Your Weekend Forecast for October 12 – 14, 2012

More Love and Balance

A truly lovely weekend, the Libra Moon on Saturday evening gives us more love and balance than anyone can hope for. However, with a Libra Sun and a Libra Moon we do have the “Which way should I go?” question being asked from every direction. A real night and day dilemma; one that can be figured out by allowing the mind to be still and listening to the inner voice of our spirit.


With all the air from the Moon and the Sun, you are on fire. This is a great weekend for you to reconsider what you want to do for the holidays. There is big trip that was in the making, but some of the people involved seem to be backing out. Pay attention and you will make the right decision.


This is perfect weather for you to be outdoors and whether you take the motorcycle, ride the bike, walk or run, you are in for a very fast-paced, full and exciting weekend. There are those who have other ideas in mind about what you should be doing, so leave yourself a little wiggle room for spontaneous moments.


Take to the yoga mat or the gym. Your oomph is off the charts and you can help someone who is not quite getting what they are working so hard on. I see a big win by Monday morning that will involve you accomplishing a goal that is near and dear to your heart.


Blowing hot air seems to be the force that is behind your words this weekend. Those who love you know you are full of good intentions but lack the get-up-and-go needed to do what you have been pondering. It is okay as your workweek was a hard one and it is good to give yourself a break and relax.


You cannot get enough action this weekend. The air is full of movement like a great wind pushing you forward. Take advantage of this vigor and don’t stop until you drop. It will be an excellent weekend with rewards for your efforts.


Being high strung is your usual energy level. This weekend the odd sense of balance brings your help to more people in a bigger way than you ever thought possible. Your sense of service is very important right now and you use this time to help excellent causes that bring you happiness.


Buying flowers for yourself or as a gift for another is what spurs you on first thing Saturday morning. You look for some big, exquisite art piece for a wall in the house that has been empty since your roommate or partner left. It is time for you to do you. Keeping the faith is very important as love is in the air.


Milking a situation for all its got is a good thing. Sometimes making use of others brings them to a higher level of consciousness. Creating an awareness of beauty and creativity in your environment is your focus for the weekend.


It is amazing that you can keep you feet on the ground, as the ideas that fill your mind are so multi- dimensional that you call a few artist friends over to help create. The outpouring of love is overwhelming and you feel the positive power at work.


Cooking takes center stage for you this weekend with a passion. There are new things you are trying out to ready for the winter holiday season. The autumn gives you a much-needed boost and making some pies from scratch where the produce is locally grown will be a crowd-pleaser for sure.


The powers that be are offering peace of mind and deep meditation. Your circle of friends prove to be in high spirits as you embark on a night out where the music is mystical. New artists are in full bloom and there is dancing to boot.


Spiritual energy is filling your heart and you are going to have so much fun expressing it. Relaxing and talking about life, the time of year and the beauty of your relationship makes you very happy. There is a story to be told so before you go to bed each night it would be a good idea to jot down your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for October 12 – 14, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    hi milton,
    nice of you to write.
    did you ever think that after 35 years of not getting what you want/your goal, that maybe it is not meant to be?
    time for a new goal. and here it is monday and a great start to the week with a fresh mindset for new accomplishments.
    define, meditate, take action. the 3 part plan for success.
    buddha bless,

  2. milton

    Why is it in the lil’over 50 years in my life I have followed some astrology-my sign predictions-not too conciously butquite a bit and the predictions just never seem to work or become true as a for instance in todays reading of Gemini,monday being the day of accomplishment of a goal thats been near and dear to my heart,when I have been trying to accomplish my main goal as I said for abou 35 years of my life and its never came true,what makes monday any different then all the time I have already waited and even prayed for but to still never come true

  3. cookie

    this is all oppisit of what is goinfg on in my life other than the
    “It is amazing that you can keep you feet on the ground, as the ideas that fill your mind are so multi- dimensional”

    pls advice 🙁

  4. Belinda

    Yeah! You are right about that. I Just turn forty-seven years old. I Thank God that i am still alive. The very next day i brought my self some fall mums. At least i know tht somebody loves me and everyday i look at them it reminds of all the love Jesus for me.
    I have learn through my trials has grown to make me strong and to prayer continious until my breakthrough comes. Until that happens I am gonna wait on the Lord.

  5. anand

    am in lots of trouble troubling by my boss in my job my dob is 9 sep 1968 7pm kurnool andhrapradesh india pl send me details will i get relief


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