Your Weekend Forecast For November 30 – December 2, 2012

What’s Doin’ This Weekend?

We start the weekend with a Cancer Moon, and we end it with the sunny sign of a Leo Moon. Going from a loving, moody mood to a bright and happy frame of mind makes this a weekend of dramatic vibrations. Finding ourselves very protective of those we love along with figuring out how to handle the upcoming major holidays will pull the family together in the most positive way.


Others are trying to change your mind. Fat chance that will happen as you have great tenacity and no one can bulldoze you to do anything you do not want to do. There will be some questions you will be asked, but think carefully before you state your case.


Staying home and relaxing is in the stars for you this weekend. It is emotionally unsettling and you invite a good friend over for some time to talk and work through an issue that has been bothering you for some time. Calling your favorite restaurant for delivery of a hot meal ends the weekend on a good note.


With the upcoming holidays, you are thinking about how to maintain your figure. The weekend allows you personal time to workout and plan how you will tackle the office goodies and all the social activates you are invited to. Over the past year you developed a strength that is unshakable, so no worries for you.


The romantic vibrations are very strong as your heart is full of love. This is the weekend where you could pop the question, “Will you marry me?” even if you are the gal. Love is in the air, working its way to a fun Sunday night.


Plans that you made for this weekend have been changed, much to your delight. Now you have time for yourself to mull over the current situation regarding a move that you have been pondering for quite a while now. A call from a real estate agent proves to be a pleasant surprise.


The brilliant ideas flow freely, giving you great freedom to plan for the new year. There is a vibration of excitement as you pinpoint every detail of your life moving forward. You are motivated for happiness.


Harmonious and balanced energy is yours. As the love flows you are able to accomplish a goal that is near and dear to your heart. Baking cookies and arranging flowers along with an astrological serge of awareness makes this a great weekend for you.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, you know I’m the best of all… “Reflection” is your mantra this weekend. How good can you be, how kind and what is there to do to make others happy? Stepping outside your normal way of doing things shows you a new and exciting area of life.


Your natural way of protecting others is enhanced with a desire to nurture and care for others not related to you. A volunteer program that is being set up in your area for the holiday season has a spot where you can excel and extend your graciousness.


Emotional balance is easy to achieve this weekend. You catch up on all the shows you recorded as you prepare for the holiday party you are planning by making lists of guests, food and spirits. Sunday is your day for fun with a trip out of town for the day.


This is the time of year where your humanitarian nature comes to life in full force. Creative vibrations send you to the craft/art store as you plan to make gifts for not only those you love but for the volunteer team you are heading up to share the joy of the holiday season.


Making candy for the first time proves to be a success as your gang of friends get together to make and package homemade goodies for gifts. What a fun weekend this is going to be with the mood being one of spiritual awareness and love.

18 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast For November 30 – December 2, 2012

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    hello weekend bloggers.
    so good of you all to ask such interesting questions.
    i love coming in on monday to see who said what 🙂

    bella, your mystery man might be a virgo, leo, aquarius or cancer.
    my money is on the virgo…cant wait to talk on your bday. hugs and blessing for the holiday season.

    hi darlene – what lovely blessing to have grandbabies. that is a holiday blessing in it self. there will be everything you need to make the holidays a joyous occasion for them.

    Marion hello – balance huh! well cappy and cancer or opposite so there ya have balance. i sure hope you had fun and were able to have some peace of mind that carries you through the week. breathe – the holiday season can be a bit much sometimes.

    hi gina, you made the move, he likes you, relax, it will evolve to a very good relationship.

    dear Michele, evil is a big word. perhaps the energy that you are experiencing is negative energy from people that are not happy. the best way to combat that is to stay away from people that do not make you feel good or emote a positive vibe.
    it takes a lot of work to be evil. some people are mean, uncaring etc. look at who and what is happening to you and take responsiblity to make it better and keep moving forward. know that you have your own power to be who you are and do what you want to do.

    thank you everyone. have a great week, until next weekend. many blessing.
    buddha bless,

  2. Michele

    I forgot I am a libra woman. I also have several phyc. I have written too, I believe in tarot readings and the astrology But I have negative forces that are blocking my happiness.

