry done and shopping for the week so that you can enjoy your list of fun activities.


You take on a new shape with the unyielding, structured energy of the Capricorn Moon. Usually deep and mysterious, your lighter side comes out to play. Get ready for the week ahead because there is an offer to move forward in your career that will need consideration. Don’t jump without examining the fine print first.


Feeling amorous propels you into an ingenious situation that brings out your design ideas. New furniture, drapes and colors in the house throw you into a shopping frenzy. IKEA is calling you as you use zen and innovative ideas to decorate your home.


You’re a “happy camper,” loving the sense of emotional organization that allows you the freedom to tell everyone what to do and how to do it. You have a captive audience, bringing entertainment via new games or a new Wii. This brings family and friends out of the woodwork to gather around the fireplace with hot chocolate and homemade cookies. Let the games begin.


Your neighborhood is all about Halloween and getting ready for a big block party is on the menu for this weekend’s adventure. Having the ability to facilitate what is on the list gives you a spot on the planning board. Making this holiday a big deal for the local children is your mission.


A trip to visit old friends does your heart good. It is a perfect weekend for you to travel. Be it a short or long trip, it will be a good trip. Emotionally you are grounded, feeling strong and happy.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for October 19 – 21, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    hi everyone,
    this was one heck of a weekend. glad it is monday. thanks for the support and all the comments and lets hope that all the postiive predctions will come to pass for all next weekend. (waving to LJ)
    buddha bless,

  2. willow

    I am a capricorn. I liked your reading. But i am not a happy camper and my dad is mad at me right now. So i am notclose to the family. Any ways. god bless.

  3. tanya

    Was hopeing i could be as motivated as i need to be this weekend your aries reading says i will lead the way in that aspect of my weekend that in itself has motivated me to do just that. Thanks for the push.

  4. Sara Curtice

    Just wanted to comment on my weekend horoscope. Sounded as though you were talking about another person. I am a ‘twin a’ and I certainly don’t have any pets. You missed it on that mark.


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