Your Weekend Forecast for March 2-4, 2012

Improve Your Greater Abilities

The Pisces Sun keeps us spiritually based for another few weeks, lending energy to improve upon our greater abilities. While the weekends are for fun and relaxation, this weekend you might find the Cancer Moon making waves. Don’t let all this water wash away your plans, let it clean out the old, giving a fresh start to the week ahead.


This weekend is a very physical weekend for you from start to finish. Although it is somewhat out of your comfort zone, you will find an activity that suits you and you will go with it finding satisfaction. Get out of your head for a change.


You find yourself in deep thought the beginning of the weekend. Then you take those new ideas you had to a brainstorming session with people you are considering going into a new venture with. Feeling right on mentally is a good thing and no one can get over on you.


Middle of the road energy gives you the opportunity to really relax. There will be no big deals, places to go or things to do. It will be home sweet home with comfort food and naps to prepare you for the week ahead.


Coming home Friday night you find all you want to do is unwind so you can go out and have some fun. Saturday is a sleepy day and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Sunday your energy is back and a dinner date is on the agenda so enjoy.


Friday night is going to tire you out, lovely Leo. Good thing you get to spend Saturday curled up with a good book or a few movies to watch. Even Saturday night you are likely to stay home. Try not to hurt your head with all the things you are pondering; if you meditate instead of worrying your mental energy will increase instead of decrease.


“What me worry” is your mantra for the weekend, uneventful, peaceful and calm. It is a well deserved time to loosen up, let go and unwind. A few friends drop in with all the fixings for a nice dinner and a peaceful energy that is sure to please even the pickiest of Virgos.


You are the light, the excitement, the super-charged person you love to be. It’s party time and time to dance the weekend away. Bring a change of clothes with you because I don’t see you getting home until Sunday night.


Digging deep is something you are used to when seeking solutions, however this weekend the answers you are looking for come to you with ease. You amaze those that come to you for help with speedy answers and quick resolve, making you a hero.


A balanced week leads to a comfortable Friday night, going out with a few friends winds the week down nicely. Saturday is just plain boring; don’t even try to make plans. Take care of the mundane things around the house and give yourself a break by keeping life simple.


All revved up and lots to do, you are propelled into an orbit that exceeds your wildest imagination. It is a non-stop weekend of interesting creative vibrations leaving you spent by Saturday night. A good night’s rest and you are off again; on Sunday you will continue to enjoy more creative activities.


As always you love to think, communicate and share your energy with others who have a niche for the drama of life. This Friday all the mindful energy is yours, but giving so much will leave you a little drained on Saturday and Sunday. Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to pace yourself so you don’t burn out.


Cruising is your weekend mantra, as you ride the waves of emotional sensations let go of all the negative thoughts. Take in the calm romantic feelings you have and share them with the ones you love.

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