  3. Michele

    I need help with removing evil spirits out of my life. Can anyone help? I’m struggling w money also as I can not work due to medical conditions

  4. bella

    Happy Holiday’s Ms Quinn,

    YES It’s almost my/OUR b-day so AGAIN so I will be calling U 4 my B-DAY reading .. FYI Ms. Quinn I wanted 2 let U know, ALL that U said did COME/came true EXCEPT 4 THE fellow/MAN OF my life with the initial letter “M” name coming N2 my life SOON @ A celebration OF SOME KIND .. WELL okay (I think I’m gonna need his Horoscope Sign because I’m being really picky I MEANT 2 ASK u 4 about THAT one 2 what his SIGN was) .. Anyway, FYI U said soon OK so where IS he @ please LOL Ms. Quinn ?? I”V been good !! NOW on 2 the JC thing well JC the man won’t let me go, yes siree I DO ignore him + I STILL did DO the right LEGAL thing by him ): HUM !! + I did what I told U I would DO IF he came back !! (: .. U said he would BE back N his OWN time well he DID, so what’s UP with him, AND what give’s with him ?? PLEASE don’t tell me it’s because AKA he’s A “MAN”, Because U see I did DO the right LEGAL thing BY HIM ): !! I will see U N January 4 my b-day reading .. PLEASE have many blessing’s, I DO wish/HOPE 4 A Happy Holiday’s 2 U & 4 UR”S !! (:

  5. gina

    been seeing this much younger single father for almost 8 mos. move to his state to be with him. doesnt show too much emotions. saids he likes me alot. really !!. we are adults here. just want to know if its worth hangin in there.

  6. Marion

    Hi I’m a capricorn, I need some balance thxs. I’m planning hanging out Sat with my grandkids but it will be movies, fun I haven’t seem any lately and yes I’m planning for the holidays. Also hoping to go for a drive on Sunday. I’m going with a Cancer for that drive! lol

  7. darlene

    somedays i wish everything will go good,,we have bills piling up,,worry about my sweet grandbabys,,and thay have good food 2 eat,,and on top of that the holidays r coming up…will pray everyday for sumthing 2 go gd,or 2 get thrught the day,,.

  8. quinn ext. 5484

    hi leon,
    more than being alone i feel you want comfort. sometimes the drama of others is to much to deal with.
    take a short break from the madness of the holiday season. if the feeling continues call me or any of the other readers and we will try to help you find the reason for your needing privacy and down time.
    all the best –

  9. quinn ext. 5484

    hi eden,
    maybe it is a sign to get some candie makings and give it a try. what can it hurt?
    chocolate is always a good place to start on candy. fudge! your creative ability is as strong as your rebellious self. rebel and make chocolate 🙂
    have a great weekend and thank you for your post.

  10. quinn ext. 5484

    hi Elizabeth,
    girl, just cuz a guy is a playa dont mean he cant be a good guy.
    the game always comes to an end when the playa falls in love.
    give it a try – checkmate. 🙂

    btw you rock too. 🙂

  11. Elizabeth

    Omg, there is this guy that WILL NOT stop asking me out, but I cannot decide whether to say yes, or no. He IS the BIGGEST player in the history of ever, but he seems pretty genuine. I have his email, should I go for it? I’m a Virgo btw. And hahaha! I LOVE your resonate to kristies comment! U rock!!! No offense kristie.

  12. quinn ext. 5484

    hi – Kristie November 30, 2012 at 6:44 am
    >>>>Who wrote this? Not every Leo is trying to sell their house right now. Not every Capricorn is planning a party, especially men. This psychic is clearly not psychic.<<<<

    Hi I am -quinn and it write the weekend forecast.
    you are so right not all the signs are doing the same things.
    astrology is a spiritual science. my psychic ability reaches other realms far beyond the realm of astrology which i have been delving into since 1966.
    I am sorry to hear that you do not think men plan parties. There aren not much gender issues anymore. even women wear hard hats 🙂 and work in politics and govement.
    thank you for your comment and i wish you the best in your profession and may your ability to judge others become more enlightened.

  13. Kristie

    Who wrote this? Not every Leo is trying to sell their house right now. Not every Capricorn is planning a party, especially men. This psychic is clearly not psychic.

  14. Robert.M.

    You folks have reminded me to keep an open mind to the fact there are maney wonderful unexplained forces through out the universe,and we shouldn,t just elimanate ourselves from things seen and unseen because we didn,t right the Book THks.


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