Your Weekend Forecast for May 4-6, 2012

Full Moon Alert

This weekend, love will be intense, and relationships will reach new heights. I grew up hearing a superstition that goes like this – when someone says something and someone sneezes afterward, it means that the statement made is true. Well, my dears, May is here, the flowers are in full bloom and the allergies are giving way to lots of sneezes, making this one of the truest months on record.

Ah! The planet of love, Venus, being the ruler of Taurus and Libra, brings this weekend in with spring fever. Feeling the loving vibrations makes this a time for lovers and lots and lots of good love-making as the Moon sways into Scorpio Friday evening. It settles in Scorpio for Saturday then Sunday night it shifts into the passionate, protective sign of Sagittarius.


Getting out and getting out of your head proves to be a good thing as you embark on a weekend that will be one to remember. An engagement, a wedding or a party will enhance your romantic side, which will be sure to please even the toughest of partners.


You will not be moving about as you usually do over this weekend. Calling someone you love to visit with seems to serve you well. A good energy boost helps you to find your balance, just take it easy so that you do not wear yourself out.


Having too many people wanting to be with you makes your head spin. Focus only on the one you love. Romancing, dancing, playing and watching your favorite chick flick will be fun and sets the mood for Saturday night when your energy fizzles out leaving you at the mercy of the person who loves you the most.


Your nurturing nature is out in full force this weekend. If you are a single Cancer, you will not be this weekend. Perhaps even meeting someone very special will be the magic you need to fall in love. This earthy loving weekend will be one to remember – take pictures to keep the memories alive.


Friday weighs heavy on your mind, be it from work or from having to make plans for the weekend. You find yourself tired, yet you move forward with that sunny attitude that keeps you on the A list in your loved ones’ lives. Sunday calms down, and you get to spend private time with the one you love.


Every once in awhile you do not have to rack you brains for answers. This weekend you ease into good times effortlessly. Those who love you flock to your side, not giving you much privacy. It is all good, as you share stories about how you met all the loved ones in your life.


Well, hello Libra, this is the time of your life. Love, happiness and shopping for things you adore and spending time with your favorite people all seem to manifest without any disruption. How does it get any better than this?


Hello lovers, the Moon is talking to you, and the feeling of romance could not be any stronger. Making plans for a hot date is perfect timing. The romantic edge you have this weekend will prove to be very effective in stabilizing a relationship that you have been wanting for a long time.


Although keeping a low profile is highly recommended, it is not going to happen. So with that said, have fun but allow others to take the lead and make the plans. You will have your turn to forge ahead with your ideas in the week to come.


Being tired from a long workweek makes Friday night a welcomed time. A surge of mental energy propels you to take on a task you have dodged for months now. Knowing how the Capricorn loves organization, you will probably start spring-cleaning, but your nights will be left for love.


Romance is your middle name. You will have no problem melting into the energy of the birds and the bees. A fine dining experience, a romantic walk and a few nights of loving energy make this weekend a favorite for the month. If you are single, don’t worry, love will find you, too.


All is well in Pisces-land. A loving weekend with the accent on spirituality, you find that those you love are in agreement with whatever you want to do. Sprucing up the bedroom with fresh flowers and new sheets allows your romance to bloom to new heights.

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16 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for May 4-6, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    dear liz, at least you are dating while you are waiting… new love is moving you forward. enjoy ~

    Jacqueline May 4, 2012 at 3:09 pm
    For once my horoscope waz on point. Happy I am
    HI JACQUELINE. so happy you are happy 🙂

    dear amanda, true love will find you… let me know when love sweeps you off your feet. this should be a hot summer for you.

    hi sue, it is never a waste of time as long as you are enjoying the path you are on.

    hi there crystal. any of the earth signs are a good match for you. virgo, capricorn, taurus. also traditionally all the water signs are good together. im not always on board with that. fire signs can be a bit hard but very steamy. and air can meld well with you if other placements are workable in your chart.

    shawna my dear,
    how patient are you really? when children are involved there will always be those broke times. if you are enjoying without complaining about what he is doing for his kids, it could work. if you want to test him pay for a few outings and see if he will leave the bedroom baited with a carrot. if he does not want to go out no matter who pays – dump him…
    let me know how it goes.

    buddha bless,

  2. shawna

    Hi I get my forcast all of the time on my yahoo account. I have been seeing this man for five months now. I instantly feel in love with him from the first conversation. We get along fine however I can’t help but think he is keeping something from me. I have met his children three of them anyway and he’s been coming here. He has an older child I haven’t met that is getting married and he is fronting the wedding. I think that is admirable and all, but we don’t spend anytime outside of my bedroom. He’s. To broke to go out because of the wedding. I an trying to give him some time at least until the wedding is over to really see what this guy is all about. What do you think?

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    hi katrina – sagattarius is great with the air signs. air always gives good energy to fire.

    hi pamela – i will be looking forward to knowing.

    dearest peyton – ah-chew!!!

    hi elia – finding love is a beautiful thing. it means you have a sweet heart.

    desiree my dear, we are not allowed to email to your addy. we at this time only do telephone readings. maybe in the future we will do other forms of readings. thank you for reading out blogs.

    hey there debbie – sounds like your guy is a repeater. does the same thing over and over. so with that said, stop worrying, stop hurting, have some fun while he takes his space. while you are waiting change the door – right now it is a revolving door. i suggest a 10 inch thick solid metal door. he has to learn that you are not going to be on this ride forever.

    ~~~metta waves~~~

  4. Liz

    well I’ve got a date tomorrow with a nice man, but not the man I love … is the man I love going to find me again cos I’m still waiting for him

  5. Debbie

    Will I continue to see the person I have been seeing for the last 9 months?
    Haven’t spoke to him since last Wednesday. I am missing him so much! Just wanna know if he feels the same about me.
    He told me to leave him alone – but I have heard that from him before. He always contacts me.
    Just need to know what to do. My heart is really hurting!!

  6. desiree santana

    good afternoon i am trying to get a free reading for love and career can you send it that to my gmail instead of my work email thanx

  7. Elia Martinez

    I think there are other women with the same name .

  8. Peyton x5312

    Always look forward to my weekend forecast! Love your blogs girl. I will truly be aware of the sneezing going on around……


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