Your Weekend Forecast for May 18-20, 2012

Gemini is Now in Charge

Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

– The Beatles

Great weekend—makes ya feel like singing. Sunday we have the pleasure of the Sun heating us up full blast with all engines in Gemini. Friday the Moon starts us off in Aries before it settles into stabilizing Taurus. Take advantage of the Taurus Moon this weekend, because most of the week ahead both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini.

To all the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces we thank you—celebrating Armed Forces Day—May 19.


You love it, all that wind beneath your wings, but alas it is only a flutter. The week was very draining, and although you want to get up and go, it seems like your get up and go, got up and went. “Chillax” is your weekend mantra.


Friday and Saturday you can afford to get your lazy on. Sunday, however, will be a very busy day. If you are participating in any activity, be it sports or chess, you can expect big wins as you are in great shape for a peak performance.


This weekend has you pulling out all the stops and moving as fast as you can to accomplish tasks around the house. Enlist some help, and it will be much easier to get to the fun part of the weekend. Sunday will be very balanced and harmonious.


There are events that you must attend although you are not really much in the mood. Keep your plans. You will find it will turn out very stimulating, intellectually, with a seasoning of political enlightenment.


Your strongest day this weekend is Saturday; keeping yourself busy with outside work is a good thing to focus on. A surprise guest shows up Saturday night, and although you are not prepared for overnight company, you make the most of it.


Finding yourself involved in many different activities can be overwhelming. Start the weekend off slowly as you move forward and accomplish what needs to be completed. Make a list and prioritize it with attention to detail.


This weekend has a very calm and peaceful kind of energy for you. If you try to shake things up, you might get in trouble. It is wise to stay close to home and allow the tranquil vibrations to soothe away the intensity of last week.


Friday and Saturday are uneventful days for you this weekend. Sunday, however, is one big grand slam of a day. Your find yourself involved with friends taking part in activities where you excel, ending the weekend on a high note.


Your fire is burning steady as you embrace a creative project that puts you in a good mood. There is sense of balance and joy in the work you are doing. Being mindful of your words before you speak will prove to be a big asset to your approach in getting your points across.


If you find yourself bumping heads with those you love, step aside and let them have their way. In the end, it will turn out for the best, and you won’t end up with a major headache. Communications will be very complex, so listen carefully and take notes.


Catching up on communications will be a breeze and a pleasure for you this weekend. There are new books on your Kindle that you are chomping at the bit to get to, so allow time for what has to be done, finish it and then kick back and enjoy a good read.


Heading out to a beach resort sounds like a plan you need to consider. Being that you will have time off and money in your pocket, it is a perfect time to get away with friends and loved ones.

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10 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for May 18-20, 2012

  1. Eleanor

    Life is what you make it. Problems are just situations that will pass. The best things in life are free. Enjoy what you have and do not miss what you never had. Happy Friday.

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    Seemagandhi YOU WROTE Not intresting, like a mirage.

    my response -a mirage is created by the mind in the minds eye – out of a thirst or desire – so if these articles are like a mirage for you, it must be information you are thirsting for. perhaps looking into the reality of astrology will bring some interest that you can delve into on an intellectual level.
    peace to you –

    Laurel YOU WROTE -will i be wealthy and successful or if not, find my soul mate

    my response – dear laurel – you might want to get a reading so that the connection can be felt as in the blogs we are very limited to your personal needs and ability to answer your questions.
    have a great day.

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    edn – sorry my dear, that you were not happy with your reading, sometimes it takes a few readings to get the right reader. also time will unfold the words you were told and looking forward you might be surprised that your reading was actually better than you think.

    kadra – call one of our readers for an indepth reading. we do phone readings – hope you enjoy yours.

    lucille – i hope your son returns soon. a reading with an astrology can pinpoint a time line.

    take care and thank you all for your posts.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    HI -Harry Hickman George Harrison wrote those lyrics, not the beatles.
    peace, and love,


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