Your Weekend Forecast for March 23-25, 2012

Time to Unwind and Relax, for a Change

Sun is in Aries, spring is in the air, passions run amuck most of the weekend. Moon is in Aries on Friday and part of Saturday. In the evening, the Moon moves into Taurus where it settles in for a grounded Sunday, giving a calming and appreciative energy.

Aries: Starting off the weekend with both the Sun and the Moon in your sign is a very empowering vibration. Projects that you have been putting off should take precedent as you tackle them with renewed enthusiasm.

Taurus:  Regaining your strength requires you take a break from the roller coaster ride you have been on all week. It is a good time for you to shut down the phone, or at least put it on vibrate, your mind needs a rest. As much as you try, you can’t seem to get with it, so take advantage of this quiet time.

Gemini: This is a weekend where other people pamper you. For a long while, you have not been able to stop and smell the flowers. Well, my dear, this is the weekend to do it. Playing games, chilling out, meditating are all things that will bring you happiness. Do not forget to stretch out those sore muscles, or have someone do that for you via massage.

Cancer: As much as you try, you will not be able to take control. Listen to the people you love and that love you so that there is a cohesive vibration in the household. Sunday will be your day to show off your cooking skills as the family gathers to taste your fine food, giving you bragging rights.

Leo: All revved up and happy to be getting mobile with friends. You take the car to the carwash for an inside and out polish and shine, pile in the group and take off for a destiny unknown. Everyone will show great approval for your efforts.

Virgo: The wind beneath your wings is only giving you a slight flutter this weekend. Keeping it simple and easy is the vibration that will serve you best. This is a time to relax and turn off the worry. An invitation out will allow you to just enjoy, so go. Yet, do not volunteer to drive anyone home or clean up afterwards.

Libra: Coming off a high workweek gives you a continuum of good energy all weekend long. Getting out for a run or a good workout will pump you up even more. So by Sunday when the gang comes over, you are the best host/hostess ever. “I am balanced and beautiful” is your mantra for the weekend.

Scorpio: Motivation is lacking as the weekend drags on. Bored – it’s okay. There are times you just need to unwind. Still waters run deep, my dear Scorpio. So get comfortable in your big reclining chair, and watch all the movies and shows you recorded. Order in your favorite food, and call it a weekend.

Sagittarius: Viewing things intellectually will bring out new interests, as friends extend invitations to do a few different things all through the weekend. A new art gallery and the new restaurant that has live music, along with an interesting talk about life, makes this a weekend to remember.

Capricorn: Popping in the Qi DVD is just what you need to get your body in motion. Working out the kinks puts you in a good mood mentally. Once you have unwound, do not get stressed out again by taking on someone else’s responsibility.

Aquarius: High energy, good vibrations, dance, sing and enjoy Friday night. All the whooping it up will zap a bit of your energy for the rest of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are good days for finishing a project, which will come with ease.

Pisces: Low energy on the home front keeps you out of stressful situations. Your spiritual nature is calling for some attention. Having others around might cause you to retreat emotionally, leaving them wondering if you’re okay. Let them know you’re fine, but you do need your space.

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6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for March 23-25, 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    dear Sanjeev,
    i am so sorry you are not satisfied with the weekend forecast.
    i would suggest getting you natal chart done as there are some factors like being born on a cusp, your rising sign and where you moon is –
    these other factors make you unique, you just might not fit the bill for your sun sign.
    when i do the forecast i use an energy graph and the sign the moon is in to form the forecast.
    i hope you are able to find more information to satisfy your astrological interests.
    with metta,

  2. Sanjeev

    Most of the time it is not clear (forecast) and mostly whatever is written does not apply to me. Not satisified…

  3. bella

    ok thank U ms quinn , if U say so 4 the cap luv predict ?? .. i m still not feeling & i am a true believer in it 2 , yes i am blessed .. i hope U have a gd wkend 2 .. ( :


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